Haunted Forests

Haunted Forests


Here in the United States

Here are the Top Nine haunted forests in the United States. What has happened at these locations? Reports include missing people, Orb sightings, strange noises, shadows, satanic rituals, floating pirate ships, inexplicable deaths, Big Foot sightings, apparitions, strange lights and frightened dogs once in the woods. Here are a few you can Google and read up on. I will mention that a permit is required to visit Dark Entry Forest, Dudley Town in Cornwall, Connecticut.

  • Old House Woods, Virginia
  • Freetown Fall River State Forest, Southeastern, Massachusetts
  • Devils Tramping Ground, North Carolina
  • Pine Barrens, New Jersey (The Jersey Devil)
  • Appalachian Trail near the Bluff Mountain, Virginia
  • Morgan-Monroe State Forest, Indiana
  • Dark Entry Forest, Dudley Town, Cornwall, Connecticut (permit required to visit)
  • Randolph Forest, Maine
  • Robinson Woods, Illinois

Real Stories

I found a link where individuals were willing to share their stories. What do you think? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


  • This was different than the usual bear grunt. It was more like someone sneaking in the trees. I immediately grabbed the flashlight. What I saw haunts me even now. I saw a being in the trees. It was naked. It looked gray. And this sounds crazy, but it looked like a person, but not really. It was hunched down, very muscular and its legs were backward, like a bird’s. Then it quickly turned and bounded off down the hill. I couldn’t even follow it with my light. We left the next day. We went back to the same campground this year. Back to the same site. Again, I stayed up late poking the fire and reading. It was maybe one or two in the morning when I heard a noise. I shined the light in that direction. That same creature, being, whatever, was there. It looked exactly the same as I’d remembered from last year. It just sat there, crouched at the small tree line that separates the campsites. I slowly walked toward it. I tried not to make any threatening moves or gestures. I got to within 20 feet when it just jumped backward and disappeared. It looked like it might be five to six feet high if it stood up. It was definitely gray. It had human features, but more leathery. And its face was very wide. Its eyes were so big, and, even though they reflected light, they still looked black, like two intensely black marbles. Its legs were very muscular, but turned backward. I know what I saw. It was real. – Kevnh


  • At about 9:30 p.m., it was getting dark, and we were beginning to worry about Randy and Tommy. Only a few moments later, we saw car lights at the front of the cabin. We were in the middle of nowhere, so it had to be them. We heard the car doors open, heard Randy and Tommy as plain as day. I yelled. “We’re on the deck.” The car doors closed, we heard footsteps rounding the corner… and at the point that someone would have rounded the corner… it was silent. I looked at Todd. He was looking at me. It was quiet. I yelled, “Hey, Randy. Hey, Tommy.” We got up and walked around front, and… nothing. No car, no people, no sound. Ninety minutes later, the phone rang. It was Todd’s mother calling to inform us that at 9:30 that evening, a fatal traffic accident involving Randy and Tommy took place 30 miles from the cabin. It’s almost as if they just wanted to keep our tradition alive. – Nightraven

  • I had just stretched out when a huge crack erupted from the woods. Both of us thought it was a branch or old tree that had fallen. After he turned off the living room light, we noticed that the light coming from the windows was abnormally strong. This sent our nerves to a new high. The light seemed to pulse several times and got so bright at one point you could have read a book by it. It couldn’t have been a car as we were almost a mile off the road on a dirt trail. Plus, the light came in from all the windows equally. Every so often we would hear a strange humming noise that penetrated that cabin. This lasted almost half an hour. We talked about just running out to the car and leaving but neither one of us wanted to go outside. After the light went out, we sat on the couch, occasionally putting forth theories on what it could have been. Around four o’clock in the morning, there was another loud crack. We worried that the light might come back but nothing happened. – R. Bassil


  • My friend and I were walking just outside of the circle of cabins. It was a bright night with all the stars shining and the moon was well lit. There was a campfire going, and in one of the big cabins there was a party going on with music and so on. We were walking, and we both got a really weird feeling, as if we were being watched. We both turned toward the sea… we saw a blue figure, very tall – about 7 feet – walking through the trees. It made no sound at all. It was a bright blue and glowing figure walking through the forest. It was emitting a shimmery aura, and my friend and I both became very frightened. We shouted at whatever that thing was and we were asking it what it was. We got no reply, of course, but we expected one. We stared as it walked away and out of our vision; we didn’t dare follow it. We then ran back to the group of people at the camp fire, screaming and describing what we saw. Another friend of mine claimed he was watching it from a distance not far from were we were and was just as frightened as I was. – Devin

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