Haunted Brooklyn, A True Story


Brooklyn Bridge


This is the true story of how a woman survived quite an ordeal with a haunting while residing in Brooklyn, New York.

After almost a two year search, Elaine Mercado and her husband found a house within their budget which would give them the room they needed with two young daughters. Elaine was not open to the idea that the house gave off a bad vibe but she was aware that her brother had picked up a bad feeling about the place.

The laundry room in the basement had strange looking doors in it which were five feet off of the dirt floor. Elaine always felt that there was something lurking behind the doors and that “something” was watching her. Elaine’s daughters went into this area one time and claimed that there was an odor of decay in the ground. ¬†One daughter had actually crawled into the dirt space and, because they both ¬†became so frightened by their experience, their parents banned them from that area of the house.

One day while Elaine was in the kitchen, she heard footsteps going upstairs. She was alone in the house and investigated but saw nothing. The sound of footsteps again disturbed her and the footsteps ran down into the basement. Another incident occurred when Elaine heard her daughter Christine calling her and at the same time Christine heard her mother calling out to her. In the middle of the confusion, they heard a mocking laughter and it was at this point in time, the house started to become very uncomfortable. It should be noted that Elaine’s husband was skeptical about all of the paranormal activity and their marriage dissolved and ended in divorce.


Haunted Mercado Home

Elaine and her daughters began to have escalated experiences such as:

  • Suffocating dreams
  • Feeling as if someone were weighing one down while attempting to sleep and at the same time being unable to scream
  • Quilts being pulled off of the bed and onto the floor in a perfect square
  • Loud banging in the attic
  • Apparition of a woman
  • The discovery of an old soiled and tattered wedding dress in a small box dated 1952.
  • Nightmares
  • Cloudy figure hovering over sleeping family members
  • Voices calling out to family members
  • A sighting one Halloween by a family friend who saw an ill looking little lady at the top of the stairs

Mysterious Moon

Elaine eventually spoke to a neighbor who had lived on the same street for many years. She asked him if he had ever heard any rumors about the house being haunted. He told her that a young couple have lived in the attic level of the home and that the young, petite wife and taken a fall, hit her head, and died in the home. She was the owner of the wedding gown that had been found. There were other odd folks who had resided in the home who are discussed in detail in the book that Elaine Mercado published.

In 1995, Elaine called a medium who immediately went to the doors in the dirt room in the basement and crossed over several spirits into the light. The heaviness disappeared and the house has been peaceful ever since.

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  1. Aleta Volante

    I have a story of a haunted house. I can tell you all about it and in the end you can choose to believe or not believe. But irregardless to what you believe….it really happened and there were eyewitnesses that can and will vouch for me.

    It took 5 years almost to the day for us to move from this house for money reasons. I have always wanted to tell people the story but because I feared being mocked and laughed at or God forbid pitied because I was gullible or stupid I did not tell anyone but a few about what happened in my first home.

    I was married for not quite two years. My husband and I had decided to have a baby and I immediately conceived. We needed a bigger place than the tiny apartment we had been renting. Because our finances were low it became quite a challenge to find something even liveable.

    Still shortly thereafter we found a house. A two family house….probably 70 years old or more. It had been in terrible shape. The landlord who lived on the first floor was elderly and had been unable to keep up appearances on either the inside nor outside the house. He lived there a good many years in the house before dropping dead in his bedroom one day.
    The poor man not having family locally wasn’t even discovered for three days. Between the condition of the house and the unhappy death of Mr. Miller the landlord became the reason we could afford the place…. and we closed on the house in record time and moved right in.

    The unsetteling “feeling” I had immediately upon moving in I chalked up to pregnancy , indigestion, and/or the overwhelming feeling of all the work needed to pull the place together. Granted I couldn’t swear to it that it was any of those reasons to why I was feeling as I was…….but what else COULD it have been. So I chose to ignore the problem and throw myself into the makeover of my new home.

    From the first day in the house my “indigestion” was to never leave until five years later. At first it was pretty easy to explain objects that would disappear and then reappear somewhere else days later and I couldn’t believe I did not see it before now when it was clearly out in plain site. I thought it was just me being absent minded me.

    The story is very long it spans five years of a slowly building cauldron of bizzare happenings. It would be quite difficult and lengthy for me to tell you everything so I will highlight the most incredible phenomena. As I said it did start slowly with seemingly innocent happenings. But started to rev up as it progressed to objects moving on thier own….. i.e. a pair of antique cow bells that hung on my livingroom wall very late one evening in mid summer as I rocked and fed my baby I heard a wierd scrapping sound and looked at the cow bells that had lifted themselves in an awkward position as if someone were pulling them askew for the purpose of letting them fall back to thier original position and clang sharply ….and then remain still. These bells are made of tin and steel a mild “draft “could not of done this. Many times in our bathroom I would witness the faucet turn itself off and on all by itself. It was only the cold water spigot but…the handle would turn while I watched as water poured from the faucet….and stay that way until I turned it off. Ofcourse my husband was told so he could fix it
    incase it was possibly a water pressure issue….it wasn’t.

    One day while my son was still quite small maybe 8 or 9 months old. I had put him in his crib for a nap in the afternoon and went into the kitchen to visit with my girlfriend. After a half hour or so we both heard what sounded like a crashing sound coming from his bedroom….we ran into his room to find him still in his crib….. only this time his Big Wheels , an enormous hard plastic tricycle way to big for him to even ride yet….was IN the crib with him.
    He had not even started walking yet and he never could have scaled the crib and gotten himself out….OR could he have lifted this tricycle himself and reached up and dropped it into the crib. My girlfriend who had known about the goings on in the house and viewed it with much skeptiscism made a quick exit and woud never visit me in my home again. The incident absolutely terrified her.

    Days and nites of this kind of goings on were a regular part of our lives. I began talking to “Mr. Miller” and asking him to please cooperate in not scaring us and making us uncomfortable and down right terrified in our own home. And I have to say things that happened never…..yet…. had reached to the hieghts of causing us any real harm and ofcourse my son was my main concern. He was too young to understand anything … so was unaware of anything out of the ordinary. My discomfort was a continual feeling of fear and unrest and though nothing bad happened…..yet….I could feel the problem escalating. My husband by the way who worked two jobs trying to make ends meet never admitted to seeing feeling or hearing anything but had warned me that if he did he would not tell anyone and would not back me up in what i said. He was afraid of what someone may think. He was a very well respected teacher in our community and felt it would NOT be good if he were refered to as a “nut” as he said.

    So I battled quite alone…and he pretended nothing was wrong. One afternoon as I sat on my bed talking on the phone I kept hearing a very tiny scrapping sound again this time coming from the nite stand my phone was on. I thought oh God it sounds like a mouse… and we did have them…it was an old house and we lived in an area with alot of vegetation everywhere. Anyway as I was involved in my conversation I kept hearing this isolated
    noise. But each time I looked at the nightstand there was nothing. After a little while I was getting almost angry and I told the person I was talking to on the phone about what was happening. So while I kept trying to trap whatever was making that annoying noise by quickly looking before it could stop and…. finally I caught it. On my nite stand along with the phone was a lamp, an ashtray, and a book of matches. What I caught was the matchbook …that, while I watched it, ever so slightly began to move all by itself as if someone unseen was gently pushing it . Apparently there was no pressure applied to the matches by what was pushing it so it barely made a noise as it slid along. scrapping the veneer of the wood on the night stand and created a slight sound of scrapping as it moved along…while I watched, I dropped the phone and opened the bedroom door ….I was so frightened (though I don’t know why I had seen things move on thier own many times) but I think it was because I could FEEL this entity so close to me that my body felt like it was going into shock. I could barley breath or use my voice to call my husband that was just outside the door in the livingroom watching football on t.v. He took one look at me and shouted my name I could see the alarm on his face as he looked at me ! What the hell happened he said what is wrong you look like you’ve seen a ghost for God sake !!! I had to gather myself together and then I told him exactly what I saw….I actually SAW…and how close to whatever this is was to me. His reaction was predictable and he ignored me.

    This story is so long already and I haven’t even gotten to the more strange and frightening phenomena yet
    What had frightened me and my family so badly and threatened to drive us insane I haven’t even gotten to yet.

    1. Aleta Volante

      No Donna what I mean is that there are so many common happenings where the paranormal is concerned it sometimes is hard to make it believable. I have had a situation with so many of the SAME experiences that happened to me too. I hate that I have nothing different to add….. just more of the same things. Instead of this lending credibility to our experiences because as they say….fifty million Americans can’t be wrong ! It works the opposite reaction.

      I find it horribly frustrating.

      1. Donna

        Thanks for the clarification Aleta. It all depends on who you are speaking with about experiences. I have learned to pick and choose who I share experiences with to avoid the predictable responses. At this point in time I do not care whether or not someone believes me. Stay strong!

    2. Donna

      Yes, that is quite a story. Did you ever have anyone come in and do an investigation? Cleansing? Thanks for the great read and I appreciate your taking the time to discuss your personal experiences which I totally believe.

  2. Aleta Volante

    I was lost in most of the story. I wondered if I had missed something because a person named Lines was referred to a few times.

    This story of the paranormal is so very common…it borrows from every story ever told on T.V.and books. AND yes I do believe in the paranormal because I have experienced to much in my lifetime to NOT believe in it. I to have stories that paralell the same stories that have been told so many times already.

    1. Donna

      There is no one with the name Lines mentioned in this story. I have no idea what you are talking about. Nothing was “borrowed” in this story. It actually happened and is well documented and verified.


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