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Dover is a town in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States that has a tale of a spook called the Dover Demon. The population of Dover was 5,589 at the 2010 census. Families with school aged children compose a large part of the Dover community due to the excellent public school system that is ranked as the best in Massachusetts. The first reported sighting of this creature came from one of the students in this school system.


The seal of Dover, Ma

Dover, Massachusetts

The Story

In April of 1977, seventeen year old William Bartlett claimed that while driving with friends in his car, he spotted a large-eyed creature with tendril-like fingers and glowing eyes on top of a broken stone wall on Farm Street in Dover.

Another teen, John Baxter, fifteen years old, reported seeing a creature in the wooded area on Miller Road the same night. Abbey Brabham saw the creature the next night on Springdale Avenue while seated as a passenger in a car with her boyfriend. All three teenagers drew sketches of this creature and they were all almost identical. The creature’s range covered an area two miles long after the locations of the sightings were plotted on a map.

dover demon drawing

Dover Demon Drawing

Police remained skeptical and many felt that what was seen was actually a moose calf. However, these teenagers stuck by their stories. Almost 30 years later The Globe interviewed William Bartlett. He has maintained that he did not fabricate the incident and stated that this event has become an embarrassment in his life and that the story has followed him around and people have questioned his credibility.

Bartlett went on to say that he may have had another run in with this creature while sitting in his car with his girlfriend. They were parked on Elm Street one evening and suddenly they heard a thump on the vehicle. William looked out the window and saw a small creature fleeing the scene. He was not positive of what it was but could not help thinking back to the original sighting of the creature.

To this day, this case has not been solved and the Dover Demon has been investigated by people from around the world. One high profile person is a man named Lore Coleman. Lore is educated in the fields of anthropology, zoology, psychiatric social work and sociological studies. He was a teacher in New England for over 20 years and today remains an active lecturer, consultant and writer. Coleman has always felt that the teens were telling the truth and were not capable of arranging such an elaborate hoax to the level the Dover Demon information was recorded.


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