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Your House Is Haunted

Your House Is Haunted

Haunted Homes in the United States

Do you believe that you live in a haunted house?

Do you believe that your house is haunted? What are your signs and symptoms? Do they include the following? These are some of the reported occurrences from people who have had personal experiences in their homes.

People often report only one on the list while others have experienced several of these signs. You can always contact a local paranormal group in your area if you feel the need for more information or intervention/assistance and guidance. There are many resources now available online to all interested in finding answers to the activity in their home.

  1. You feel like you’re being watched.
  2. Pets see things that you do not.
  3. You feel a weight on your bed just like someone is sitting there.
  4. You hear your name called.
  5. Electrical devices turn on and off randomly.
  6. Objects are moved and/or disappear.
  7. You hear crying.
  8. You are physically touched.
  9. You feel extreme cold spots.
  10. Pictures fly off of the wall.
  11. You hear footsteps.
  12. You smell perfume or foul smells.
  13. Furniture is rearranged.
  14. Water turns on and off by itself.
  15. Your doorbell rings but no one is there.
  16. Doors and cabinets open and close by themselves.
  17. You hear music.
  18. You hear hushed whispers.
  19. You see shadows.
  20. You see unexplained light.
  21. Children talk of seeing people that you do not.
  22. You feel uneasy in certain rooms of your home.
  23. A musical instrument plays by itself.
  24. A spirit orb appears in your photographs.
  25. A feeling of nausea in a certain room.
  26. Light bulbs blow out regularly.
  27. You hear tapping on the walls.
  28. Recurrent nightmares.
  29. Marks or scratches on your body.
  30. Electronic equipment is drained of power unexpectedly.

Electronic equipment can be effected by spirits in a haunted house.

Take a break and watch this true story and see what these people experienced in this house. This event was high profile back in the media many years ago.

 The Tenants

 Haunting Types

  • Intelligent Haunting: A spirit tries to interact with the living.
  • Residual Haunting: Imprinted negative energy, typically from a traumatic event.
  • Demonic Haunting: Create chaos, destruction, stress and even death.
  • Poltergeist Haunting: Throwing or moving objects, making noises, assaulting people and animals.
  • Shadow Hauntings: Shapeless, dark masses: “Hat” Man or “Hooded” Figure. They pass through walls and have no facial features.
  • Doppelganger Haunting: The individual sees an exact double of his or her self. (very rare)
  • Read more about Shadow People here.

There are many notorious haunted houses in the United States that are open to the public.

Notorious Haunted Houses in the United States-Open For Tours
  • Winchester House, San Jose, CA
  • Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, MA
  • La Laurie Mansion, New Orleans, LA
  • The White House, Washington, DC
  • Franklin Castle, Cleveland, OH
  • Sprague Mansion, Cranston, R.I.
  • Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, LA
  • Stranahan House, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Whaley House, San Diego, CA

Haunted Vacation Destinations in the United States

If you are planning a haunted U.S. road trip, you might want to consider one or more of the destinations mentioned in this short video. I have been to St. Augustine Lighthouse and Gettysburg and plan on seeing several more destinations again in the near future. Where are you headed?

Another haunted house story here.

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There are many haunted homes in Savannah, Georgia.
Savannah, Goergia


On Line Paranormal Store

On Line Paranormal Store

Start Your On Line Store

 What is Shopify?

  • Founded in 2004
  • Merchants in over 150 countries
  • Main offices are located in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Canada
  • Employs over 600 people
  • Over 680 experts in the network
  • 1,110 apps in their store
  • Over 100 themes in their theme store

If you are thinking about starting your own on line paranormal store or any kind of store for that matter, you should look into Shopify. I have researched this company and am offering this review so you can make an informed decision if this is how you would like to earn an income for yourself.

In comparison to other Ecommerce stores, Shopify rates a 5/5 which is great news! If you want to build a website in order to sell your products, Shopify will help you do exactly that. Other facts to take into consideration:

  1. Shopify is considered one of the best store builders today.
  2. Shopify powers over 150,000 successful stores.
  3. Shopify has the tools to help you create a successful business on line.
  4. Shopify has over 100 design themes that are mobile friendly to make your store look professional and attractive.
  5. You can sell 5 products or thousands on your shopify website.
  6. Shopify has helped customers sell over $7,000,000,000 in products.
Sell Paranormal Related Products


What Type of Assistance Will You Receive?

  • Shopify will manage your inventory.
  • Shopify will insert your product descriptions and images.
  • Shopify will organize your products into categories to make it easier for your customers to find items.
  • Shopify will tract the customer order details.
  • Shopify will accept payments from 70 different processors in various currencies.
  • Shopify will set up private customer accounts for log on purposes.
  • Shopify takes care of all of the technical issues for you so that you are able to focus on the other areas of your business.

24/7 Toll Free Support is Available for You

Here are a few areas that are covered in the Shopify customer support:

  • Integrate social media buttons on your website.
  • Points your customer domain to your Shopify store.
  • You will learn how to create and sell gift cards on your website.
  • Learn all about creating customer e-mail forwarding address for your domain name.
  • Assistance with setting up shipping rates.
Earning Potential is Great!

 What To Consider

You will definitely need to think about how much you will sell and the amount of online storage space and inventory that is required. You will also want to consider just how much customization you want your website to have. All of this is part of the Ecommerce tools that should always be available to you.

  • hosting
  • design
  • pricing
  • payment options
  • reports
  • marketing tools

Since the internet is an easy way for people to purchase products, your online store can reach customers from all over the world. Online shopping is so popular many stores have no physical locations, or no physical products such as downloadable movies and music. Shopify takes all of these factors into consideration.

Finally, remember these important points before you get started:

  1. Website design: Consider the look of your site and what will appeal to customers.
  2. Storage space: This must fit your personal needs; be specific.
  3. Safety: Program must offer fraud protection for you and your customers. Online payments must be secure.

You can click on any of the above links I have provided to learn more about Shopify and to get started on building your store today.

Please feel free to leave me any questions or comments below.

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St. Patrick’s Day and Paranormal

St. Patrick’s Day and Paranormal

 Haunted Irish Pub

How are St. Patrick’s Day and the paranormal connected? Well, one of the best pubs in the Seattle, Washington area is Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub and it is a stop for sightseers who are visiting the historic Pike Place Market area. This pub has an annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration and has an interesting twist. The pub is haunted and has been investigated by paranormal teams such as Ghost Adventures.


Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub was a mortuary during the years 1903-1923 and also performed embalming and cremation services. All the bodies of the recently departed ended up here, a lucrative business during these hard times. The mortuary handled thousands of bodies and the stories told reveal quite a bit of unscrupulous activity. There is much to be read regarding the history of this part of the United States and recommended if you are into historic facts.

Kells Pub Archievs Photo

Many of the individuals prepared for the afterlife were the victims of mining accidents, poor sanitation, drownings, violence of the era and victims of diphtheria. There were a significant number of deaths reported in this area and many were horrendous.


Many patients of Dr. Linda Hazzard ended up at this mortuary. This doctor starved her patients, believing that she could cure them of their diseases with this insane method. She denied them food with the exception of broth. She also regularly gave the patients enemas as another form of treatment.

This was one evil doctor!
(Photos courtesy of Washington State Archives)

It was later revealed, after she killed 50 people, many had turned over their entire estates to her after they gave Hazzard power of attorney. She was convicted for the murder of only one patient and was sent to the State Penitentiary for only two years. She was pardoned by then Governor Lister and told to move to New Zealand.

As soon as the pub opened, the paranormal activity started and the staff that work there claim that strange occurrences are daily. The staff have reported the following:

  • seeing dark shadows in the corner of the room
  • glasses sliding across the bar by themselves and smashing on the floor
  • hearing strange footsteps

The Ghosts


This ghost is said to have a love of music and has been seen by many people at the pub. Charlie appears wearing an old fashioned hat and long black coat and he hangs around the bar and stage areas. Many musicians have seen his shadow.

The Tall Man

Often spotted by patrons of this pub, this entity is said to have long hands and once spotted, disappears immediately.

The Little Girl

Often observed sitting at the top of the pub stairs, her identity remains a mystery as well as why she is at this location. She disappears as fast as she is seen.

ghost of little girl spotted at top of the stair in pub.

Interesting Video Clip

Tales of Ireland

Read more here:

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beautiful flower for St. Patrick's Day
13th Day of the Month-Friday

13th Day of the Month-Friday


Lucky Door knob knocker
Good Luck


Yes, it the 13th day of the month today and it’s Friday! Are you superstitious at all about this day laced with dark tales and the cause of worry for so many people around the globe!? Let’s take a look at some of the beliefs and misconceptions about this day. Some of the facts are quite interesting.

1.)  “Friday the 13th”, released in 1980 grossed almost 40 million during it’s first cinema run.

2.)  Friday the 13th happens at least once per year and as many as three times per year.

3.)  The “mini crash” of Friday, October 12, 1989 was the second largest drop in the Dow history.

4.)  Approximately 21 million Americans fear Friday the 13th.

5.)  Fear of the number 13 is known as triskaidekaphobia.

6.)  Fear of Friday the 13th is known as paraskavedekatriaphobia.

7.)  People in Spanish-speaking nations fear Tuesday the 13th.

8.)  Both ancient Eqyptians and Chinese thought that 13 brought good luck.

9.)  The capsule in the Apollo 13 mission launched at 13:13 on April 11, 1970 and was almost a tragedy. The explosion that destroyed the craft occurred on April 13th, a Monday.

10.) Tattoo parlors around the country offer tats of the number 13 for $13. Dallas tattoo artist Oliver Peck started the tradition.

11.) President Franklin D. Roosevelt refused to travel on the 13th of any month and would not have dinner parties with 13 guests.

Friday the 13th and $13 tattoos are available in some areas.
$13 on the 13th

12.) The risk of being in a car crash on any Friday is higher than other days of the week.

13.) Notable deaths that fell on Friday the 13th include Tupac Shakur (9.13.96) Julia Child (8.13.04) and Tim

14.) There’s an estimated $800 million to $900 million loss in business on Friday the 13th because people won’t fly or do business as they would normally.

15.) Alfred Hitchcock was born on the 13th, and Friday, Aug. 13, 2014, would have been his 115th birthday.

16.) Many Western hotels omit the 13th floor. Many airlines don’t have a 13th row in seating. Hospitals often skip the 13th floor.

17.) Black cats in India: In 1939, French Lick Springs enacted the credence that black cats must wear bells on Friday, Oct. 13th to ease fears.

Black cats and Friday the 13th superstitions.
Black Beauty

18.) In 1913, a New York pastor offered to marry couples for free on Friday the 13th.

19.) On Oct. 13, 1307, officers of King Philip IV of France raided the homes of thousands of these Crusades warriors, imprisoning them on charges of illegal activities. Though the charges weren’t proven, more than a hundred died as the result of torture.

20.) Fidel Castro was born on Friday the 13th, in August 1926.

21.) For pagans, 13 is actually a lucky number. It corresponds with the number of full moons in a year.

22.) Napoleon and President Herbert Hoover were also triskaidekaphobic, with an abnormal fear of the number 13.

23.) Mark Twain once was the 13th guest at a dinner party. “It was bad luck,” Twain later told the friend. “They only had food for 12.”

24.) Superstitious diners in Paris can hire a quatorzieme, or professional 14th guest.




Dover Spook Massachusetts

Dover Spook Massachusetts

 Even In The Small Towns

Dover is a town in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States that has a tale of a spook called the Dover Demon. The population of Dover was 5,589 at the 2010 census. Families with school aged children compose a large part of the Dover community due to the excellent public school system that is ranked as the best in Massachusetts. The first reported sighting of this creature came from one of the students in this school system.


The seal of Dover, Ma
Dover, Massachusetts

The Story

In April of 1977, seventeen year old William Bartlett claimed that while driving with friends in his car, he spotted a large-eyed creature with tendril-like fingers and glowing eyes on top of a broken stone wall on Farm Street in Dover.

Another teen, John Baxter, fifteen years old, reported seeing a creature in the wooded area on Miller Road the same night. Abbey Brabham saw the creature the next night on Springdale Avenue while seated as a passenger in a car with her boyfriend. All three teenagers drew sketches of this creature and they were all almost identical. The creature’s range covered an area two miles long after the locations of the sightings were plotted on a map.

dover demon drawing
Dover Demon Drawing

Police remained skeptical and many felt that what was seen was actually a moose calf. However, these teenagers stuck by their stories. Almost 30 years later The Globe interviewed William Bartlett. He has maintained that he did not fabricate the incident and stated that this event has become an embarrassment in his life and that the story has followed him around and people have questioned his credibility.

Bartlett went on to say that he may have had another run in with this creature while sitting in his car with his girlfriend. They were parked on Elm Street one evening and suddenly they heard a thump on the vehicle. William looked out the window and saw a small creature fleeing the scene. He was not positive of what it was but could not help thinking back to the original sighting of the creature.

To this day, this case has not been solved and the Dover Demon has been investigated by people from around the world. One high profile person is a man named Lore Coleman. Lore is educated in the fields of anthropology, zoology, psychiatric social work and sociological studies. He was a teacher in New England for over 20 years and today remains an active lecturer, consultant and writer. Coleman has always felt that the teens were telling the truth and were not capable of arranging such an elaborate hoax to the level the Dover Demon information was recorded.


Thank You To DogBrindleBarks for sharing their video of paranormal activity caught in their home. Take a look!

If you have a paranormal video that you would like to share with the readers of U.S. Haunted Roads,  learn more here.

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fleeing woman haunted u.s. roads


Magnolia Hotel Hauntings

Magnolia Hotel Hauntings

Brief History

Located in Seguin, Texas the Magnolia Hotel is considered an historic building with haunting encounters. The Magnolia was officially listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. It began operating as a hotel in 1844 and has had a series of owners throughout the years. There are claims that the hotel is haunted. Paranormal teams and media have visited the location and there are many you tube videos available. The Magnolia Hotel even has it’s own Facebook page and ghost tours are in the area if you are interested in joining in on some fun.

A Texas Ranger and co-founder of Seguin by the name of Lt. James Campbell was the first owner of the Magnolia Hotel. It is rumored that his spirit remains in the smoker room of the hotel. There are reports of his name heard on digital recordings along with other evidence by various people. He was savagely murdered by Indians right after departing the Magnolia on a business trip.

The Magnolia Hotel is haunted and has a very interesting history.
Magnolia Flower


The owners of the Magnolia Hotel over the past 150 years:

  • James Campbell
  • Joseph F. Johnson
  • Michael Erskine
  • Jeremiah Calvert
  • Dr William Reid, 1850
  • Thomas Dickey Johnson, 1860 to 1900
  • Hilmar Weinert, 1911
  • Herman Herzog and Eddie Wahl, 1916
  • C.H. Trott/Mattie Dalchau, 1925
  • Sons of Hermann of San Antonio, 1932
  • Edgar and Virginia Lannom, 1934
  • Lannom Estate, 1994
  • Erin O. Wallace and Jim Ghedi, 2013

William Faust

Another resident of the hotel was a druggist by the name of William Faust who traveled from the Magnolia and committed a brutal murder and then returned to the hotel later that night as a way of avoiding a connection to the crime. His ploy failed miserably.

The Murder Victim

Emma Voelcker was an innocent murder victim
Emma Voelcker

Emma Voelcker, age 12, was murdered in 1874 by William Faust a man who was infatuated with his sister-in-law and eventually decided to murder his wife to be with the woman he loved.

He did not reside in Seguin but his work brought him there frequently. His wife was afraid to be alone during his absences so he recommended that she stay with family friends in an area called New Braunfels.

She agreed and stayed there often where she shared a bedroom with the Voelcker’s daughter, Emma. Emma usually slept in the bed and Mrs. Faust on the floor. On the night of the ax murder, Emma and Mrs. Faust switched sleeping locations.

William Faust quietly walked into the bedroom and hit Emma with his ax numerous times, killing her. He then realized he had killed the girl instead of his intended victim and went after his wife. He permanently blinded her and fortunately, did not kill her because a sound scared him off. His wife maintained his innocence after he was apprehended because she claimed that she did not see anything.

Since Faust quickly fell under suspicion, in part, due to a total lack of caring about who attacked his wife and never participating in any of the search efforts for the perpetrator. Faust thought that he had gotten away with murder but was caught in the fall of 1875, convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison in San Antonio. The locals were outraged by the sentence so he was moved back to the original jailhouse in Comal County. It was at this location that a mob tried to lynch him. Faust was shot and killed while incarcerated here by a lone gunman who shot him directly through the bars of his jail cell.

Emma-Gravestone, innocent child.

 Haunting Reports in the Magnolia

So, what exactly are people reporting? The list includes:

  • Strange smells
  • Figure standing in one of the windows
  • Ghost of a young girl that roams the hotel
  • Strange sounds
  • Various EVPs and digital recordings

This hotel ended up in a dilapidated condition for a number of years after being turned into apartments and then totally let go. In the 1990’s it was a drug and prostitute infested dwelling. A famous prostitute named Pink Rosebud lived across the street from the hotel but brought her business to the Magnolia.

Pink Rosebuds are also associate with the hotel stories.
Pink Rosebuds







Short Video of the Magnolia Hotel

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Free For Paranormal Investigators

Free For Paranormal Investigators


I would like to profile, free to paranormal investigation groups and paranormal investigators, your best video clip that you would like people to view and comment on through social media. I will be posting the information for all groups and individuals who present evidence that they truly believe to be of a paranormal nature. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Go to my website
  2. Go to the page entitled Share Your Experience.
  3. Leave your information in the comments section at the bottom of the post page.
  4. Include your paranormal group name, the link to video and any other information you would like to share.
  5. If you have a website, you may include your link.

I will be profiling each group in an upcoming article. This is a great way to help each other out. If there is a reasonable response, I will be profiling people and the groups on a regular basis and expand on the topics as we move along.

Thanks to all who decide to participate!!

Free for paranormal investigators on my website!
Old and Haunted?

Moving on……

Haunted Furniture and Objects

Here is a great article for paranormal investigators about haunted furniture and articles.
Old Energy in Antique Furniture?

I read a freaky article today and will share the link below. It’s about furniture that caused people a lot of terror and grief throughout the years. Do you believe that objects and furniture can be haunted?

I’ve inherited a great deal of antiques from my ancestors over the years and hung on to  all of them for a total of 22 years. I then decided to pass all furniture and other possessions on to my two brothers when I relocated from Florida to California. It was just too much to move. The articles included an old violin, an original wire recorder, chests, album collections, a china cabinet, teacup collection and many other items. Nothing ever happened to me in regards to feeling any paranormal activity around any of these items. Of course, all of these items at one time belonged to my beloved relatives.

Here is a list of a few well known and not so well known haunted items. Each items has an extensive amount of information available about it on the internet. I highly recommend visits to Newport, Rhode Island for all of the mansion tours and also to the Myrtles Plantation, one of the most haunted locations in the United States. Very interesting histories at both locations.

  • The Dibbuk Box
  • Annabelle The Doll
  • The EbBay Haunted Painting
  • The Myrtles Plantation Mirror
  • Haunted Wedding Dress-Anna Baker, 1849
  • Belcourt Castle in Newport, Rhode Island-The Two Haunted Chairs
  • Robert the Doll
  • The Women from Lamb Statue-Brings Death to all owners
  • The Anguished Man Painting
  • The Cursed Chair of Death
he haunted Dubbix box
Dibbux Box
The demon annabelle doll.
Annabelle The Doll
The famous haunted painting of two children.
eBay Haunted Painting
Haunted mirror in the myrtles plantation
Myrtle Beach Plantation Haunted Mirror
anna bakers Haunted wedding dress
Anna Baker Haunted Wedding Dress 1849
belcourt castle and the two haunted chairs
Belcourt Castle Newport, Rhode Island-Two Haunted Chairs
cursed chair of death
The Cursed Chair of Death

Link to more haunted items.

See article entitled, When Furniture Attacks

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Louisiana Legend

Louisiana Legend

 A Bit of Fright


Beautiful Louisiana and it's many legends.


Louisiana has more than its fair share of creepy places and legends.  If you want to scare yourself, Louisiana is a good place to do it. One of the legends of Louisiana is the Rougarou.

Rougarou (loup garou) is a creature that inhabits the swamps in the areas of Acadia and Greater New Orleans and is reported to look like a werewolf. A more accurate description is that it has a human body and the head of a dog or wolf. It has also been spotted in fields and forests of these regions. Many people have claimed to have seen this creature or to have had direct contact with one. It’s not a rumor but rather a belief that has lasted generations within the Cajun community.

I recently watched an episode of Destination America about this Rougarou and the interviews and stories told were both amazing and believable. I honestly think that there is something lurking in the swaps of Louisiana. I do not believe that it is a werewolf but, whatever it is, this creature remains frightening and mysterious.

Louisiana swamplands and haunted mysteries
Swamplands and Mysteries

The story can be traced to Nova Scotia and then France. It is well known that stories about werewolves have been told throughout Europe for a very long time. During the Inquisition, fear of werewolves reached its peak. People truly believed that the werewolf existed and between the years 1520-1630, 30,000 innocent people were executed after being accused of being such a creature in league with the devil.

The legend also states that the rougarou is under a curse that is passed from person to person for 101 days. The curse then transfers to another person for the same time frame when the rougarou draw the blood from another human. During this time the rougarou returns to human form. The human is quite sickly but will not reveal the ordeal to anyone for the fear of being killed is great.

Haunted Louisiana and the Rougarou siteings
What Are You?

Other Notable Facts About The Rougarou:

  • The creatures has been associated with Native American Legends.
  • Descriptions vary from a Sasquatch/Bigfoot to a cannibal-like Native American Wendigos.
  • The connection between Native American folktales and the francophone rougarou is disagreed on.
  • The stories of the wendigo vary by region and tribe.
  • Some believe that if a persons see a rougarou, they will turn into one.
  • The rougarou is viewed as sacred by some, connected to Mother Earth.
  • The New Orleans Hornets filed for new trademark names including Rougarous.
  • Rougarou Fest takes place every October in Houma, Louisiana.
  • Swamp People television series captured a giant alligator referred to as Rougarou.
  • In one episode of Cajun Justice, a camp owner alerted authorities and video taped a suspected rougarou hiding in the weeds on his property.
  • In 2014, Cedar Point Theme Park in Sandusky, Ohio announced plans to renovate the Mantis roller coaster and rename in Rougarou for the 2015 park season.


Read More About Louisiana Here


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The Goatman’s Bridge

The Goatman’s Bridge

 Urban Legend

Here is another story called The Goatman’s Bridge. There is a debate as to whether or not this story actually happened. I believe the theory that it may not have occurred at the exact location mentioned. However, I do I believe that a crime such as this more than likely happened as evidenced by our history in the United States during this time period.

The village of Alton in Texas once was locate about 4 miles from Corinth, Texas. Located in Denton County and established in 1846, this was the place that many pioneers chose and they settled in an area known as Pecan Creek.

The Goatman's Bridge is an interesting story.

Around the year 1856 the town now had a blacksmith’s shop, several homes, a school, saloon, two doctors, a post office, a hotel and a church which still stands to this day. The town did continue to grow but residents eventually felt that their county seat was located too far away and demanded that a more central location be found. It was put to vote in 1856 and moved to Denton, Texas. There were also water shortage issues that needed to be dealt with.

There is very little left to Alton with the exception of the aforementioned church and the old Alton Cemetery with graves dating back to 1852. The cemetery is located right next to the church.

The Bridge

Years later, in 1884, long after Alton had died, an iron through-truss bridge was built over Hickory Creek on Copper Canyon Road, south of the old town site.

The Goatman’s Bridge was built by the King Bridge Company in Cleveland, Ohio and was originally called the Old Alton Bridge or the Argyle Bridge. The bridge was 145 feet long and more than a century’s worth of adventurers traveled over it. It was the local residents who gave the bridge the name, Goatman’s Bridge and, it was originally designed and built to carry horses and much later, vehicles across the creek.

The Goatman's Bridge is haunted with many sad tales

Other notable information:

  • The bridge was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.
  • The bridge was closed to traffic in 2001.
  • The bridge is said to be haunted and named after Oscar Washburn, aka Goatman.

Oscar Washburn made a living and supported his family by raising and selling goats. He was friendly and had a reputation for his honestly. He was also successful and he was not a welcomed individual because of these reasons. He was seen as a threat in the community for being a successful black man in their company. It should be noted that according to the stories of this area, there were slaves also raising goats.

AltonBridgeSign-280 on the way to the Goatman's Bridge

Evil Fate-1938

Oscar Washburn decided to post an advertisement (sign) on the bridge. He worded it, “This way to the Goatman” and the local Klansman went crazy. They crossed the bridge, broke into Oscar’s home and dragged him back to the bridge. They put a noose around his neck and threw him over the bridge. They checked to see that he was dead but only the rope was hanging and swinging in the wind. They searched and could not find him anywhere. In retaliation, they went back to his home and murdered his family.

Since this crime occurred, there have been numerous reports of strange events regularly at or very near the bridge. There is a paranormal team in Texas that has investigated the bridge and surrounding area. Paranormal reports by locals include the following:

  • Abandoned cars are found with the occupants missing.
  • If one crosses the bridge with the car headlights off, the Goatman is seen on the other side. These are old reports since the bridge closed in 2001.
  • Ghostly apparition is seen herding goats over the bridge.
  • Ghostly apparition is seen on the bridge holding two goat heads under the arms.
  • A creature has been seen that resembles half man-half goat.
  • The sounds of horses have been heard on bridge.
  • Growls have been  heard in the surrounding woods.
  • Splashing has been heard in the creek below.
  • Menacing laughter has been heard throughout the area.
  • Glowing eyes have been seen on Halloween.
  • History of Satanic rituals have been reported in the area.
  • Orange lights have been seen.
  • People have been touched in the surrounding areas.
  • Footsteps have been heard.
  • Grunts have been heard.

Other Reported Paranormal Activity

  • A grieving ghostly female apparition looking for her baby
  • Indian apparitions spotted in the area
  • 5 year-old girl drowned in the creek
  • Overall, uneasy feeling in this area


If you are headed to this location any time soon, here are the directions to get you there.

Take I-35E S/US-77 S  to exit 463 and merge into the  I-35 Frontage Rd. Turn right at Lillian Miller Pkwy and go 0.8 miles, where the road becomes Farm to Market Rd 2181/Teasley Ln, continue 3.2 miles and turn right at Old Alton Rd.

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What Are Shadow People?

What Are Shadow People?

What are Shadow People and why do they haunt people from around the world?

 Who Are Shadow People?

Shadow people are darkened, human being forms usually seen moving in the dark in fact the most widely known form of ghost that many people see. Shadow people normally run away in the presence of people in physical body, especially when they recognize they already have been identified, because they are usually viewed out of the corner of one’s eye (peripheral revelation).

Shadow people are also referred to as dark shadows or simply shadow ghost and are perhaps the most confusing of spirit entities. Shadow is a representation of spiritual circumstance: it is actually the nonexistence of light (lights in spirituality represent real truth – and also darkness will denote a lack of acknowledging or perhaps phobia). Basically, it is believed that shadow folks are disembodied people that are lost, suffering from not moving onward in life’s journey by refusing to move towards the light that could carry them absolutely unto the subsequent world after death of the human body. Losing out on this transformation, ghosts will always be here with people on the earth in a temporary condition of limbo.I am not sure if I share this view completely but, since no one knows for sure, I keep an open mind to all interpretations. What I do believe is that sightings are a fairly common occurrence that are happening all around the world.

shadow_person_camping_closeup-an actual family photo where a shadow person was caught in this photograph.

 What Do You Believe?

  • Aliens?
  • Dimensional Travelers?
  • Angels?
  • Result of night terrors?
  • Hallucinations?
  • Ghosts?
  • Mental Illness?
  • Demons?

Photo of a Shadow Person standing near a wall.



How Can We See Them?

Since many fear darkness, people have arrived at the conclusion that Shadow People have wicked intentions so they must be evil. Nevertheless, most of the shadow folks do not appear to be harmful and most people report that they keep their distance. I do understand that there have been exceptions. What is not clear to all, is the mystery surrounding of what it is that they want, if anything.

Shadow entities have been documented in video footage and have been seen as both adults and children, male and female. Perhaps they are trapped earthbound spirits? Different shadow shapes have been observed of these entities which include small, large, with hats, without hats, hooded and they can appear as an area of black mist or vapor. These shadow people have been seen in bedrooms, at bedsides, in the woods, in parks, during the day and at night. Are they attempting to pass on messages or perhaps ask for help? No one appears to have that answer. Have you had an experience with a Shadow Person? Do they move along walls or do they pass right through them?

There are many videos posted on line about this subject. Several are related to night terrors and all have a common theme. The video below is a discussion that gets into this strange occurrence after about 6 minutes into the video. 


Photo of a shadow person in a cafe.


This is an interesting conversation.

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A Murder of Crows

A Murder of Crows

They Live All Over The World With The Exception Being Antarctica.

A murder of Crows refers to a flock

A group of crows is called a “murder.” There are several different explanations for the origin of this term, mostly based on old folk tales and superstitions such as:

  • Crows gather and decide the fate of other crows.
  • Crows are an omen of death.
  • Crows are scavengers associated with dead bodies, cemeteries and battlefields.
  • Crows circling in the air are an omen someone will die soon.

The term “murder of crows” was created along with other animal groupings popular at one time:

  • parliament of owls
  • ostentation of peacocks
  • skull of foxes
  • knot of frogs


  • Seeing two crows means good luck.
  • Seeing one crow means bad luck.
  • If you see six, then that means death!
  • If you hear cawing in the distance, that means that death is very near.
  • If a crow is near your house, that means that you’re going to get bad news.
  • Finding a dead crow on the road means good luck.
  • Crows in a churchyard is a sign of bad luck.

Chinese folklore tells of a three legged crow that symbolizes the sun.Native Americans heralded the Raven as the bringer of light and associated the bird with creation because it was thought to bring light where there was none. In Celtic Symbolism-“Samhain” was a day when the Celts celebrated their new year. As part of that celebration, the goddess Morrigan presides over the celebration bestowing those born on this date with oracular and visionary traits. Morrigan assumes the shape of a raven.The bird was viewed as a seer and had special visionary powers. People also once believed that when someone died, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead.

What does this phrase mean?

The most common definition of crow’s-feet is “tiny wrinkles at the outer corner of the eyes, resulting from age or constant squinting” and are so called due to the likeness to a crow’s footprint. The term originated in the late 14th century from Middle English and is believed to have first appeared in print in Chaucer’s poem “Troilus and Criseyde.” The phrase in the singular is crow’s-foot, but it is most often used in the plural, as in crow’s-feet.

The Raven


 How to Tell a Raven From a Crow

  • Ravens are larger than crows and are the size of a red-tailed hawk.
  • Ravens travel in pairs, crows travel in groups.
  • Crow’s tail feathers are the same length; Ravens have longer middle feathers that appear wedge shaped.
  • Ravens produce a low croaking sound; crows give a cawing sound.Photo of a Raven

Photo of many crows flying

Crows have been killed in large numbers by humans, both for recreation and as part of organized campaigns of extermination. American crows are protected internationally by what is known as the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. There have been numerous attempts by humans to eradicate these birds but they are still widespread and very common. I have a flock that fly over my house on a daily basis and I can attest that they are very, very smart. According to Bird Life International, the population of crows is estimated to be at around 31,000.000. Clearly, the species is not threatened.

Crows are very intelligent

How’s This for Smart!?


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D not fear the crow, respect it.

Paranormal of the Hospital Kind

Paranormal of the Hospital Kind

Paranormal activity as report in the hospital


I’ve posted a video of an episode from a program that I think was one of the best out there in regards to paranormal evidence in a hospital.This particular episode really gave me the chills and the creep factor is deep. The program was called Paranormal Witness. I thought that the individuals interviewed were honest about what they had experienced. You can decide for yourself and feel free to leave me a comment below. Also, if you are interested in watching any additional episodes from this interesting series, they are all available for free through The Daily Nation. All you need to do is set up a user account.

Paranormal of a hospital kind is a common occurrence.

I have worked in skilled nursing facilities and have heard many stories about people on their deathbeds. I’ve also interviewed Hospice nurses and aides who have had paranormal experiences with dying patients. This complete episode reveals an interview with the Hospice nurse and the terrifying experience she had with one particular patient and his battles with something in his room. Additional staff and family members report the experiences they endured at this facility. Personally, I would never work here if I had ever experienced anything like what is portrayed in this program. As a staff member, my notice would have been turned in immediately! One experience would certainly have been enough for me.

Paranormal Witness S03 E6 The Hospital Hauntings by paranormalxd1

Three More Haunted Hospitals in the United States

Athens Lunatic Hospital-Athens, Ohio 1868-1993

Athens Lunatic Hospital is haunted

  • Originally called The Ridges
  • Mental institution
  • Operated from 1874 through 1993
  • Housed children, persons with mental disabilities, violent criminals, Civil War veterans
  • Best known as the institution that performed lobotomies
  • Also known for numerous paranormal sightings

Spanish Military Hospital-St. Augustine, Florida 1784-1821

Spanish Military Hospital 1784-1821 is St. Augustine, Florida is reported to be haunted.

  • The building today is not the actual hospital but an exact replica.
  • The original hospital operated from the late 1700’s through 1821.
  • This dwelling is considered to be the most haunted hospital of St. Augustine.
  • The hospital was originally named Our Lady of Guadalupe.
  • Numerous claims of something frightening and evil were reported by workers tearing down walls.
  • Once the walls were removed, thousands of bones were discovered.
  • Hauntings continue in the new building in the Mourning Room and The Ward.
  • There are ghost tours offered to visitors.

Tauton State Hosptial-Tauton, Massachusetts 1854-1975

Tauton State Hospital has a haunted history.

  • The institution was originally known as the State Lunatic Hospital at Taunton.
  • The institution was a psychiatric hospital.
  • The institution was located on a 154 acre farm along the Mill River.
  • The institution was expanded several times and included over 40 buildings and structures.
  • The Property was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994.
  • The main dome of the administration building collapsed in 1999.
  • A large part of the historic complex was destroyed by fire in 2006.
  • All remaining parts were demolished in 2009.
  • Many of the newer buildings remain on campus.
  • The institution housed Lizzie Borden who was actually only held in the jail. 
  • The institution housed Jane Toppan who was a serial killer. She was a nurse who murdered patients.
  • The institution housed Thomas Hubbard Suumer who was a sea captain and known for developing the celestial navigation method referred to as Summer Line or Line of Position.
  • History of Satanic rituals by some doctors and nurses and that patients were abused in these rituals in the basement.
  • In later years, both staff and patients reported feeling a tremendous amount of unease when approaching the basement doors.
  • There have been reports of a shadow man crawling on the walls and watching the patients.

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Cosmopolitan Hotel

Cosmopolitan Hotel

 Cosmopolitan Hotel

The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town San Diego, California
Cosmopolitan Hotel

The Cosmopolitan’s history goes back to a man named Juan Lorenzo Bandini, one of San Diego’s pioneers who settled here in the 1800’s and who was a colorful and important player in San Diego’s early development. The name is very well known here in San Diego and a great deal about Bandini’s life is a very interesting historic read. He designed and constructed his grand residence, the largest in Old Town at the time, between 1827 and 1829. The single-story home was built around False Bay, later named Mission Bay in 1944.

The original bar in teh Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town San Diego, CA
Original Bar

If you are planning on visiting San Diego, now is a great time of year to head out for a road trip to another haunted location.  During the winter months in San Diego, there are many windy, cool nights that add to the creepy atmosphere for paranormal investigations. I would like to suggest that you visit Old Town, San Diego and walk through this beautiful historic area that is beautifully maintained and landscaped and head over to the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Built in the 1800’s, the dwelling was originally a single story home. It was built by Juan Lorenzo Bandini, an original pioneer, for his wife and two daughters. They all resided in the home until his death. Emily and Albert Seeley obtained the building and created an Inn for travelers who enjoyed class, elegance and entertainment. A grand opening was held in 1869 and the Cosmopolitan Hotel now included the addition of a second level with a grand balcony.


another photo of the renovated Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town San Diego, CA
Cosmopolitan Hotel


In 1870, there were a series of devastating fires in the Old Town area and the hotel became a canning factory. It was recently restored back to it’s historic beauty and offers fine dining with beautiful patio views, piano entertainment as well as traveler’s accommodations!

There is a haunted history to the Cosmopolitan Hotel.
Beautiful Bar

Today, there are reports of full bodied apparitions, a residual and intelligent haunting and phantom specters throughout the building and grounds. It has been reported that Room 11 is the most haunted location in the hotel. The video I have posted below takes the viewer right into Room 11 and they do have EVP recordings of their experience. The Cosmopolitan has been featured on paranormal investigative shows and is regularly toured by ghost hunting groups.  I have visited and eaten at the hotel several time and I took these photographs. It is a spectacular hotel and restaurant and one definitely feels like they have just stepped back in time upon entering. The restoration that took place was completed to perfection. 


There is a long history to the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

After heading through the main lobby of the hotel, there is usually someone at the piano playing old period tunes. Many are students. The Cosmopolitan Hotel truly is an enchanting establishment with a deep history. People come from all over the world to visit Old Town, San Diego. How about you?

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Elfin Forest

Elfin Forest


Beginnings of Elfin Forest

Indians lived in the area of the Elfin Forest
Early Natives San Diego Region

Northern Diegueno and Luisenos Indians once inhabited this area, now named Elfin Forest, which encompasses 700 acres of breathtaking hills and forests. Trees include Sycamores, Oak, and there is also a variety of succulents and wild cactus. Many artifacts have been discovered that shed some light on the ancestral Diegueno’s primitive life dating back close to 9,000 years. Artifacts include petroglyphs, motars, metates and pictographs.There are ancient petroglyphs in rocks and the Indian symbols have a connection with others found in locations north of San Diego. The symbols seem to be direction finders similar to the magnificent rocks at Stonehenge in England.

Many tribes met in this areas and they considered this land to be the Peace Grounds and believed that the entire area gave off beneficial vibrations. Indians ate wild garlic, mustard, dandelions, berries and other native plants.

The area was originally named Harmony Grove by Flower and Lawrence Newhouse who founded a retreat in the area called Questhaven. The director of the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens visited and noted all of the dwarf trees and shrubs in the area and started referring to the area as Elfin. Flower Newhouse absolutely loved the name and it stuck. (If you are interested in biographies, I suggest reading up on Flower as she was a remarkable woman who published several books on spiritualism).

flower and lawrence Newhouse built a home in the Elfin Forest
Flower and Lawrence Newhouse-Questhaven Photo


Throughout the history of this area, there have been many paranormal experiences, tales and urban legends reported that mix fact with fiction. These include:

The Elfin Forest is Haunted
Haunted Woods?
  • Reported sightings of ghost Indians
  • Sightings of a Ghost woman dressed all in white
  • “Something” in trees that has frightened people over the years
  • A female ghost child dressed in white
  • Indians hanging in trees
  • Strange lights and sounds


In 1894 a sheep rancher settled in the Questhaven Valley. Angered local cattle ranchers, upset with the competition,  brutally murdered him and drove his remaining family members out of the area. There is some historic validation to this incident. According to the story, he was burned alive and no one was ever charged with the crime. Reports state that the ghost of the murdered sheep rancher is seen on the road begging for help. Pole out for walk have been startled and shocked at the sight of this apparition.

Gypsies once lived in the area of Spooks Canyon which is located within Elfin Forest. Spiritualists, psychic artists, and seance mediums lived on 12 acres of land and practiced contacting the dead. Corrinne Pleasant (1897-1984), was a spiritualist and resident of Harmony Grove. She told stories about contacting the spirits of slaughtered Indian children, who were buried upright in the hills above Elfin Forest. Her account have varied throughout the years which is not surprising. Stories have a way of changing a bit from one person to the next!

Many strange tales exist about the Elfin Forest
Strange Woodlands

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Haunted Cecil Hotel?

Haunted Cecil Hotel?

The Story

Continued claims that the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles is haunted has had another tragedy to add to it’s truly bizarre history. The mysterious death of Elisa Lam in the water tower of the Cecil Hotel is one of the strangest unexplained modern day mysteries many believe is paranormal related. If you’re planning a trip to California, this hotel is a must see on your paranormal road trip. I would bet that it most definitely is included in the local Haunted Tours.

The water tank on the roof of the Cecil Hotel where Elisa Lam was found.
Water Tank Cecil Hotel

Elisa had been missing since January 31, 2013 and her naked body was finally discovered on February 19, 2013 in a rooftop water tank of the Cecil Hotel. She was 21 years old. Hotel guests had been complaining about low water pressure and a “funny” taste to the water.

It should be stressed that although is appears that Elisa might have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol based on her strange behavior in the elevator, nothing unusual was discovered in her system. This was the final determination of the coroner who ruled her death an accident. It shoudl be noted that she did have a history of Bi-Polar Disorder.

Elisa Lam Photo: HO/AFP/Getty Images)


 There have been many questions and comments about this unsolved case:

  • How did Elisa manage to get inside of the tank?
  • What is the shadow in the elevator that many claim is proof of the paranormal?
  • Why didn’t the elevator door close after she hit the buttons several times?
  • Even police were stumped as to how Elisa Lam came to be in a water tank that is difficult to access. The possibility of foul play was investigated but was ruled out.
  • LAPD spokesperson Officer Sara Faden said The circumstances of Lam’s death are highly unusual and investigators are now trying to determine whether Lam was murdered or if “a very, very strange accident” occurred.

 The Cecil Hotel

  • It’s pretty much a dump at this point in time hosting transients for less that $500 per month. Perhaps it’s one of the places that should just be shut down. Consider it’s history:
  • Constructed in 1927-Record number of suicides and murders and was known as the suicide hotspot.
  • Site of several mysterious disappearances.
  • Home to (Room #14) convicted serial killer, Richard Ramirez who savagely murdered 13 innocent people (He got to die of natural causes!)
  • Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger lived at the hotel in 1991 for five weeks and murdered three prostitutes.
  • Without a doubt, haunted!
  • In 1962 Pauline Otton, 27, had an argument with her husband and threw herself out the window landing on and killing a pedestrian below.
  • In an unsolved murder in 1964, Goldie Osgood, who enjoyed feeding the birds in a nearby square, was found dead in her room. She had been stabbed, strangled and raped.

Paranormal Investigation with Updates

This photo was taken by resident Koston Alderete, showing a mysterious figure hanging outside a fourth-floor window of the hotel.

The disturbing, gruesome past of 'gh...
KABC-TV/DT Source: Supplied


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Vanishing Hitchhiker

Vanishing Hitchhiker

What’s Your Version?

The urban legend of the vanishing hitchhiker.

The vanishing hitchhiker, the ghostly hitchhiker, the disappearing hitchhiker, the phantom hitchhiker or simply the hitchhiker are urban legends. We’ve all heard one version or another and they usually have a common theme. Vanishing hitchhikers have been reported for centuries and the endurance of the legend has helped it spread in popular culture. After the 1981 publication of Jan Harold Brunvand’s book, The Vanishing Hitchhiker, popularity of urban legends increased dramatically. Bruvand suggests that the story of a vanishing hitchhiker can be traced back to the 1870’s and that there are similar stories in Russia, Korea and also among Mormons, Ozark mountaineers and Chinese-Americans.

The Stories I Heard Growing Up


  1. The hitchhiker gives an address and eventually the motorist finds out that he has just given a lift to a ghost.
  2. A girl is at a dance instead of on walking on a road and leaves either a scarf or a borrowed jacket of the motorist on her grave.
  3. The hitchhiker is later described as divine in nature.The driver returns an item that has been left in the car and finds out from a relative that the passenger is deceased.
  4. The hitchhiker is usually female and the driver is male.


From 1979-1980, near Little Rock, Arkansas two confirmed reports were made to Arkansas State Troopers that a very well dress young man was hitchhiking in this areas. Once he was picked up he would grab the attention of the driver with details relating to the Second Coming of Christ. After revealing his insights, he would vanish from the moving car. The police stated that they were unaware of any additional incidents.

About the same time in Tacoma, Washington and Eugene, Oregon, it was reported that a middle aged woman in a nun’s habit was hitchhiking near Interstate 5. She would warn people that they needed to repent and then vanish from the automobile. In some instances she warned people that if they did not repent, they would die in traffic accidents. Additionally, she scared people with warnings about Mount St. Helen erupting. There were a total of twenty documented reports about this female hitchhiker.

Slightly Different

The following video describes a slightly different take on the urban legend tales. The incidents continue to take place in a particular intersection in Ohio. So many people claim to have had paranormal experiences here. Something is going on…what exactly no one knows for sure. There have been many strange occurrences at this location over the years. Are you a believer?

Legends in the United States

  • Annie’s Road-New Jersey
  • Boy Scout Lane-Wisconsin
  • Bray Road-Wisconsin (The Bray Road Beast)
  • Clinton Road-New Jersey
  • Devils Washbowl-Vermont
  • Edmonds Road-Connecticut
  • Jeremy Swamp Road-Connecticut
  • Marginal Road-Connecticut
  • Saw Mill Road-Connecticut
  • Velvet Street-Connecticut
  • Zion Hill Road-Connecticut
  • Jamestown Road-North Carolina
  • Mount Misery Road-New York
  • Sweet Hollow Road-New York
  • Shades of Death Road-New Jersey (You can read more here)

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Creepy Neighbors

Creepy Neighbors

 Who Is Watching?

Many people have difficulties daily with nosey neighbors.
Whatcha Doing?


I am posting this blog about creepy neighbors for a few laughs and feedback. If you have ever suffered the wrath of a creepy neighbor, I’d love to hear from you. Just about everyone I know has a story. I had a very strange neighbor living right next door while growing up. She poisoned our cat, Tiger because he walked in her garden. If she killed an animal today, she’d be arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Well, not back then. She was proud of the fact that she hurt us. Sick and twisted woman.

My father was on his way into the house after a day of work and I remember hearing…”Hey Paul, come get your cat!” “Wanda” spied on us all of the time and would call our house and “disguise” her voice pretending she was a salesperson. She was nuts and had a crush on my father. Her husband, Stanley was a raging alcoholic who got wasted then sat out on the porch in his chair all night singing to the neighborhood. Such was life in the strict Catholic neighborhood of Carolyn Circle. Wanda did many strange things over the years and I was really happy when we moved away. She always called me “Babe” which I could not stand. Funny, the things we remember.

Someon seems to be always watching and ready to cause trouble in the neighborhood.

Neighbors that seem to watch your every move can make your life pretty miserable especially if things start to escalate. Someone outside of your home watching what you and your kids are doing is unnerving and frustrating. It can certainly interfere with your daily life even though the neighbors are not necessarily breaking the law. The experts tell us that it’s important to take action to improve your quality of life so that your world remains comfortable and relaxed. Well, I agree with that.

Everyone has a story about a creepy neighbor.
Howdy Creepy Neighbor!

1. Confront your neighbors.

2. Lock your garage, mailbox and gates leading into the back yard.

3. Install an alarm system.

4. Build a fence.

5. Make a code name for whenever you see them.

6. Be the strong person.

7. Move your activities to your backyard.

8. Be elusive and disarming.

Use your smarts if you have issues with a nosey and difficult neighbor.

A few movie classics that are about creepy neighbors include the following. My personal favorite is Pacific Heights. I am sure that there are many, many more great thrillers available for viewing with plots that revolve around strange people living next door. What’s your favorite book or movie?

  • Rear Window
  • Rosemary’s Baby
  • The Sentinel
  • Pacific Heights
  • Fright Night
  • Arlington Road

The two videos that I’ve included are a Part One and Part Two of what these people are dealing with. This happens to be a gay couple who have been harassed continuously since moving into this neighborhood. They have filed police reports and have sought out legal services. There is a trail of court documents in the system on this case yet, they continue to be harassed. I’m not quite sure what they are living next to. What do you think and what would you do if your daily life revolved around this insanity? 

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Fear of the Dark

Fear of the Dark

Fear of the dark is very real for many people.
Real Fear



(Fear of the dark) is a phobia characterized by a severe fear of the dark. It is triggered by the brain’s disfigured perception of what would, or could, happen when in a dark environment.

Despite its pervasive nature, there has been a lack of etilogical research on the subject. Nyctophobia is generally observed in children but, according to J. Adrian Williams’ article titled, “Indirect Hypnotic Therapy of Nyctophobia: A Case Report”, many clinics with pediatric patients have a great chance of having adults who have nyctophobia. (Wikipedia)

The fear of darkness or night has several non-clinical terminologies:

  • lygophobia
  • achluophobia
  • scotophobia

What are the Symptoms?

  • Trembling
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Panic attack
  • Sweating
  • Chest pain
  • Accelerated heart rate

What are the symptoms of a fear of the dark?

A popular and effective treatment for fear of darkness is cognitive-behavior therapy, also known as exposure therapy. With therapy and medications to treat panic attacks and migraines,  many people can overcome nyctophobia. 

Practicing relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing and muscle relaxation can help with the severe symptoms associated with a fear of the dark. Learning all self help methods and becoming informed about the disorder are necessary steps in beating the fear.

Children go through a stage where they are afraid of the dark.

It’s common for children to go through a stage in which they fear darkness. I know I certainly did! I saw “something” in my room one night at the age of eight. I was wide awake, in the dark and sitting upright in my bed. It started out as a slow movement at the foot of my bed. That’s what initially caught my attention. This movement evolved into a head with a hideous face and grin bobbing up and down on the top of a horse’s neck/mane area. That’s all I could see and, once this “thing” was almost at the side of my bed and parallel to me, I screamed and screamed and ran downstairs into my parent’s bedroom. I did not sleep in my room again for a solid week. My parents believed me. What did I see? I have no idea but, at the time, it was real to me. Did I imagine it? Maybe. Every now and then, I think back to that night and wonder if I’d actually been visited by something evil. It certainly was not warm and fuzzy. It was hideous and frightening. I wish I was an artist but, unfortunately, the artistic side of my family does not include me. I should note that the small town I grew up in in Connecticut has a Native American history (Naugatuck) and my neighbors and several family friends had paranormal experiences growing up. The town also boasts of one very old and very haunted cemetery. (See my other blog on What’s In The Nutmeg State:)

People fear shadows that they see in the darkness.


It’s not just the dark that scares children. It’s that creature that lurks under the bed or in the closet!  What’s that scratching noise? That creak? Did I just see a shadow?

Early man had a legitimate fear of the darkness since we were not exactly at the top of the food chain thousands of years ago….predators were. It was smart to fear the danger that did, in fact, lurk out there in the darkness.


The Boogeyman is known world-wide.

The Bogeyman is a common allusion to a mythical creature in many cultures used by adults to frighten “bad” children into compliant behavior. The Bogeyman has no specific appearance, and the descriptions about it can vary drastically from household to household. This frightening monster has no set appearance in the mind of an adult or child, but is definitely a non-specific embodiment of terror. Parents may tell their children that if they misbehave, the bogeyman will get them. My parents never used this technique with my brothers and me and I never used such a mean approach with my two sons when they were small. How awful!

There is not escape from a fear of darkness unless you really work at it.

The tales about the Bogeyman vary by region and the entity is usually male or simply androgynous. This listing is a small example of the varieties of the Bogeyman in different locations around the world. There are many, many more to be found.

Sack Man

  • Portugal
  • Brazil
  • Spain

El Coco

  • Mexico
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Peru
  • Bolivia
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Urguay
  • Puerto Rico
  • Dominican Republic


  • Mediterranean
  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Greece
  • Cyprus
  • Eqypt


  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Norway (Busemann)

Bonhomme Sept-Heures (7 o’clock man)

  •  Canada


  •  Yukon

Also spelled:

  • Bogieman
  • Boogeyman
  • Boogie man

Every culture has a story about the Boogeyman.

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Paranormal and Animals

Paranormal and Animals


I have found it difficult to find trustworthy paranormal evidence pertaining to animals: dogs, cats, etc. but, wanted to write a short blog on what I did find out there. Some of the information is very interesting, especially situations that involve beloved family pets and their owners honestly believing that these pets have returned to them in one form or another.

I have owned several pets over the years and rescued many more. For the most part they were all dogs. In November, we lost our rescue mutt, Abbey, to Cancer at the age of 2 years. I am saddened to say, I have never felt any of the animals I have loved around me at any time. How about you? Do you have a story about an animal? I would love to hear from you.

This was a good episode of the program Paranormal State.

Photos of Animals-What Do You Think?

is this the spirit of a dog?
Is this a ghost horse photo?
Is this an apparition of a cat?
Is this the spirit of a horse?
Are these really spirit dogs?

 Where are Animals Buried?

Where are animals buried?

Animals to which people are emotionally attached are often ceremonially buried. Most family pets are typically buried in the yard or another option is the use of pet cemeteries which have been in existence since the late 1800’s in the United States. A specially designed pet casket or vault may be used. Another popular option is cremation of the remains that are then saved in an urn, buried or scattered at a designated location. Most pet cemeteries have a chapel and are respectful of the varied religious denominations as well as alternative, non-religious ceremonies.

Los Angeles, California Pet Cemetery

This cemetery was founded by a veterinarian by the named of Dr. Eugene C. Jones in 1928. This pet memorial park covers ten acres in Calabasas, California. There are 40,000 animals interred here and the variety of pets includes horses, dogs, cats, parrots, a hen and the MGM lion named Tawny who died in 1940.

The MGM Lion







Many celebrities have their pets at this park:

  • Mae West
  • Bob Newhart
  • Eva Gabor
  • Gloria Swanson
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Humphrey Bogart
  • Mary Pickford
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Rudolph Valentino

There are also stories of hauntings at this location and one such report is that Rudolph Valentino’s Doberman Kabar, haunts the area. There are reports of the dog heard panting, barking and  licking visitor’s hands. When Valentino died on August 23, 1926 he was 3,000 miles away from home. At the precise moment of his death, Kabar howled so loudly he was heard by Beatrice Lilly who was driving past Valentino’s estate. Kabar died in 1929 and was given a lavish ceremony when he was laid to rest at this cemetery. The ghost of this dog has also been seen by several people over the years at the estate.


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Haunted Oklahoma

Haunted Oklahoma

If your future plans include a trip to Oklahoma, I have added a few points of interest you may want to investigate on your U.S. haunted road trip.

Oklahoma has several haunted locations that date back many years and most of the locals are well aware of the haunted history of these areas. They include:

  • Gilcrease Musuem-Tulsa-It is said that the museum is haunted by Thomas Gilcrease following his death in 1962. William Thomas Gilcrease (1890–1962) was an American oilman, art collector and philanthropist. During his lifetime, Gilcrease collected more than 10,000 artworks, 250,000 Native American artifacts and 100,000 rare books and documents, including the only surviving certified copy of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Tulsa Historical Society-This is another location said to be haunted by philanthropist Thomas Gilcrease. This location was once his home.
William Gilcrease is part of Haunted Oklahoma
William Thomas Gilcrease (
  •  Wheelock Academy-This historical location is reputed to be haunted. There have been many paranormal investigations held at this academy however, there is very little quality information online that pertains to hauntings that are actually documented. Many adults who lived at the Wheelock Academy are still alive and this video is a presentation of their stories when they resided there as young children.

  • Brady Theater-This theater is haunted by Enrico Caruso, famous singer following his death in Oklahoma from a contracted illness while on a visit to the area.
caruso and the Brady Theater is also part of haunted Oklahoma
Caruso (Wikipedia)
  •  Constantine Theater-This theater is located in Osage County and is supposedly haunted by Sappho Constantine Brown, daughter of theater owner, George Constantine. Once renovations began, Sappho’s apparition was seen and her footsteps heard by workers. (I could not locate a photo of her anywhere! If you find one, let me know.)
  • Highway 20-Since 1936, there have been several reports about a young boy hitchhiking who disappears after accepting a ride from kind strangers. As the story is told, In the winter of 1965, a woman named Mae Doria offered a ride to a young boy who was hitchhiking along that road. Upon reaching Pryor, the boy asked to be let out of the car in an area where there were no houses around. When Mrs. Doria asked him where he lived, he simply replied “over there”. She looked to see where he meant and when she turned back, he was gone! She immediately stopped the car and looked all around, thinking that he might have jumped out, but he was nowhere to be found. Ironically, about 2 years later, she was talking to a man about strange experiences. When she mentioned this phantom hitchhiker, he knew immediately just where she was talking about. 
  • Haunted Arapaho Cemetery-There have been several reports made by visitors, including a minister, who report voices heard throughout the cemetery. A few years back, Arthur Turcotte, geologist and part-time paranormal investigator, visited this cemetery in an attempt for find a logical explanation. He did not find one and heard the voices himself.
  • Ghost Hollow-Located in Payne County-According to the legend, an innocent man was hung in 1887 from a tree and the day after he was killed, all of the bark fell off of the tree. It is reported that during full moons, the tree glows an eerie white color.
  • Cry Baby Bridge, Located in a rural area of Jenks-A woman murdered her three children here and the youngest, an infant, can still be heard crying at the haunted location. The child was beaten to death on the beams of the bridge. If you Google this, there are many stories pertaining to cry baby bridges throughout the United States.
  • Saline Creek Court House, scenic highway 412-Indian woman haunts the area looking for her infant that she dropped into a creek after being accidentally shot by two men involved in a fight at this location.
Haunted Oklahoma location
In Memory
Highway 20 in Oklahoma is haunted
Hwy. 20
Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa Oklahoma is haunted
Gilcrease Museum (
Wheelock Academy is included in haunted Oklahoma stories
Wheelock Academy (
Many haunted locations in the Tulsa Oklahoma area.
Haunted State
Another photo of the haunted brady theatre in Tulsa Oklahoma
Brady Theater (
crybaby bridge oklahoma is haunted
Cry Baby Bridge (
constatine theatre in Oklahoma is haunted
Constantine Theater (

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Visits haunted Oklahoma soon!
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Fear of Clowns

Fear of Clowns

Why The Fear of Clowns?

Coulrophobia is the fear of  clowns.

Jospeh Grimaldi (Wikipedia Photo)

From early on, clowns were portrayed as very disturbed men. Joseph was a famous 19th century clown in England. Joseph Grimaldi had a lengthy career as an entertaining clown with an dark side as a result of a deteriorating relationship with theatrical management.

Grimaldi’s wife Maria and her unborn child died during childbirth on October 18, 1800. As a result, Grimaldi worked on stage excessively to deal with his ongoing grief. While playing in The Great Devil the following spring, he accidentally injured himself on stage by shooting himself in the foot. He was confined to bed for five weeks. His mother became so concerned at her son’s fragile and grief-stricken state that she employed a dancer by the name of Mary Bristow, to care for him full-time. Grimaldi and Bristow fell in love and married on December 24, 1801. They later had a son who was named Joseph Samuel. As the years passed, the family relationship was strained and remained that way due to Joseph Samuel’s growing alcoholism, run-ins with the law and his eventual time spent in a debtor’s prison. He died at the age of 30 under suspicious circumstances.

Grimaldi was a reason to have a Fear of clowns
Grimaldi as Joseph The Clown (Wikipedia)

Grimaldi sustained numerous injuries over the years and his health was rapidly declining. He finally retired in 1823 and he became an alcoholic and was depressed. He outlived his wife and son and died at home in 1837 at the age of 58.

After he died in 1837, Charles Dickens was asked to edit the clown’s memoirs and the subsequent publications, spread Grimaldi’s story everywhere. It is believed that Dickens drew the first scary clown images through the memoirs and created a figure who was destroying himself in order to make the audience laugh. The notion that there might be something dark and troubled under make-up is a fear that has lasted for many years.

About the same time in France, Jean-Gaspard Deburau’s mime-style character, Pierrot was becoming very popular. The clown had a white face, red lips and black eyebrows and was loved by audiences until his evil side was revealed. In 1836, Deburau beat a boy to death after the boy shouted an insult at him in the street. Deburau used a walking stick to kill the child.

Deburau was a clown who committed murder.
Jean Gaspard Deburau (Wikipedia Photo)

Originally clowns were used to provide a form of comic relief to dangerous circus acts held at equestrian shows held in a circular arena. They needed to make themselves more visible and started to use very bright colors, crazy behavior and big gestures. While clowns were for children’s entertainment, the creep factor remained and made one wonder who was under that makeup.

The circus arrived in America in the late 19th century and grew into a three ringed traveling show that moved from town to town by train. Next came television with clowns such as Bozo, Clararbell and Ronald McDonald.

The Experts Say

  • The fear of clowns starts during childhood when children learn to differentiate between strangers and non-strangers.
  • According to statistics, all adults grow out of their fear of painted clown faces with the exception of 2 percent of the population.
  • Often clowns become aggressive in attempts to make someone laugh.
  • Clowns are here to stay.
  • The dark and frightening clown remains dominant and persists in many ways.

Evil Clowns

A fear of clowns is experienced by many.
Killer Clowns?

The legacy of frightening clowns has continued over the years with the likes of these individuals. Some were high profile media cases that brought horror eerily close to us and right into our homes.

  • John Wayne Gacy, seriel killer who dressed up as Pogo the Clown.

    John Wayne gacy dressed up as a clown and he was a convicted serial killer.
    Gacy (Murderpedia)
  • Amon Paul Carlock Jr., police officer, pedophile, who dressed up as Klutzo the Clown and entertained children through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.

    John Paul carlock, a phedofile who dressed as a clown
  • West Pam Beach Killer Clown, never identified, murdered Marlene Warren in 1990 after she opened her front door to a clown holding flowers and silver balloons. Marlene was shot once in the face. Her case has never been solved.

  California, October, 2014

Famous Clowns

Lucille Ball as a clown in her earlier career.
Lucille Ball
  • Bozo the Clown
  • Red Skelton
  • Lucille Ball
  • Ronald McDonald
  • Charlie Rivel
  • Otto Griebling
  • The Fratellinis
  • CoCo the Clown
  • Pennywise, Stephen King’s movie It

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A fear of clowns is a classified mental disorder
Happy Clowns


St. Louis Cemetery

St. Louis Cemetery

Saint Louis Cemetery
(Photo from Wikipedia)

Taking a Road Trip to New Orleans? 

There are three sections to the St. Louis Cemetery located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Section No.1 is the oldest, opening in 1789 as the main burial site after a fire in 1788.This cemetery spans only one square block but it is the resting place for thousands. In 2010, Hollywood movie actor Nicholas Cage purchased a pyramid shaped tomb as his future final resting place. The cemetery is one block beyond the border of the French Quarter and is eight blocks from the Mississippi River. Section No.1 is also the most famous section of the three since several famous people are buried here.They include:

Paul Morphy, one of the earliest world champions of chess.

Barthelemy Lafon, the architect and surveyor who became one of Jean Lafitte’s pirates.

Benjamin Latrobe, Architect and engineer who died from yellow fever in 1820.

Etienne de Boré, wealthy pioneer of the sugar industry and the first mayor of New Orleans.

Homer Plessy, the plaintiff from the landmark 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court decision on civil rights.

Ernest N. “Dutch” Morial, the first African-American mayor of New Orleans.

Marie Laveau, famous Voodoo Priestess, is believed to be interred in the Glapion family crypt.

Bernard de Marigny, French-Creole aristocrat who founded both Faubourg Marigny and Manderville Louisiana.

Delphine LaLaurie, the notoriously cruel slave owner.

delphine-lalaurie- was a Saint Louis murderess and one sadistic woman
Delphine LaLaurie (Murderpedia Photo)

St. Louis No. 2

This section borders Claibourne Avenue and was consecrated in 1823. St. Louis No.2 was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. It is located three block back from St. Louis No. 1. This section boasts many notables including an African-American hero of the American Civil War by the name of Andre Caillous, and Jean Lafitte, Ernie K. Doe and Danny Barker, notable rhythm and blues and jazz musicians.

new orleans and the St. Louis cemetery has several sections to it
New Orleans Color

There are many notable citizens of 19th and 20th century New Orleans laid to rest here. For example the tomb of Venerable Mother Henriette DeLille, a candidate for sainthood by the Catholic Church, Jean Baptiste Dupeire, prominent citizen of New Orleans, among others.The cemetery received minor flooding during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and the tombs seemed virtually untouched by the storm when the water went down. The only evidence was a brown waterline seen on all structures.

Famous Politicians Buried Here:

Jacques Villeré, (1761-1830) Governor of Louisiana. 

Pierre Soulé, (1801–1870) Member of Louisiana state senate, 1845; U.S. Senator from Louisiana, 1847, 1849–53; U.S. Minister to Spain, 1853–55; general in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. 

Charles Genois, (c.1793-1866) Mayor of New Orleans, La., 1838-40. 

Carleton Hunt, (1836–1921) Served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War; U.S. Representative from Louisiana 1st District, 1883-85. 

Ignacy Szymański, (1806–1874) He served in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. He was appointed to colonel of Chalmette Regiment, mainly made of Scandinavian immigrants from the Louisiana State Militia.

Dominique You, Privateer.

St. Louis No. 3

This section opened in 1854 and is located two miles back from the French Quarter. Crypts in this section are more elaborate as there are several elegant 19th century marble tombs. Entombed in these include individuals such as ragtime composer Paul Sarebresole, painter Ralston Crawford and photographer E. J. Bellocq. Also located in this portion of the cemetery is a Greek Orthodox section. Although this cemetery was damaged during the floods cause by Hurricane Katrina (2005), these tombs sustained very little damage.


It is said that there are numerous restless souls in this cemetery and there are claims that these spirits have talked to people. They are often mistaken for the living and appear as solid form. Apparitions include those of:

Alphonse, A young man who has appeared to people as lonely and depressed. He warns people to stay away from the Pinead Family Vault and he has also been known to ask for help in going to his home. He often cries and then disappears.

Henry Vignes, A man who is searching for the vault that contains his remains. He is described as being tall, dressed in a white shirt and that he has piercing blue eyes. Henry has been known to bother people at funerals.

Finally there is the famous Voodoo Priestess, Marie Laveau. Born in 1801 as Marie Catherine Laveau, she was a Creole practitioner of Voodoo, well renowned in New Orleans. Marie had a daughter, Marie Laveau II, (1827-1895) who also practiced Voudoun as well as Voodoo. She and her mother had great influence over their multiracial following. In 1874 a crowd of well over 12, 000 people, both black and white, arrived on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain to catch a glimpse of Marie Laveau II performing her legendary rites from June 23rd-24th, also known as St. John’s Eve. Marie Laveau died on June 16th, 1881.

MarieLaveau, Voodoo Priestess is said to haint St. Louis Cemetery
Marie Laveau ( Wikipedia)

Over the years people have reported sightings, of being touched, being slapped and frightened by the Voodoo Priestess. A significant number offerings, as well as prayers and personal requests, are regularly made from visitors.

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Paranormal Photographs-Top Tips

Paranormal Photographs-Top Tips

 Enjoy Photography?

Here are some top tips for your paranormal photography

If you are serious about capturing entities on film, there are many basics that paranormal photographers should be aware of in order to increase the chances of a great photograph. I’ve included top tips. Like everything else, time, dedication and patience is mandatory. After looking into what experienced photographers had to say, I put together a listing of advice and recommendations to follow for more success with your paranormal photography. If you have a special technique that you do not read here, please leave me a comment below. Thanks.

Darkness and light is important for your paranormal photography
Photography bright light
  • Ghosts do not always show up on film even though they may be present.
  • It’s better to take photographs at night.
  • Most cameras will give you the results you seek.
  • Digital cameras are recommended because you see the results immediately.
  • The one drawback to digital cameras is that there is no negative and you may be accused of enhancing a photo.
  • Most photographers recommend that a ghost hunter bring both a digital and 35mm camera to investigations.
  • 400 film is recommended for use in 35mm cameras.
  • Ghosts are everywhere so do not assume you must only photograph in old buildings and cemeteries.
  • Always have something in your background to add quality to your photograph. (i.e. tree, building, tombstone)
Be sure to set the right mood with your paranormal photography
MorgueFile photography
  • Be professional in your approach.
  • Take a ton of photographs: at least 50 is recommended.
  • Never take photographs through a glass window because shapes will be created that are really not there.
  • Avoid shinny surfaces when taking photos because this causes anomalies to appear.
  • Keep your hair pulled back and away from your face when you are taking photographs.
  • Do not smoke when you are taking photographs.
  • Keep all of your camera equipment cleaned at all times, especially the lens.
  • Make sure you know where the lens cover and strap are so the photograph is not altered.
  • Keep your fingers clear from the photographs you are taking.
  • Do not take photographs in the wind, rain, fog, extremely dusty areas or when it is snowing. All of these conditions will produce orbs and other anomalies.
  • Exhaled breath in cold weather will alter photographic results.
  • Avoid mirrors and do not take photographs of them.
  • Talk to spirits and let them know why you are there and invite them to participate. Thank them.
  • Always say goodbye to spirits so that they do not follow you home.
  • Do not take photographs in the direction of the sun otherwise you will end up with lens flair.
  • Avoid taking photographs directly into any light source.
Paranormal photography has many special features
Ruined doorway
  • The best time of year for capturing ghostly images is from October through February because it is believed that the electrostatic energy is at the highest level. Orbs do not fall into this time period.
  • Remember the limitations of your flash and distance capabilities.
  • Review your photographs several times because you may have missed a capture.
  • Do not go hunting for evil spirits. The reasons are obvious.
  • Trust your gut feelings about an area.
  • Quite often ghost energy will appear in the air from two to ten feet above the ground.
  • In buildings, entities can appear at any level and at any height.
  • Take random shots up above you.
  • Include people in your photos as this attracts ghosts.
  • Ghosts will follow you around.
  • Snap photographs behind you with the camera on your shoulder.
  • Always be respectful of your surroundings.
always be respectful of your surrounding with paranormal locations and photography.
Talking, MorgueFile photography

  The Best Places to Take Photographs

  • Historic sections of cities
  • Churches
  • Schoolhouses
  • Theaters
  • Cemeteries
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Old buildings
  • Libraries
  • Train stations
  • Bridges
  • Farmhouses

Wouldn’t it be great if we were not bombarded with fake photos. For those of us who have had true experiences, altered photographs cheapens the study of the paranormal. Here is a video of supposedly authenticated ghost photos. I believe a few are real and clearly, others are not. What are your thoughts?

Thank you for stopping by and have fun with your paranormal photo taking journey!

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Quality Ghost Hunting Equipment

Quality Ghost Hunting Equipment

St. Augustine cemetery attracts many ghost hunters

 Ghost Hunting

Defined as conducting an investigation in an area thought to be haunted by a ghost, this pseudo science has gained tremendously in popularity over the past decade. Ghost hunters now utilize a variety of electronic equipment much of which is sophisticated (and costly) as shown on many recent paranormal investigative television programs. Many of the results seen today are quite interesting, thought provoking and often amazing.

The Pros and Cons of Ghost Hunting

It’s pretty safe to say that there are variables in taking on ghost hunting as an adventure. If you are going on a U.S. haunted road trip investigation, you might wait a long time before you ever see or hear anything. If you are investigating a haunted location, there is always the risk of getting into trouble for trespassing. If you don’t obey the law you might end up fined or even arrested. You might also get hurt because so many haunted locations are in ill repair!  That just goes with the territory.

Who is a Believer?

According to relatively recent surveys conducted by the Associated Press, here is a breakdown of those who believe in the existence of ghosts. I am convinced there are many more believers out there considering the fact other geographic areas were not surveyed. Every culture has beliefs and stories relating to paranormal experiences on road travels, haunted locations, folklore and urban legends. It is interesting to note that this poll mentioned that more people believe in haunted houses more than any other paranormal consideration.

  • 40 percent of Britons believe in ghosts
  • 37 percent of Americans believe in ghosts
  • 28 percent of Canadians believe in ghosts

Small businesses offering ghost-hunting equipment and paranormal investigation services have increased in the last decade. Equipment offered includes electromagnetic field (EMF) meters, infrared motion sensors and devices referred to as “ghost detectors”. The interest in the paranormal is so great that many small ghost-hunting businesses are seeing increased profits by way of podcast, web site advertising, books, DVDs, and videos. Participants enjoy the connection with like minded people and are comfortable actively following their interest in the paranormal.

Great captures with ghost hunting equipment

Variety of Equipment Used

  • Still photography and video
  • EMF meter
  • Computer
  • Thermographic cameras, thermal imaging cameras, infrared thermometers
  • Digital and analog audio recording
  • Geiger counter
  • Infrared and/or ultrasonic motion sensors
  • Air quality monitoring equipment
  • Dowsing rods
  • Ghost Box
  • Tablet

These days, ghost hunting kits are available at a lowered cost for those hunting enthusiasts who are just starting out and also for those on a budget.There is also highly sophisticated equipment available for experts in the field. Here are several choices for sale that have been put together by a team of professional ghost hunters. Click on the photo of Ghost Stop to the right of the screen to check out an array of options that are available to you.

Professional investigators use a variety of ghost hunting equipment

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fee invisible
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The Sodder Children Mystery

The Sodder Children Mystery

The Sodder children Myster of 1945

A Very Sad Tale

The year is 1945 and it is Christmas Eve. A family is enjoying the holiday festivities in Fayetteville, West Virginia. What is about to happen to the Sodder children remains one of the strangest unsolved mysteries in the United States.

The Sodder Children all vanished under mysterious circumstances
Innocent Victims, Sodder Children

What Happened?

What happened to the Sodder children remains a mystery
Chill In The Air

When George and Jennie Sodder went to sleep on Christmas Eve in 1945, nine of their 10 children were with them. Their oldest son was away in the military.

George Bragg, a local writer and author of West Virginia Unsolved Murders, tells the story of that night’s events: “Jennie woke up. She heard a noise. Somebody had thrown something on the roof. She got up and checked that out, and went back to bed. She woke up about a half-hour later, and she smelled smoke. She got up and realized one of the rooms where their office was located was on fire. She screamed for her husband and woke him up, and they both hollered upstairs where two of the boys were.”

The parents and four of their children escaped the fire that totally destroyed the home. Five Sodder children were never seen or heard from again. Some strange facts surrounding this fire:

  • The family received a prank call earlier in the evening from a woman laughing into the phone.
  • Phone wires were cut.
  • The children had reported a strange man watching them days earlier.
  • A ladder belonging to the family was found tossed down an embankment.
  • An insurance salesman had an argument with the Sodders and warned them that their house would burn.
  • People reported seeing fireballs tossed at the house.
  • Neighbors reported the fire at 1 a.m. to Chief F.J. Morris but the fire department did not arrive until 8 a.m.
  • The delay in the arrival at the home was explained away as each fired fighter needing to be contacted individually by the operator.
  • The family was never told that anything (remains) were found.
  • The family was told to leave the site untouched and that because it was Christmas, the site would be inspected at a later date.
  • George Sodder, one week later, bulldozed five feet of dirt onto what remained of his property and the family members planted flowers as a memorial.
  • A mysterious box containing beef liver was dug up at the site. It was initially reported as a human flesh but later disproved. It is believed this was planted to convince the Sodders that the children had died in the fire.
  • The local coroner declared all five children killed in the house fire.
flyer-page of the Sodder children that Mr. and Mrs. Sodder posted
Rewards Poster

This billboard stood at the site of the Sodder home fire for twenty years as a constant reminder of the disappearance of the children. A $5,000 reward was offered at the time. The billboard was taken down after the death of Mrs. Sodder in 1988.

Sodder Billboard and tribute to the family
Long Standing Billboard, Sodder Children


  • The children were taken to Italy.
  • The children were taken by the Mafia.
  • The children were reported as being seen all around the country.
  • The parents killed them.
  • The children really died in the fire.
  • The children were sold to an orphanage.

This story is just so hard to imagine with all of the twists and turns. The devastation to this family is mind boggling! The feedback that I have received varies from it was the mob, to the insurance salesman or to the parents themselves. I reviewed several versions of the same story and after reading all of the facts presented, I still do not have a solid opinion as to what happened to these children. For five children to disappear without any of them resurfacing years later is incredibly strange. The children’s ages were 5, 8, 9, 12, and 14. The lack of support for the parents was beyond horrific and the disappearance of one investigator appears to indicate something truly sinister. My question: What kind of people were living in this community at this time?

In 1968 Jennie Sodder received an envelope in her mailbox and it was postmarked from Kentucky with no return address. Enclosed was a photo of a young man in his 20’s and on the flip side of the photo a handwritten message. It stated: “Louis Sodder. I love brother Frankie. Ilil Boys. A90132 or 35.” The family resemblance was uncanny and it was felt that this could have been missing brother Louis. A private detective was hired and sent to Kentucky and he was never heard from again.

Could this be one of the missing Sodder sons?
Missing Sodder Son?

According to information in an article from The Smithsonian………

Mr. and Mrs. Sodder never gave up
Mr. and Mrs. Sodder Never Gave Up

The Sodders feared that if they published the letter or the name of the town on the postmark they might harm their son. Instead, they amended the billboard to include the updated image of Louis and hung an enlarged version over the fireplace. “Time is running out for us,” George said in an interview. “But we only want to know. If they did die in the fire, we want to be convinced. Otherwise, we want to know what happened to them.” George Sodder died in 1968 and Jennie Sodder wore black exclusively as a sign of mourning until her death in 1988. It is at this time that the billboard was removed. The youngest and last surviving Sodder child, Sylvia, is now 71, and doesn’t believe her siblings perished in the fire. Her very first memories are of that night in 1945, when she was 2 years old. She remembers the sight of her father bleeding and hearing screams. Unfortunately, she is not any closer to solving the mystery.

Th disappearance of the Sodder children has never been solved.
Unsolved Mystery

This is an account written in 1968 by the oldest sister of the missing children, Mary Ann:

The following is the story of the tragedy which occurred twenty three years ago.  The injustice and unfairness of this crime remains to this day.  Please be kind enough to read the following account of the events concerning this tragedy. On Christmas Eve night during the year of 1945, our home was set afire.  There were nine children in the house at the time, four escaped from the burning building.  My parents also escaped.  I ran to a neighbour’s house to have her call the fire department.  She said the operator did not answer when she tried to put the call through to the fire department.  A passing motorist called the Fayetteville Fire Department.  Fayetteville is the nearest small town to our former residence.  The Fire Chief answered the telephone.  When he was told that our house was burning, he said, “We know it.”  This was at two o’clock A.M.  He and the rest of the fire department arrived at the scene of the fire at 8 o’clock A.M., that same morning.  The fire dept in the town of Fayetteville is located only two and one half miles away. That same morning the Fire Chief and eight other men searched the ashes remaining.  The fire had burned out completely hours before.  We asked the Fire Chief if there were any traces left of the bodies of the children presumably still in the remains of the burned house.  He said, “We searched as if with a fine tooth comb and we could not find a thing.”  However a few days later he produced a piece of flesh saying that it was a part of a human body.  We could not understand how this soft piece of flesh could have survived the fire, yet there was no trace of bones or teeth.  Another thing that puzzled us was that there was no scent of burning flesh during the time the house was burning, nor was there any scent in the ashes afterward.  I was there and all I could smell was the scent of burning wood. We had the spot where the house had been, covered over with soil thinking that since it was impossible to find any trace of the bodies, we would make it into a burial spot.  In this place, the Fire Chief buried the piece of flesh he claimed was part of a human body.  Later when we recovered enough from the shock to be more rational, we began to doubt the Fire Chief and became suspicious of all the circumstances concerning the fire.  The Fire Chief had never shown this piece of flesh to the Coroner.  –Why?  We decided to check this item out with the local Mortician.  We had this object removed (from the place where it had been buried), by excavation.  The Mortician swears on an affidavit that this object was a large piece of beef liver and had never been touched by fire.  There was nothing of this kind in our home at the time of the fire. We asked the Prosecuting Attorney to call in some people who were considered suspects in this case.  He said he could not question these people because they were personal friends of his.  At another time he said, “Today they burned your house, but tomorrow they may burn mine and I have children too.” The telephone wires had been cut during the fire.  The person who cut the wires had stolen during the time the house was burning, a pair of chain blocks.  These are used to hoist automobiles or motors, etc. to be repaired.  They were attached to the ceiling of the garage.  To steal them and carry them away would have required advance planning.  Since they had to be taken down from the ceiling of the garage it would have to started (the process of removing them) either before or during the fire.  Also the person who stole them had a taxi cab waiting to haul them away.  Evidently this person either set the house afire himself or knew someone else was supposed to do so.  He was supposed to appear in court.  He never appeared. They fined him a small amount of money and forgot the whole thing. I, being the oldest daughter, usually saw that the children went upstairs to bed, before going to sleep myself.  The night of the fire I fell asleep downstairs and the last time I saw the children they were still up playing.  It is our belief that they were kidnapped before the fire or possibly at the beginning of the fire. Mrs Ida Crutchfield of Charleston, West Virginia, owner of the Alderson Hotel, claims to have seen four of the children at her hotel three or four nights after the fire.  She has signed an affidavit to this fact. We asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation for help.  They said they would step in if they could get the permission of the county authorities to investigate the case.  The local authorities refused to sign anything giving their permission.  They certainly did not do anything themselves to solve this crime, why then do they refuse help from the Federal Bureau of Investigation?  Is it because some of them may be involved in this crime? We have written to each president in turn.  Each one refers the case to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (The Justice Dept), then the Federal Bureau requires the permission of the local authorities.  They refuse permission, so it has become a useless cycle, leaving this crime unsolved for the last twenty-three years. My father has hired private detectives and they have turned up some very good evidence that this whole thing was planned.  But what is the use?  They are warned by certain people to stay off the case.  Even some of the state police have admitted that “their hands are tied.” If this had not happened to my family, I would have said that such a heinous crime as this, could not have been committed in the United States of America, without some justice being done.  But here it is and it almost seems fantastic. If you wish to print this, you have my parents’ permission.  If you wish to communicate with them, their address is (Mr and Mrs George Sodder, Route 2, Fayetteville, West Virginia).  Their telephone number is 1-304-574-1678. Perhaps publicity on this case would cause some interest in someone who would try to help solve this crime.

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Disappeared? The Bennington Triangle

Disappeared? The Bennington Triangle


Many people have disappeared in the Bennington Triange

Bennington, Vermont was the location of several disappearances of people between the years of 1920-1950. Here is a summary of the who, what when, where, and …well, no one has the answer to why.

Bennington Triangle is a phrase coined by author Joseph A. Citro who was referring to the area in southwestern Vermont from which people disappeared. Citro wrote a book, Shadow Child, in which he discusses the disappearances and relates similarities to the disappearances in neighboring Massachusetts referred to as the “Bridgewater Triangle.”

Glastenbury Mountain is the main focus of discussion in the mystery triangle. Also included in the discussion are the neighboring towns of Bennington, Woodford, Shaftbury and Someerset. These towns were thriving areas but began declining in the late 19th century and are all now ghost towns due to an act of state legislature in 1937.

Prior to the disappearances in the 1940’s, reports of strange happenings were talked about, especially the disappearance of Paula Jean Welden. Just 18 years old when she disappeared in December of 1946, Paula was a sophomore at Bennington College. She went for a hike on Long Trail and was never heard from again. She was seen by an elderly couple that day and they stated that they witnessed Paula turn a corner on the trail and then was out of sight.

Bennington Triangle and one of it's lonely roads.
Lonley Road

Middie Rivers, 74 years of age, vanished on November 12, 1945 from the Bennington area while she was out hunting. She was leading a group of hunters up into the mountains. She got ahead of the group on the return trip back and was never seen again. Her disappearance was also on the Long Trail Road area. Middie was considered to be a very experienced guide as well as a hunter and fisherman.

James Tedford disappeared in December of 1949. James was a veteran and a resident of the Bennington Soldier’s Home. He was returning home on a bus after visiting relatives in St. Albans, Vermont. Witnesses reported that James boarded the bus and remained on the bus until the last stop before arriving in Bennington. He vanished somewhere between the last stop and Bennington. All of his belongings were still in the luggage rack and his bus timetable was found on his seat. There were reports that he was depressed about returning to the home.

men, women and children disappeared in the Bennington Triangle
Moon Lit Evening

Frieda Langer was 53 years old when she went missing on October 28, 1950. After slipping into a stream near her campsite, she told her cousin, Herbert Elsmer, that she would change her clothes and catch back up with him. When she did not show, her cousin returned to the family campsite where searchers looked for Frieda for the next two weeks. Searches also included helicopters and aircraft. She was not located until May 12, 1950. Her body was found near Somerset Reservoir, an area previously extensively searched. The cause of her death could not be determined due to the condition of her body.

Paul Jepson was only eight years old when he vanished on a small pig farm while outside with his mother close by. He was told to stay in the family truck but evidently got out. The date was October 12, 1950. Paul’s mother left him unattended while she fed the pigs and was gone for one hour. Paul was nowhere to be found when she returned. Although Paul was wearing a bright red jacket, he was never found by search teams. One story reports that a bloodhound tracked Paul’s scent to a local highway where, according to the locals, Paula Welden had disappeared four years earlier. No official connections were ever made between the cases although there was speculation at one time that the disappearances were the result of a serial killer in the area.

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Part Two

What’s In The Ceiling!?

What’s In The Ceiling!?

Marbles in Ceiling?

 Losing My Marbles?

“What’s in the ceiling” refers to an an experience I had that I still cannot explain to this day and I have not had any clear explanations as to the cause.

Several years ago I moved into a brand new, state of the art apartment complex in beautiful Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I was living on the second floor with another full sized apartment above me. My apartment was two bedrooms and two baths with a large living room and kitchen. I was located near great amenities and had a four mile drive to my office. Life was at a good point for me as I had fully bounced back from a divorce after a twenty-two year marriage.

Ceiling Noise

Approximately three months into living here, I started hearing something rolling across my living room ceiling every night at around 8 P.M. It sounded exactly like marbles or stones were being dropped, then rolled across the ceiling. My dog also heard the noises and would often look up at the ceiling and start barking. I knew that a single guy lived right above me in the third floor apartment and I simply thought he was playing some sort of game. He was strange; never a hello or direct eye contact and he would literally run up the stairs to get into his apartment as fast as possible to avoid interacting with people. After another night of non stop noise, it dawned on me that it was not possible to hear marbles rolling on a fully carpeted rug up above me! All of the apartments were a combination of carpeting and tile. All living-rooms and bedrooms were carpeted.

This video is not the best but, this individual did capture the noise which is similar to what I was hearing. My marble sounds were much, much louder and competed with my television.

This habitual sound really started to annoy me and it was not until I realized that this upstairs neighbor had moved out, that I became a bit unnerved. Empty apartments should not make noise that lasts for hours. There was only one incident of me hearing the marbles rolling across the ceiling during the daytime. It was a Saturday morning and the sound came from the ceiling above me while I was standing in my kitchen! The sound never again came from this area. So, whether or not the sound was structurally related, it all remained a mystery to me.

One night, with flashlight in hand, I went outside of the apartment complex and tried to find any signs of squirrels and a possible entrance into the building. There was nothing. The next step was a report to the maintenance department who told me that the building was still settling or that it was just the pipes making noise. I contacted my brother who is a contractor and he ran a few scenarios by me.They were all logical but simply did not apply to the noise I was hearing. Sorry, but it just had to be something else!

Squirrels Causing Noise?
Time to Leave the Marbles Behind!

After my one year lease was up I moved out and relocated to the state of California. I never investigated the marble noise incident any further until I recently came across stories about this phenomenon being reported by many people in Singapore!


Many Singaporeans reside in what is referred to as Housing Development Board flats. There have been numerous reports of marble dropping sounds heard above in units during the nighttime. Residents have reported they thought children were playing games with marbles but in most of the cases, there have been no children residing in the flats. The only addition to the marbles sounds are reports of people hearing furniture being dragged across the floor at late hours of the night.

Singapore Housing

There have been all kinds of explanations offered as to the root cause and these include:

  • sounds from water pipes
  • expanding pipes
  • ghost children playing games
  • resident spirits who live in ceilings

I have continued to research this subject in the hopes of finding a reasonable explanation and have found absolutely nothing. I am wondering if anyone reading this post has had this experience. I would love to hear about your take on the occurrence and also what the cause is. Since it is so wide spread, I doubt it to be of a paranormal nature. Who knows!?! Feel free to leave me a comment.

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Haunted Brooklyn, A True Story

Haunted Brooklyn, A True Story

Brooklyn Bridge


This is the true story of how a woman survived quite an ordeal with a haunting while residing in Brooklyn, New York.

After almost a two year search, Elaine Mercado and her husband found a house within their budget which would give them the room they needed with two young daughters. Elaine was not open to the idea that the house gave off a bad vibe but she was aware that her brother had picked up a bad feeling about the place.

The laundry room in the basement had strange looking doors in it which were five feet off of the dirt floor. Elaine always felt that there was something lurking behind the doors and that “something” was watching her. Elaine’s daughters went into this area one time and claimed that there was an odor of decay in the ground.  One daughter had actually crawled into the dirt space and, because they both  became so frightened by their experience, their parents banned them from that area of the house.

One day while Elaine was in the kitchen, she heard footsteps going upstairs. She was alone in the house and investigated but saw nothing. The sound of footsteps again disturbed her and the footsteps ran down into the basement. Another incident occurred when Elaine heard her daughter Christine calling her and at the same time Christine heard her mother calling out to her. In the middle of the confusion, they heard a mocking laughter and it was at this point in time, the house started to become very uncomfortable. It should be noted that Elaine’s husband was skeptical about all of the paranormal activity and their marriage dissolved and ended in divorce.

Haunted Mercado Home

Elaine and her daughters began to have escalated experiences such as:

  • Suffocating dreams
  • Feeling as if someone were weighing one down while attempting to sleep and at the same time being unable to scream
  • Quilts being pulled off of the bed and onto the floor in a perfect square
  • Loud banging in the attic
  • Apparition of a woman
  • The discovery of an old soiled and tattered wedding dress in a small box dated 1952.
  • Nightmares
  • Cloudy figure hovering over sleeping family members
  • Voices calling out to family members
  • A sighting one Halloween by a family friend who saw an ill looking little lady at the top of the stairs
Mysterious Moon

Elaine eventually spoke to a neighbor who had lived on the same street for many years. She asked him if he had ever heard any rumors about the house being haunted. He told her that a young couple have lived in the attic level of the home and that the young, petite wife and taken a fall, hit her head, and died in the home. She was the owner of the wedding gown that had been found. There were other odd folks who had resided in the home who are discussed in detail in the book that Elaine Mercado published.

In 1995, Elaine called a medium who immediately went to the doors in the dirt room in the basement and crossed over several spirits into the light. The heaviness disappeared and the house has been peaceful ever since.

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The Bunnyman

The Bunnyman

What Lurks Ahead?

There is a generational tale from Fairfax Country, Virginia in the town of Reston about the Bunnyman. There was a dirt road that lead off of the Sunset Hills Road before intersecting with Reston Avenue. The children in the area knew that this led to the the Bunnyman’s house.

The original story tells of a man who dressed up in a bunny costume one Halloween night and murdered his wife and kids then continually opened his front door to the trick-or-treaters with the corpses still inside the house. There are several variations of this story but the common thread is that he kills children while wearing rabbit skins and/or a rabbit costume.


Another version is that the Bunnyman was a town hermit who lived at the end of a dirt road in the 1940’s. He evidently had spent time in a mental institution and he often lured children into his cabin to play with him. He snapped one night, killed the children and hug them up in the trees. He was arrested and sent to prison and when he was released, he disappeared. In the 1980’s, there were reports of unexplained murders of teens in the area where the Bunnyman had once resided.

Bunnyman Turf?

The most repeated version tells of the Insane Asylum located in Lorton, Virginia. While patients were on a bus for an outing, the bus crashed and several people escaped. Everyone was found with the exception of two escapees. Local police began to find rabbit carcasses and at one point found one of the escaped patients murdered and hanging from a bridge in the area. The other escaped patient was never located. There are at least 10 documented murders in this area since the 1920’s and most occurred before 1950. It is said that if one visits this area on Halloween, a flashing light can been seen in the area near the bridge. Locals recommend this road trip if you are brave enough and are into the “creep” factor. Several people who have taken a paranormal road trip to this area have reported that their cars will not start once they have turned off their ignitions.

Fog in Woods

There actually are a few facts based on the Bunnyman account and a researcher by the name of Brian Conley found the following information:

  • The earliest recorded accounts of Bunnyman starts in 1970 on Halloween.
  • In Fairfax County, Virginia, police were searching for a man in a white rabbit costume who was throwing hatchets through car windows.
  • Police speculated that Bunnyman was a local who was upset with increased development in the Fairfax area.
  • A couple in a parked car were confronted and accosted by Bunnyman who threw a wooden handled hatchet at their car and then ran into the nearby woods.

I have read several versions of this tale and a few are grossly exaggerated. Considering the location, I cannot imagine anyone living out in this area for several years without heat and electricity and killing people. I believe that the actual Bunnyman was a person who hated anyone coming near his property and dressing up was his attempt to scared them off. I would have to believe that the escaped man from the mental institution had it pretty rough after the bus crashed and he then decided to run away. Without medication, I am sure he was capable of skinning rabbits and he probably did kill his companion.

H13-5 Necrosis
I See You!

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Lucky Rabbit
Haunted Fox Hollow Farm

Haunted Fox Hollow Farm

Early Days of Herb Baumeister
Serial Killer Baumeister

Herbert Richard Baumeister

An evil coward who committed suicide before he was ever brought to trial, Herbert Baumeister was accused in the sadistic murders of at least eleven men. There were most likely many more. He was the owner of the now famous, Fox Hollow Farm.

Baumeister, (April 7, 1947-July 3, 1996) was originally from Westfield, Indiana and the oldest of four children. By all accounts he was normal but, by early adolescence, he began showing signs of antisocial behavior and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Unfortunately, he received no psychiatric treatment after urinating on a teacher’s desk and playing with dead animals. As an adult, he had a few jobs but was always described as bizarre.

Herb Baumesiter married in 1971 and had three children. In 1988 he successfully founded the thrift store chain called Sav-A-Lot and owned two stores both located in Indianapolis. The stores were successful and the Baumeister’s were living a very nice lifestyle.

Family Man Baumeister

During the 1990’s police began investigating the disappearance of several gay men. After the attempted murder of a man who was a patron of a gay bar, police were given the license plate of a suspect which led to a patron of the bar who called himself Brian Smart. Police soon discovered that in reality Brian Smart was Herb Baumeister. The man who reported Baumeister for attempted murder claimed that Burmeister had killed his friend. Police told Baumeister that he was a suspect and that they wanted to search his home but he refused, as well as Baumeister’s wife, Julie. Around 1996 Julie had a change of heart after finally acknowledging her husband’s mood swings and erratic behavior. She filed for a divorce and consented to a search of the 18 acre estate named Fox Hollow Farm. Baumeister was on vacation at the time and it was this search that unearthed the remains of eleven men. Only eight were positively identified. Baumeister  is also the suspect in the murder of nine additional men who bodies were discovered in rural areas between Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Early Victim
Another Early VIctim

After escaping to Ontario, Baumeister committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. This serial killer left a note behind stating the reasons for taking his own life were due to a failing marriage and business. He never confessed to any of the murders.

The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm

graves 2
Fox Hollow Farm

A family by the name of Graves moved into Fox Hollow Farm in Indiana and had no idea what was in store for them. “Paranormal Witness” recounted the legacy of the farm.

The Graves
images (1)
Haunted Area of Farm


Authorities eventually removed more than 5,000 bone fragments, but the Graves found more. They reported seeing ghosts and hearing strange knocks on a regular basis. Joe LeBlanc, a man who worked with Mr. Graves and who rented an apartment on their property, had the most specific encounters. He claims to have made contact with the ghost of Baumeister and recorded the session. A voice could be heard repeating the phrase, “The married one.” LeBlanc had been asking who was walking in the kitchen. Since all of Baumeister’s victims had been single, he felt that this answer must mean the spirit was Baumeister himself. Several paranormal investigative teams have been on the property and validate what has been reported by Joe.

images (2)
Paranormal Activity in Apartment

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What’s in the Nutmeg State?

What’s in the Nutmeg State?

NUtmeg State

 Stepney Cemetery

Stephney Cemetery

Connecticut is referred to as the Nutmeg state and is where I grew up. Located in Monroe, Connecticut, Stepney Cemetery is an old cemetery in  the village of Stepney. Established in 1794, many of the area’s earliest settlers are buried here. The oldest headstone is that of Nathaniel W. Knapp who died in 1878. The cemetery is also named  Beardsley Plain Cemetery. It is believed that the cemetery is haunted by a “White Lady” ghost. This belief was backed up several years ago by world renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed Warren is buried in this cemetery.

Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery

Larger View, Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery is located near Stepney and also dates back to the 1700’s. Union is reputed to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States. Both of these haunted locations warrant a visit if your paranormal road trip takes you to Connecticut. Union Cemetery is closed to all visitors from dusk until dawn.

This is slightly dated because the movie was released a few years ago, however, the information contained in the video is interesting to those involved with the paranormal. There is a great deal of documentation to be found pertaining to this house the in town’s local library.

 Guntown Cemetery

Guntown Cemetery, Naugatuck, Connecticut

Old Guntown Cemetery

I grew up in Naugatuck, Connecticut and have been to this cemetery on three occasions, both as a teen and adult.  The area was formally called Guntown and traces back to Jasper Gunn (1606-1670). He traveled from London to Boston in 1635 and then made his way to Roxbury, Connecticut with his wife. He wanted to start his own colony so in a joint effort with several other families, purchased land from local Indians. On November 24, 1640, the area was named Milford. In addition to being Milford’s first physician, Jasper was also a church deacon at a church in Milford, a sealer of weights and measures and a lawyer. He eventually became the main operator of Hartford’s Mill for approximately nine years. He died in 1670 and left behind his wife and seven children. The Gunn family lived and operated a saw mill in this area in the 1740’s and the Guntown Cemetery lies in the middle of this area. There are many people buried there bearing the same name since descendants spread throughout Connecticut including Naugatuck.

Haunted Reputation

Black Dog

Connecticut natives Ed and Lorraine Warren deemed the cemetery to be officially haunted as evidenced by:

  • children’s laughter in the surrounding area
  • sightings of a black dog in the cemetery; one person see it and the other does not
  • sound of music playing in the immediate are 
  • disembodied voices

For an amateur video, this appears to have fairly good evidence. What do you think?

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Phenomenon Unexplained

Phenomenon Unexplained

The word phenomenon comes from Greek and its plural form is phenomena, as in these phenomena are not fully understood. It is a mistake to treat phenomena as if it were a singular form, as in this is a strange phenomena.


 True Stories

Criminal Elmer McCurdy was shot and killed following a train robbery in 1976. A funeral director, so proud of his embalming work, put Elmer’s body on display. Carnival promoters who claimed to be related to Elmer, took his corpse and Elmer ended up in many haunted houses across America wrapped up as a mummy. His final display was in Long Beach, California. Eventually his body was buried in Oklahoma.

Elmer (Examiner photo)

Escalators truly can do serious bodily damage and there is a documented case of a man who was killed by one. He was bending down to tie his shoe  and the escalator grabbed his hoodie, dragged him to the ground and strangled him.

Death Trap?

In 2008, a Japanese man set up camera around his house after he noticed food going missing and articles out of place. The camera captured a weird looking homeless woman, 58 years old, crawling out of one of his kitchen cabinets! She would wander into the unlocked door and had been doing this for about one year.

Who is That!?

Indian construction worker Salim Khan was hired for a new position and had to travel to New Delhi, wait in a bungalow and stay there until he was contacted for further instructions. Unfortunately for him, he was robbed, drugged and knocked out by masked intruders. Salim woke up on a gurney and one of his kidneys had been removed. He was a victim of an organ stealing ring orchestrated by high paying customers.

Salim Kahn

Jean Hillard, a 19-year-old in North Dakota, was found in the snow after a car wreck, frozen solid. Jean was brought to to a hospital where doctors, assuming she was dead, used an electric blanket to thaw her out. She was actually alive, survived, and was completely unscathed by the experience. The physician who treated her, Dr. George Sather, could offer no explanation as to why she lived.

Jean Hillard

There was a crash in California in 2008 between a freight train and a commuter train. Twenty five people in the commuter train were killed. A man by the name of Charles Peck was in the train. His family waited to hear if he had survived. Several family members received calls from Charles Peck’s cellphone and a total of 35 calls were made. They all heard static over the line. The cellphone signal was traced and Peck was found but he had been long dead from the impact. The phone calls remain a mystery.

chadsworth crash
Chadsworth Crash

Carol DaRonch was browsing a Utah bookstore when she was approached by a police officer. He told her that her car had been broken into and that she needed to go with him to file a report. Carol became suspicious when the officer attempted to take her in a VW Bug instead of a police vehicle. He pulled out handcuffs and a gun. Carol fought him off, flagged down a car and was able to escape serial killer Ted Bundy.

Time For Some Feedback

This You Tube Video is all about strange phenomenon that has occurred over the years and that supposedly cannot be explained away. What do you believe? Drop me a comment. Have you had an experience? I would love to hear from you! You can also leave feedback HERE

What Happened to Joan?

See You Soon!

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Is Cassadaga, Florida for Real?

Is Cassadaga, Florida for Real?

Cassadaga, Florida

Designated an Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places, the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association is the oldest active religious community in the Southeastern United States.

save image
Area Map
Cassadega Sign

Also Known As The Psychic Capital of the World

I’ve been to Cassadaga on two occasions, one of which included an overnight stay. Cassadaga is a Seneca Indian word that means “water beneath the rocks”. Cassadaga is located in Volusia Couty, Florida and is north of Deltona. The area is know for it’s psychics and mediums and people from all around the world visit this community. I also had two readings during my visits. Overall, I was impressed with both and quite a bit of what I was told came to fruition. Cassadaga is a very small community and there is nothing much else around. If you are looking for high end restaurants, shopping and entertainment, FORGET IT. The hotel is a landmark and the rooms are small and quaint. There is definitely a different feel to the surroundings, especially at night. I enjoyed hanging out on the hotel porch and sitting in the parlor area. They have a photo album full of paranormal evidence available to look through. The hotel is quiet and laid back so, if you are into relaxation, this might be a great road trip to take to do your own paranormal investigating. No one is obligated to have a reading and it’s first come first serve. Saturdays are especially busy. There is a genuine history here and the available books in the small gift shop are interesting. I found the people in this community very friendly and genuine. If you are planning a full day, I would suggest packing a cooler with favorite beverages and snacks.


Isolated Road

George P. Colby, referred to as the “seer of spiritualism” arrived in Florida in 1875. Originally from Pike, New York, he founded the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association. Colby was a trance medium who traveled throughout the country giving seances and readings and he was very well known. He claims that he was prompted to moved to Florida by the spirit of an Indian named Seneca.  Colby  signed a warranty deed to the Association for thirty-five acres and the visitors who arrived at the Spiritualist Camp in the early days were well educated and wealthy. The camp later obtained additional acreage and the camp is now an area of 57 acres. There is no actual camping in the area, only homes owned by community members who share their spiritualist beliefs.


 Today at Cassadaga

  • Welcome Center
  • Central Auditorium
  • Community Library
  • Colby Alderman Park
  • Andrew Jackson Educational Building
  • Camp Bookstore
  • Colby Memorial Temple
  • Hotel with restaurant

 Fun Facts (Wikipedia)

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An Adirondack Mountains Mystery

An Adirondack Mountains Mystery


Main Lodge Santanoni
Douglas Legg
Missing Douglas Legg
Original Article Douglas Legg

 Douglas Legg

The disappearance of an 8-year-old boy in 1971 resulted in one of the largest missing persons searches in the southern Adirondacks and remains one of it’s biggest mysteries. The mystery devastated a family who fell under suspicion for quite some time. They never received the closure of finding out what happened to their son, Douglas Legg. With today’s investigative and forensic tools, perhaps this disappearance could have been solved.

Forty-three years ago little Douglas disappeared walking back to his family’s camp. He was sent back to the lodge by his uncle who insisted on Douglas changing his clothes before heading out on a family hike. Long pants were in order due to Poison Ivy in the area. Although the distance Douglas had to walk was very short and on a straight path, he never returned and was never seen again.

A six week search, which included U.S. Air Force planes, helicopters, rescue dogs from all over the country, and well over 600 searchers turned up nothing. Rumors started and fingers were pointed at relatives and friends. Police theorized that Douglas may have ended up in a swamp in the middle of the Adirondack woods. Others felt Douglas might have been abducted and murdered.

Adirondack Searchers

There were occasional leads over the years which included the following:

  • A woman undergoing psychiatric treatment stated that a boy fitting Douglas Legg’s description had been kidnapped and murdered by one of her relatives. This turned out to be a false memory.
  • A man on leave from the Navy in 1973 was hunting with a friend on the Santanoni Preserve and chased a deer across a peninsula which lead to an area approximately 1/2 mile from the lodge that Douglas Legg’s family had stayed at in 1971. This hunter, while separated from his friend in the woods, stumbled upon a small skull and partial skeleton which he believed to be human.

He told his friend about the discovery of skeletal remains but never reported the findings to police. He was in the Navy and had to return to duty. These men were not aware of Douglas’ disappearance and it was not until 1993 that the hunter learned of the renewed search for Douglas. He immediately called the police to report his story. Police had the man, now a resident of Montana, accompany them to the island but no remains and/or evidence were ever found.

Thousands of people go missing every year in the United States. Many people disappear while out on walks and/or camping in the woods. I thought this video was very interesting considering the investigation was started by a police officer. Do you know someone who vanished off the face of the earth? There are many, many websites dedicated strictly to missing people. Men, women, and children of all races and ages vanish every single day in the United States. If you discount the suicides, parental abductions, murders, and the people who do not want to be found, there are a significant number of unexplained disappearances.  Feel free to leave me a comment below.

  What’s Going On?


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Ghost Biker?

Ghost Biker?


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In the town of Tulare, CA there is a rural road that claims to have a haunting. Bardsley Road is said to have had paranormal activity for years. One story tells of a headless motorcycle rider, seen driving on this road since the 1960’s. Other locals claim that the reports first started in the 1940’s. There is one factual case of a biker who was killed in an accident on this road in the 1960’s. There are people still alive and in the area who knew this poor soul. How he died is still debated and the story of the rope across the road appears to be a passed down urban legend. Friends of the victim say it was just an accident. What is not disputed are the reports of sightings on this road of a ghostly apparition of someone on a motorcycle and headlights that appear out of nowhere. Are you ready to take a road trip to this paranormal destination?



According to the stories, a motorcyclist was beheaded while riding across a bridge in Tulare. Practical jokers strung a rope across the bridge and due to the height placement of the rope, the biker drove right through the rope and was decapitated. The incident supposedly occurred in the 1960’s and his spirit is reported to have been seen riding up and down the road at various times. This time period regarding this legend is also the subject of debate. Some of those among the living claim to have been closely associated with the victim and place its occurrence in the 1960’s. Could he be the ghost rider?


Apparently, this entity remains on this road and is seen at night. After this tragedy, reports started circulating regarding sightings of a bright light moving rapidly up and down the road. Some people even reported hearing the sound of a motorcycle at the same time the light was seen. There were also claims by locals of actually seeing a headless rider. The stories continue to this day.




The Ghost of Bardsley Road was fabricated in the 1940’s.The claims of an apparition eventually became a local legend. The urban tale states that if anyone encountered the motorcycle ghost, he or she would soon suffer an accident. A young man was driving south toward Bardsley Road and lost control of his car and crashed it into a house. When ambulance workers arrived, they found the young driver still behind the wheel of his totaled car. There were no outward signs of trauma; no blood or visible injuries to the young man, however, he was dead. Speculation was that he had seen the Motorcycle Ghost of Bardsley Road and the rest is history.

Dane Sturgeon, a 1948 graduate of Tulare Union High School wrote and recorded a song about the specter. It’s dated and pretty corny, in my opinion, but evidently he was fairly popular in California during this time!


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Haunted U.S. Roads