Haunted Talking Rock Georgia and Neighboring Town

The beautiful Appalachian Mountains of the United States has its share of folklore and ghost tales. This includes Talking Rock, Georgia and neighboring towns. I thought I’d share two that I’ve come across in my travels. Interesting to say the least!

Talking Rock, Georgia

Talking Rock Georgia

Talking Rock is located in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains between the towns of Ellijay and Jasper in Pickens County. It is the third smallest town in the State of Georgia and was established in 1883. Not much has changed in the town and a train was the life vein of the community. The area is rich with tales about the Trail of Tears,The Great Depression, the railroad and the Civil War. The origin of the name of the town is unknown but some believe it is due to the noise from water rolling over the rocks in the creek. Other beliefs include the name originating with the local Indians or folks sitting on a rock and talking with a neighbor.

The Haunted Train

Talking Rock Train

The back car of this train was the scene of a murder many years ago. The story is that a young woman was stabbed to death in this car and discovered in a huge puddle of blood. It is reported that after the blood was cleaned up, people reported seeing blood appearing in the cracks in the floor of the car. This train is no longer in operation.


This town, located about 25 miles from Talking Rock, has several documented haunted locations and is regularly visited by paranormal investigators.  Here is a link for more information about the various paranormal activity in this town. Below is a small list of what can be found in this town.

El Rayos Authentic Mexican Restaurant Calhoun, Georgia

The building that houses El Rayos Authentic Mexican Restaurant was once a private home. Legend has it that it was inhabited by a woman and a little girl. The young girl was hit an killed by an automobile. The woman lived here until her death of natural causes. Paranormal activity has been report by numerous people at this location.

Mount Hope Cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery is haunted

According to a psychic, Mount Hope Cemetery and the areas nearby are a hangout for a group of Civil War veteran ghosts. A town librarian claims to have photographic evidence. People have reported being grabbed at this cemetery and one woman had her necklace broken by an unseen entity. This is a popular location for tourists and paranormal investigators.

Historic Worley Bed and Breakfast Inn

The above image of a boy was caught on camera lying in a bed. The ghost was said to be that of Claude Worley who was struck by a train and was brought to this inn, but never recovered.

Holly Theater

Dahlonega is haunted

Holly Theater is rumored to be haunted by ghosts who have shown up to watch rehearsals and sometimes play tricks, such as turning lights on and off. One of the ghosts here is believed to be Edwin Booth, a well known 1800’s actor and brother of President Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth.

Fred Jones Building

Former Mayor Fred Jones passed away under suspicious circumstances at his Chevrolet dealership. No one is sure if he committed suicide or whether or not he was murdered. The dealership was eventually turned into a cafe with an additional four stores. The mayor has been spotted sitting in the cafe where his old office was located.The shopkeepers here have found their locked doors standing open in additional to reporting other paranormal activity. I plan on visiting this town soon. More haunted locations in Georgia can be found through this link.

There are other stories about the State of Georgia in my archives and you can find them here.

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