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I recently came across a story about the Gardner Massachusetts haunted mansion and had never heard of this historic dwelling before. There is a very interesting story surrounding the family who currently owns the home and their ongoing paranormal experiences. Several well known paranormal investigative groups have been here over the years.

The home was originally built in 1875 by one very wealthy Sylvester Knowlton Pierce who was the founder of the SK Pierce & Son Chair Company. Famous visitors to the home included Norman Rockwell, Bette Davis, President Calvin Coolidge and P.T. Barnum.

Here is a photo of S.K. Pierce

The home is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of:

  • A murdered prostitute
  • A young child who drowned on the premises
  • The first wife of S.K. Pierce, Susan, who died of illness only three weeks after moving in. She contracted a bacterial infection.
  • A nannie by the name of Mattie Cornwall who loved the mansion.
  • Members of the Pierce family
  • S.K. Pierce himself
  • A border by the name of Eino Saari who died from spontaneous combustion in 1963.

After his first wife died, Pierce married a woman by the name of Ellen who was 20 years his senior. This marriage upset Pierce’s son terribly. Ellen eventually inherited the property instead of Pierce’s son and when Ellen died, her son Frank took over the home in the early 1900’s. Frank eventually lost the home in a card game but was allowed to live in the basement. It is reported that he is one of the ghosts. The home also operated as a brothel and one of the “working girls” was murdered in an upstairs bedroom.

The house stood vacant for 20 years and was scheduled to be demolished but a young couple purchased the property. They, unfortunately, didn’t stay long and it was again put up for sale and purchased by the current owners in 2008.

The mansion is now up for sale as of April, 2015.

Want To Buy It?

This house is for sale again for $329,000. You can read more by following this link:

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  1. Heidi

    Enio Saari is my great great uncle.
    I have been fascinated by this home since I was a little girl.
    I would ask my dad
    (who knew him)
    My grandmother (that was her uncle.) And even got to ask my nana before she died ..
    (His sister in law.)
    All about him and that house. Being born and raised in Gardner this home has always had me curious.

  2. Francine

    I wonder what will become of this home. I wonder if the spirits would remain on the property if the house were demolished.

    1. Donna

      That is a very good question Francine. It will not be me finding out. I would hate to see it demolished!

      1. Heather L. Cantu

        Thankyou for sharing this with me Donna. I would love to buy this house. The other side people are more family to me then the living ones are. Oddly enough I have always wanted a Victorian home. Like my great great grandmother Juernagen’s. A Deutsch medium who lived to be 106. I was enthralled by her home. Oddly enough you shared this post with me, a haunted empath on my sisters birtday. Lol. Maybe it is another sign from my spirit guides. Sorry I have not got back to you sooner about our other talk. I told you the story about my aid dog that died and how she is still with me. But I will ok. My life is just chaos right now. Currently I am looking for a roommate until my settlement. Then I can buy a home. Etc. I need somewhere safe to be. But people do not take kindly to haunted folk. Haha

        1. Donna

          Hi Heather–Sounds perfect for you!!


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