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The Bridge


The coronado bridge has seen 300 suicides since 1969.

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I just read an article recently about the Coronado Bridge, one of San Diego, California’s most deadly structures. Since it opened in 1969, 300 people have committed suicide there. The trauma caused to the families, friends, the people who witness these ghastly deaths, and those that recover the victims is difficult to imagine. Literally hundreds of people have gone on this bridge to end their lives but either changed their minds or were grabbled by rescuers. Suicide related traffic jams are a regular occurance for those who live or work in the area. Twenty-fiver percent of those that commit suicide from the Coronado Bridge are women.

The bridge is the third deadliest in the United States following the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and Aurora Bridge in Seattle, Washington. The Coronado bridge has posted signs urging those considering suicide to call a hotline number. One reported suicide was actually a murder. Jewel P. Hutchings, 52, was forced to jump off the bridge at gunpoint. Her husband, James Albert Hutchings was charged with her murder. This was the first death on this bridge and during this investigation it was noted that the victim’s two daughters watched from the car as their father forced their mother to jump at gunpoint. He was only convicted of involuntary manslaughter and incarcerated for a few years then released on probation. He eventually violated his probation and served additional time in prison.

Coronado-Lots of Strangeness


Hotel Del Coronado–Haunted

Kate Morgan died at the Hotel Del Coronado and hautnes this lcations.

I’ve been in the Hotel Del Coronado on several occasions and it is spectacular. The Hotel Del Coronado was opened in 1888 and became one of  the most popular destinations for people worldwide. This is a must see if you visit San Diego. Yes, it’s haunted with a ton of stories of encounters that people have experienced. The reports revolve around Kate Morgan. The most accurate information I located about her is the following.

Kate Morgan was married to a Tom Morgan and they spent a great deal of their time on trains during the late 1800’s. They were con artists who swindled people out of their money. Kate was very attractive and used her looks to her advantage. This is how they made a living. In late 1882, Kate discovered that she was pregnant and wanted to settle down and raise a family but her husband was not in agreement. They had an argument while headed in a train towards San Diego. Tom got off of the train in Los Angeles and Kate went on to San Diego. They agreed to meet for Thanksgiving at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. Kate checked into the hotel under the false name of “Lottie Anderson Bernard” and waited for Tom. Tom never showed and Kate looked for him at several other hotels but could not locate him.

Kate could not locate here husband Tom at other local hotels.

Staff at the hotel reported that Kate had complained that she was not feeling well and that she looked pale. One theory is that she performed an abortion on herself. During this time Kate also purchased a gun and, shortly after the purchase, was found shot in the head on steps leading down to the beach. Her death was ruled a suicide. The suicide was accepted for many years until a book was published in 1990 by a lawyer by the name of Alan May. Mr. May specialized in murder cases. The book is entitled The Search for the Ghost of the Hotel Del Coronado. Mr.. May came to the conclusion that Kate was murdered by her husband and believes this because the bullet in Kate’s head was a different caliber than the ones in the gun that she bought. In addition, her body position was not consistent with a suicide. Kate was 24 years old when she died.

The room that Kate Morgan checked into was 302, now changed to 3327. It is haunted along with room 3519 which was a maid’s quarters. This maid became friends with Kate and was reported to have been murdered and the suspect was Tom. She disappeared the day after Kate’s funeral. These two room are requested on a regular basis and many paranormal teams have spent the night. The following is experienced in both rooms:

  • cold breezes
  • objects that are moved
  • electrical disturbances
  • feelings of oppression
  • curtains that move even with closed windows
  • people report hearing murmuring
  • Kate’s ghost has been seen standing at windows and walking down hallways
  • electrician reported that light over steps where Kate died does not stay lit regardless of bulbs being changed regularly

 Other Haunted Locations

If you decide to visit the San Diego area, there are many opportunities to check out haunted locations yourself or, you can join one of the many tours offered.  Here are haunted locations to visit:

Villa Montezuma-Build in 1887 and haunted by first owner and musician Jesse Shepherd who was also in spiritualism. This location is also haunted by an elderly woman who was another owner of this property.

El Cortez-An old building in San Diego that housed homeless people. There are reports of many deaths in this building and many ghost sightings. It’s now a casino and hotel in full operation.

Star of India-1865 sailing ship that is haunted by many ghosts. I have been on this ship and it is magnificent.

The Star of India is haunted and located in San Diego, California.

Star of India

U.S. Grant Hotel-Apparitions and moving objects are the claims made about this location.

William Heath Davis House Museum-Apparitions, EVP’s captured and moving furniture.


The haunted William Heath Davis house is visited by many visiting San Diego.

William Heath Davis House (

Horton Grand Hotel-Room 309 is haunted as reported by many individuals who have stayed there.

USS Midway-There are reports of 30 different ghosts on this ship.

Old Point Loma Lighthouse-Haunted by a former light keeper. Moaning has been heard at this location.

The Old Point Loma Lighthouse is haunted.

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery-Apparitions of soldiers have been reported at this cemetery. The cemetery size is 77.5 acres and there are 101, 079 graves.

Pioneer Park-An old location where 4,000 people are buried. There is quite a bit of destruction here and people have reported seeing the apparition of an elderly woman and experiencing feelings of being watched while on the property. It was turned into a park after headstones were removed. People have no idea that they are picnicking on top of dead people.

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park (

Whaley House-This is a famous home that is haunted by members of the Whaley family and also by the ghost of a man who was hung at this same location.

Casa de Estudillo-Another San Diego historical location that is haunted by the Estudillo family. Many paranormal teams have been at this location.

Cosmopolitan Hotel and RestaurantI wrote about this location and have visited many times. It is a beautiful landmark.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave your comments or questions below.

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  1. Neil

    I am one of five Coastguardsmen of of the CGC Sherman who in a 25′ MSB recovered the broken, naked remains of a poor woman who jumped just as our cutter cleared the bridge. Her beautiful pale blue eyes staring intently through eight inches of water have haunted me personally my entire life. We got her into the boat and I stood at the foot of the dog house holding her ankles while the chief corpsman tried to revive her with tears streaming down his face. Her body was shattered. There was no longer anything to breath into. We were crew members on a high endurance cutter. We did not normally deal with this sort of thing. We were usually up in World’s Deadliest Catch territory. Small boat stations have staff to help deal with an experience like this. Large floating units do not. For five uniquely bonded men, the only way to deal with it was to get completely destroyed that night at the EM Club and cry ourselves to sleep behind the curtain of our racks. It may have been around 1990 but I still get very emotional about it. The moment in time that one of the finest corpsman in the fleet sat up sobbing and just holding her shoulder against the chop of the San Diego Bay will stay frozen Matrix like in every detail and with perfect clarity for the rest of my days. Peace.

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      Your experience was certainly heart wrenching and I can relate to the trauma that you experienced. Having lived in San Diego (just moved) and driving over the Coronado Bridge many times, one can only image the pain an individual had to be in to take their life in such a manner. Thank you so much for sharing a part of yourself with the readers. I wish you only good things.

  2. brian

    loved the articles and sites to look through. You are quite accomplished in your presentation .I hope your site continues to grow!

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      Hi Brian,

      Thanks for your feedback and please visit again soon.

  3. Jeremy

    Hey Donna.
    Thanks for all these great ideas for haunted locations to visit in San Diego. My wife and I frequently travel and always try to find somewhere to go that piques our paranormal interests. We’ll be sure to take your article with us when we head to California next month.
    Do you happen to have any suggestions for places to visit in the Detroit area?
    Thanks again.

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you and your wife have a great time in California! Here is a link about haunted places to visit in Detroit. Take care,


      1. Jeremy

        Awesome Donna!
        You’re the best 🙂

        1. Donna L (Post author)

          Thanks Jeremy!


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