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About Donna


About Donna while living in American Samoa

Hello, my name is Donna and I want to thank you for stopping by to visit my page. I have a long history with the paranormal based on my personal experiences since childhood. This has resulted in an ongoing interest in everything from the just plain weird to the local legends and ghost stories in every state in this nation. I lived in the U.S. Territory of American Samoa for a period of three years and traveled frequently to Western Samoa and Hawaii. This was a lateral move from the Adirondack Mountains of New York and a three year commitment with return rights back to mainland United States.

My family and I were living in a large, rented home located directly across the street from the breathtaking Pacific Ocean. One morning, with cup of coffee in hand, I stepped off of the front porch and immediately felt frightened. I turned around and standing directly in front of me was the apparition of an elderly woman. She was wearing a flowered dress that fell to her ankles and she was looking directly at me. When I blinked my eyes she was gone. I researched local death records but never did discover the identity of this soul still roaming the island. It took me a full two weeks to shake the feeling of her still being around me. During the three years we were in this home, my other family members also had their own personal experiences.    

About Donna and front porch view in American Samoa

Here it is almost twenty years later and I am still involved with my main interest, the mysteries of the paranormal. My career has been in mental health and the social services fields. Over the years I have spoken to many, many people who have had paranormal experiences of one type or another. I have always enjoyed hearing stories and sharing them with others.

I am originally from a small town in the Northeast and currently reside in Georgia with my husband and three dogs. I am the mother to two adult sons. In addition to various paranormal topics, I also enjoy travelling, music and nature.

If you have had an experience that you would like to share, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you.

Haunted U.S. Roads


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  1. Hello

    I have just read much of your site. You may be interested in having a look and joining in with my site with comments and suggestions. Or please feel free to advertise your own site on there. I am looking for like minded individuals to join in my forums.
    I wish you well.
    Thank you for your time.
    Kind Regards

  2. Donna,

    My husband and I lived in a refurbished Favtory building in Beacon Falls, CT, for at least 3-4 years, maintaining a residence that was a shorter commute to work than our drive from Branfird, CT. ( He is a physician – OB:GYN who needed to be close to drive in for evening/ night deliveries when he was on call). We used have our two young granddaughters come over and play and spend the weekends with us frequently. One night the two year old ( a feisty little carrot topped girl) was acting up, throwing her brand new Chrissy doll ( 18 inch doll) around the apartment, telling me how much she hated that doll, which we had just given her for Christmas a few days earlier. I knew she was tired but turned to her and said…”if you don’t want this doll, I’ll find another little girl to give it to who would be happy to have it” and brought Sky upstairs to clean her up and tuck her in for the night . We came downstairs in the morning and the doll was no where to be found. Tore apart the first floor …. Absolutely gone. I had my strong feelings of a ghost at that time, but tried denying it. Sky was upset so we went out and bought a Barbie dream house and a Barbie doll for her sister and a Scooter doll with accessories for Sky. The girls would play with these toys constantly when they stayed with us.
    One day, I brought home a little Polly Pocket doll from work that Sky had forgotten there. I put it in my purse (zippered) because I knew in two days we we heading down to our Branfird home, which is where my son and his family were living while he was finishing up his schooling . Went to work the next day, out to dinner, and when we went upstairs to go to bed, noticed the tiny mermaid doll under the covers on my side of the bed as we were turning down the covers. I immediately knew what was going on….my husbands eyes were big as he said “that wasn’t there when I made the bed this morning!” I laughed and said that I knew where I left it and I know exactly what is going on. I had noticed sometimes that the doll house furniture and dolls were scattered when I came in from work , but tried dismissing it. The next day before I went to work , I took inventory of what position the couch was in ( tipped over on its side) and which doll I didn’t seein the dollhouse ( Sky’s doll, Skipper) . I rigged the door with string just to see if anyone was coming in while I was out. Coming home from work, the door was still rigged; the string was intact as I opened the door. I immediately walked over to the dollhouse and observed the sofa was now upright with the Skipper doll lying on it! Wow! Just as I expected….
    Next day I went to the office and checked to see if anyone was in my apartment; was told there were no work orders for our apartment, and then I proceeded to tell them what was going on. I asked if anyone complained that the apartment was haunted and they denied it.
    Coming in from work that night, they shouted out to me as I walked by the office “Mrs. Cohen, can we talk to you a minute?” I walked in the office and they handed me some papers …”Read this, I think it might explain”. I took the papers upstairs to my apartment and read them. Apparently , the Warren’s had investigated and there were two ghosts in the building. One was a 3 year old girl who died in a fire in the 1800’s when it was a match factory and the other was a man who was electrocuted while installing an elevator ( whom I actually saw one day while going to the basement on my way to the laundry room…. A shadowy figure sitting in the corner that I saw out of the corner of my eye and when I looked back for a second look I could not see him….).
    I figured the girl ghost was no harm and didn’t give it a second thought. We had the girls over another time and they headed straight to the dollhouse to play while I begin to make dinner and Taylor comes over to me and says ” Hey! Did you cut my doll’s hair ? She has a haircut just like you!” She brings over both dolls and their hair had been cut..the Barbie doll just like my hair… A layered bob. I laughed when she showed me… She was right. Housekeeper showed up to clean the next day and called me at work to see what I wanted her to do. I told her to see if she finds any doll hair while she’s cleaning … She told me I was freaking her out and the apartment was a little creepy. I think the girl ghost also liked to play with the stairmaster’s plug because it was always being turned on and off at all hours, making funny musical noises while it was powering up or down .
    We lived in this apartment for 5 years. I was always expecting to see her at the end of my bed in the middle of the night, but never saw her. She loved to play jokes on me. I was not afraid of her.
    When I moved out I felt bad about leaving her, but I did leave the dolls for her. I knew she would enjoy them. Everything written in this narrative is the truth.
    I have had other instances of paranormal experiences, but this one is indisputably the best of them all.

    1. Wow Cindy!

      What an amazing experience that I completely relate to. Personally, I never liked dolls growing up and the ones that were given to me creeped me out. Do you remember the Warren’s coming to our high school assembly? As you know, they evolved into very serious investigators. I appreciate your taking the time to tell me about the series of paranormal experiences you had during this time period and that fact they you were able to identify who it was is incredible. I’ll bet a paranormal group would love to go through that dwelling!

      1. Being from Indiana the article about Sylvia Lykens really brought back memories. I was 16 at the time and was really affected by it. Hadn’t heard that name in years. Glad you got interested in it!!!

  3. I will be in Indianapolis next week and was wondering if I can get an address for the fox hollow farm in Westfield and if you can see it from the road. Thank you

    1. The actual physical address is not listed as I believe the owners are still there. Someone asked this same question a while back and I could not find an address. I am sure if you are in the town, locals will be able to direct you. I am sure there are many inquiries about this place on a regular basis. Good luck and thanks for stopping by Rodney!

  4. Hi Donna,
    You have a very interesting and earie website.
    The information is deep and powerful and the pictures go really well with the text.
    Love your front porch view – the perfect place to live.
    Thank you for the tour.

  5. Donna,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful site and all the interesting information you have shared. The very sound of the word “Paranormal” gives many a chill, whereas it is a whole unknown territory that is being increasingly explored on a daily basis.

    It is good that you are opening a few eyes and minds to let people know that we are indeed surrounded with many things we cannot see or comprehend!

    Thank you for your insight and a great website. I wish you lots of success.


  6. Hi Donna thanks for inviting me. The more I get to know you, the more I see we are very alike! I also had experiences along with my daughter. A few generations back,I had an Aunt who could cure whooping cough with just her hands. Crazy, my Mom went to see her and when she left her home she was cured! There is so much we really don’t understand! The afterlife is more than the experts want us to know.

    1. Hey Jan!

      Great to hear back from you and thanks so much for sharing your story! You are correct in that there is so much we do not understand. Stay in touch!

  7. This is a very nice website you have here. I better not read to much about the paranormal or I wont be able to sleep tonight.

    Keep up the good work

    Cody Dixon

  8. Interesting site Donna, I have never had any paranormal experiences myself, maybe I lead a sheltered life?

    Thanks sharing your experiences it makes for an interesting read.

  9. Interesting story. I too come from the NE (upstate NY) and love hearing paranormal stories although I can’t say I’ve had any experience. I’m bookmarking this site.

    1. Thanks Debbi. Where in upstate New York? I lived in the Adirondack Mountains for 15 years. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to return!

  10. Enjoyed your story. I have had many different experiences all my life. Never paid much attention until my oldest son was born. He is very respective to spirits. Many times he is so on the money it’s Scarry.

    1. Dear Donna. Thank you for sharing the experience of seeing the woman in the floral dress . I would love to hear of some of your other experiences as well. I guess I am just flat out “hooked” on the paranormal .

      As a child I remember things that I knew were odd…I knew others didn’t “see” what I saw…or “hear” what I heard on so many different occasions. I remember as I grew older I would try to explain these oddities to my parents or anyone who would listen actually. But it didnt take me very long to see that I simply was not believed and was often laughed at for having such a vivid imagination….to scolded when I would not stop talking what was becoming more and more frightening to me. So….I stopped talking and lived as a very frightened little girl who bore her fear alone.

      As I grew up however sightings, voices…odors…….became less and less bothersome as life forced my attentions elsewhere. It was when I was thirty-two years old and pregnant with my first child that I would come face to face again with the paranormal…. and live with it for five long years.

      Unfortunately I am not a “writer” in any sense of the word so I couldn’t begin to tell you of all the things that my oldest child and myself experienced in the house we lived in until we were forced to leave.

      This whole experience took place between 1979 and 1983. Back then except for the occasional horror movie like Carrie or the Exorcist or a Saturday nite made for T.V. “ghost” movie…..there was so little known for the average person regarding anything truly paranormal. It was more about scary special effects and no understanding into what was really taking place and why.
      Anyway I wish I could tell you more …but I can say this….that in the years since that experience people are now getting more savvy more knowledgeable… truly beginning to explore the reality of life after death in all it’s possibilities….and I am totally enthralled with it all. I can’t learn enough. It was nice talking to you. Aleta
      I just decided to look into a few of these paranormal communities on the computer and yours was the first stop. Aleta

      1. Hello Aleta,

        You certainly have a very interesting story to tell and I really appreciate your taking the time to talk about what you experienced as a child. Be sure to stay in contact and I will do the same!

  11. Hi Donna,

    Great site and I love your personal story of your journey into the fascinating world of the paranormal.

    From childhood, I have had quite a number of experiences which would well fit into this category. Some frightening and others just intriguing.

    I am sure many individuals are going to become drawn to your site – and maybe some of those shall be curious visitors from other realms.

    Blessings Be,

    – Rich

  12. Hi, there! I found it very interesting that you enjoy stories about paranormal activities. As a matter of fact I experienced a lot of times strange things happening to me, mostly when things don’t go right. And I am serious about it. It is like somebody or something does not want to let it go…As a result I have days when things don’t work out for me- whatever I do everything goes so slow and unnatural. I got used to it, and don.t pay attention too much. But it happens only in South Africa and only on specific days- funny?? I can predict when it is going to happen and it is possible to avoid it, if I am in control of the situation.

    1. Hello Svitlana,

      Thank you for your feedback and interesting story about yourself. My entire website is dedicated to paranormal occurrences throughout the United States.

  13. Hello Mrs. Donna
    I love your introduction and never thought someone would take real interest in something so creepy… it frightens me just reading it.
    I live in Florida and have heard of many ghost stories, specially from the Haitians. lol
    good luck, Marine Mom
    Sgt Vincent, USMC

    1. Well, I won’t try to scare you too much! Ha! Ha! I lived in Florida for ten years and yes, there are many haunted locations! I worked with several Haitian ladies and they did have some great tales! Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Greetings! Found your site by accident but I must say, that is really interesting!! So do you see them often? Or is it mostly a feeling? I see them often enough in a way, but not all the time thankfully. Glad to meet someone similar!! I’ll be back! 😀

    1. Hi and thanks for the comments. I have had several experiences over the years feelings and actual visuals.I am happy that you enjoy the site and feel free to shared you experiences here. Thanks!

  15. I have had my own personal experiences on regards this phenomena and I’m happy that they are no longer part of my reality. I am looking forward to keep discovering your blog! I lived in Northern California and I miss the amazing view of the Pacific Ocean..ahhh!

    1. Hi Elaine,

      Thank you for your comments! I would love to hear about your experiences at some point in time! I certainly understand where you are coming from.

  16. Very interesting site! I look forward to reading more. I find this very fascinating, although I don’t think I am brave enough for a dark haunted road 🙂

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