Welcome To Paranormal U.S.

Welcome To Paranormal U.S.

 U.S. Haunted Roads

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Welcome to paranormal united states.

Hello and welcome to all Paranormal Travelers! Are you ready to hit the road for a paranormal adventure? There are plenty of locations in the United States that are haunted and many of them are right around the corner from YOU. Have you investigated local hauntings in your area? How much of your local history have you taken the time to look into? I am sure you would be surprised at some of the tales you might dig up especially if you visit your town hall and/or local library.


I have done my own investigations on many occasions over the years and have never been disappointed. At the very least, I’ve enhanced my knowledge of history and have grown as an individual. I’ve learned to keep an open mind to the possibilities that at one time I might never have believed. Even after experiences early on in life, I remained somewhat skeptical until I spent three years living in the South Pacific. It was here I learned that the paranormal world was fully accepted and that ghost tales were part of the norm in the American Samoan culture. My neighbors, and several other families I spoke with, had stories about personal paranormal experiences. The island itself has a haunted history which includes both native and military. My family and I were in a home that had “something” in it and we all had our unique paranormal experiences over time.

Taking a paranormal road adventure is one of the best ways to enjoy time with family and friends, learn about history, folk tales, urban legends and authenticated haunted locations both near and far. Many are discussed on this site and more will be added on a regular basis so be sure to stop by frequently. Comments are appreciated and I am always willing to hear what you have to say, especially if you’d like to share a paranormal experience with the readers.

Be sure to check out the rest of my website and read about the famous and infamous haunted locations and the people who have contributed to making the United States especially haunted. I have several stories for you to enjoy in the archives section.

Get on the road to your paranormal destination!

Near You?

Here are suggestions for your road trip to investigate the paranormal sightings and experiences that have been reported for many years. This list of recommendations will be updated regularly so be sure to check back for updates.                           

  • Ghost Hill Gravity Road, Boonsboro, Maryland
  • Stone Church Road, Bartonville, Illinois
  • Highway 24, Jacksonville, North Carolina
  • Me Shack Road, Tompkinsville, Kentucky
  • Hansel Road, Buckingham, Pennsylvania
  • Dark Hollow Road, Carter County, Tennessee
  • Long Lane, Middletown Connecticut (No trespassing near modern Juvenile Detention Center)
  • Clinton Road, West Milford, New Jersey
  • Dead Man’s Curve, Clermont County, Ohio
  • Prospector’s Road, Georgetown, California
  • Mona Lisa Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Boy Scout Lane, Stevens Point, Wisconsin
  • The Devil’s Promenade, Hornet, Missouri
  • Croisan Creek Road, Salem, Oregon
  • Marine View Drive, Woodinville, Washington
  • Kelly Road, Ohioville, Pennsylvania
  • The Devils Promenade, Hornet, Missouri      

What's your haunted destination?

Thanks for stopping by! Please leave comments or questions below.



30 Replies to “Welcome To Paranormal U.S.”

  1. hi im chris matthews and i live in batavia 221 east main st apt 7 and i have the blue flame ghost from fairfield county attatched to me with certain things she does like groping me and massaging my legs and with the right side of my face.ive placed cheerios in a black bowl and i locked the door when i came back she made a pyramid out of the cherrios. please contact me i have a ghost hunters beginners kit that i use from ghost stop.

  2. Just passing by looking for information.

    So when I was in high school I had a few friends mention that when they were children, they would see a monkey like creature in their room. I personally have never experienced this creature, though I have had other paranormal encounters in my life.

    I’ve Googled it, but my experiences with my buddies is they were never physically attacked like some of the stories on google. For them, the creature just kind of watched them and they felt scared and only at night and only as young children.

    Fast forward to my delema. My 4 year old daughter has started seeing what she is calling a monkey at night.

    Same story as my buddies way back in high school. She is the only one awake when it appears, and it does not seem to approach her, it just stays in a dark corner.

    I cannot even seem to find a name to what this is, but there seem to be many encounters around the USA.

    What is this thing? Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Hi I WINESSED By myself than brought dog out reluctantly , thousands and thousands blac raven or crow we have crows too, I am so on. The fence about life I felt this was a warning or hopefully a good thing, it couldn’t be clearer that these birds were like in the Hitchcock movie I did fear at first but nit much, a few days bf I saved a bird it was stuck on a sticky board I freed it, ok that’s all nice to meet u

  4. My family cemetery. Wolfing ear cemetery. Sylvania, Ohio. A huge mass grave from the Spanish flu. Lots of blue lights.

  5. I would like to share a dream I had when I was 5 years old, but I also have a question on how was it the dream I was having. My mother was having the same exact dream also, we were holding hands, and I was 5 laying in bed with my mom trying to go back to bed as I was not feeling well. She said I can come lie in her bed and fall asleep we woke up at the same time screaming the dream was about a priest and the devil was trying to hurt the priest, we were at out local grocery store and this was happening in the parking lot in my dream, so I woke up crying I was so scared and she also jumped up and was really frazzled and we both shared our dream, now how could that happen? Im now 37 and never did I figure that out,nor did I forget anything from the dream and can still remember the smell I smelled when I awoke so many years ago, its very weird, can you explain? I love your show and watch it constantly when its on, keep up the good work and try to explain more in depth about the other side when you guys are talking.

  6. I got a paranormal video catched by security cameras in Quintana Roo México, in a bus yard, its like a little light that flies over a bus and stands on top of the bus, and all the lights, turns on then the little thing continues hes way and just like magic disappear. If your al interted with the video let me know, and we can make a deal for it I’ll be looking for somebody interested, the video it’s real, my uncle works there and he checked the cámaras

      1. I’ve seen a lot on my own in South Texas… all y’all need to do is Believe in the Lord he takes care of everything but still the bad will always be out there……. always think positive

  7. Paranormal Investigator since 1977 with over thousands of Investigations. I enjoy helping people in-need of my assistance. People shouldn’t be scared to live with ghost in there home.

  8. Donna, love your website and visit it often. Your pictures are as captivating as the stories!

    I am looking forward to a story about Sleepy Hollow, NY. One of my favorite paranormal stories.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. I had another story I had to share.

    When I was 17 and working in a nursing facility in MA I believe I had witnessed an event.

    It was just after dinner and the crew (including myself) were cleaning up the kitchen when I saw someone pass by the doors. Not sure who it was, I went to the next set of doors to intercept. I saw a figure of a woman in the stair well, I thought it was a patient so I followed. at that time of night the stairwells are dimly lit so all I could see was a silhouette about a flight ahead of me.

    When I reached the top of the stairs and opened the door the hallway was empty. I paused and realized I had seen the figure through the window in the stairwell door, that like the door at the top of the stairs it was closed. I felt a chill because the doors would have been closing when I reached them not completely closed.

    I returned to the kitchen where I was silent for about 30 minutes when the cook said “you saw her….every once in a while she takes the same route to the top of the stairs where she flung herself over the railing and died. I thought he was busting my chops, trying to scare me, but he had no way of knowing why I left the kitchen, I never said anything to anyone before leaving.

    There were many ghost tails about former residents some were just stories and some had elements of truth to them. There was a resident who passed the kitchen to the stairwell where she reached the top and then climbed over the railing and fell to her death.

    The experience taught me two things, one was to always be aware of my surroundings, never chalk things up to my imagination always check them out and the second was that when you exhaust all the possible explanations, you must be willing to explore and accept the impossible.

    1. Wow Shawn. That is frightening and I am sure you would be freaked out for a while! I want to thank you for sharing your experience with us all! There are many stories associated with skilled nursing facilities.

  10. When I was on the road as an EMT, I decided that on Halloween my partner and I would try to make it to several Weird NJ places within out area. We didn’t see anything, but I did scare a few people (who had the same idea) by saying we were tiered of being called to this address over and over so we’re hanging out until the next CPR call.

  11. Lillian Morgan.Hi Donna well I checked out the video there and people go watch the inmates get killed for intertainment. Very sad .But I guess in those countries were you don't have any other source of entertaining your self well I guess you go watch some says:

    I am going to yell you about this it just happened in my kitchen about a half hour ago.I was not feeling well lately I have a cold and not sleeping well.So I went to bed early last night and you know I started the community Witches Den)0(.Well Something was bothering me as I was reading some of the posts from the community,I noticed there are other communities on the same subject,so I tried to join one of the bigger ones ,they would not accept me in.Fine people don’t like competition that is very sad but true.I am not here for Drama and if it get’s that way I will just stop doing the community.I am an Empath,and have always had psychic abilities.So last night I had a dream about white and black Angles fighting against each other.I woke about 4am and really had this bad feeling,One of the girls posted This should get very interesting,so I know that means Drama.So here it starts.The last time I had a dream like that there were a couple of girls ganging up on this other woman and she had a lot of bad things come into her life,but this woman also was inviting this crap to happen to her by the things she was doing.I fell asleep about 2 o’clock in the afternoon and woke at 6.I walked out of my room and into my kitchen and for some strange reason I made this statement I would choose Jesus and a can flew across the kitchen at me.I just laughed to myself and said,so If I say that again what are you going to do,well nothing happened but I swear that can came flying at me.I also know there is something in this apartment building I can here people walking around up stairs and the guy who lives up there is in jail for hurting his girlfriend.Anyone who moves in up there there bad things start to happen to them.I am always doing different things for protection,and I burn a lot of Sage and Sweet grass.I can not be in the apartment up there for a long time If I am up there I start to feel unwell irritated and have to leave.anyway thanks for listening and I hope to start a night just for the Paranormal in the group as I know there are a few different people there that are very interest in this.Blessings and have a great evening.Lillian

    1. Hello Lillian,

      I remember your talking about where you have been living in a previous post. I want to thank you so much for sharing intimate details about all that you have been experiencing. You truly are a brave lady! I totally agree with avoiding all of the drama. Is it possible for you to get a paranormal research group into your place to investigate? I mean a well researched and experienced group in order for you to get answers?!

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