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If your future plans include a trip to Oklahoma, I have added a few points of interest you may want to investigate on your U.S. haunted road trip.

Oklahoma has several haunted locations that date back many years and most of the locals are well aware of the haunted history of these areas. They include:

  • Gilcrease Musuem-Tulsa-It is said that the museum is haunted by Thomas Gilcrease following his death in 1962. William Thomas Gilcrease (1890–1962) was an American oilman, art collector and philanthropist. During his lifetime, Gilcrease collected more than 10,000 artworks, 250,000 Native American artifacts and 100,000 rare books and documents, including the only surviving certified copy of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Tulsa Historical Society-This is another location said to be haunted by philanthropist Thomas Gilcrease. This location was once his home.
William Gilcrease is part of Haunted Oklahoma

William Thomas Gilcrease (loa.com)

  •  Wheelock Academy-This historical location is reputed to be haunted. There have been many paranormal investigations held at this academy however, there is very little quality information online that pertains to hauntings that are actually documented. Many adults who lived at the Wheelock Academy are still alive and this video is a presentation of their stories when they resided there as young children.

  • Brady Theater-This theater is haunted by Enrico Caruso, famous singer following his death in Oklahoma from a contracted illness while on a visit to the area.
caruso and the Brady Theater is also part of haunted Oklahoma

Caruso (Wikipedia)

  •  Constantine Theater-This theater is located in Osage County and is supposedly haunted by Sappho Constantine Brown, daughter of theater owner, George Constantine. Once renovations began, Sappho’s apparition was seen and her footsteps heard by workers. (I could not locate a photo of her anywhere! If you find one, let me know.)
  • Highway 20-Since 1936, there have been several reports about a young boy hitchhiking who disappears after accepting a ride from kind strangers. As the story is told, In the winter of 1965, a woman named Mae Doria offered a ride to a young boy who was hitchhiking along that road. Upon reaching Pryor, the boy asked to be let out of the car in an area where there were no houses around. When Mrs. Doria asked him where he lived, he simply replied “over there”. She looked to see where he meant and when she turned back, he was gone! She immediately stopped the car and looked all around, thinking that he might have jumped out, but he was nowhere to be found. Ironically, about 2 years later, she was talking to a man about strange experiences. When she mentioned this phantom hitchhiker, he knew immediately just where she was talking about. 
  • Haunted Arapaho Cemetery-There have been several reports made by visitors, including a minister, who report voices heard throughout the cemetery. A few years back, Arthur Turcotte, geologist and part-time paranormal investigator, visited this cemetery in an attempt for find a logical explanation. He did not find one and heard the voices himself.
  • Ghost Hollow-Located in Payne County-According to the legend, an innocent man was hung in 1887 from a tree and the day after he was killed, all of the bark fell off of the tree. It is reported that during full moons, the tree glows an eerie white color.
  • Cry Baby Bridge, Located in a rural area of Jenks-A woman murdered her three children here and the youngest, an infant, can still be heard crying at the haunted location. The child was beaten to death on the beams of the bridge. If you Google this, there are many stories pertaining to cry baby bridges throughout the United States.
  • Saline Creek Court House, scenic highway 412-Indian woman haunts the area looking for her infant that she dropped into a creek after being accidentally shot by two men involved in a fight at this location.
Haunted Oklahoma location

In Memory

Highway 20 in Oklahoma is haunted

Hwy. 20

Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa Oklahoma is haunted

Gilcrease Museum (examiner.com)

Wheelock Academy is included in haunted Oklahoma stories

Wheelock Academy (okstate.edu)

Many haunted locations in the Tulsa Oklahoma area.

Haunted State

Another photo of the haunted brady theatre in Tulsa Oklahoma

Brady Theater (tulsadowntown.org)

crybaby bridge oklahoma is haunted

Cry Baby Bridge (youtube.com)

constatine theatre in Oklahoma is haunted

Constantine Theater (pawhusks.com)

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