Disappeared? The Bennington Triangle


Many people have disappeared in the Bennington Triange


Bennington, Vermont was the location of several disappearances of people between the years of 1920-1950. Here is a summary of the who, what when, where, and …well, no one has the answer to why.

Bennington Triangle is a phrase coined by author Joseph A. Citro who was referring to the area in southwestern Vermont from which people disappeared. Citro wrote a book, Shadow Child, in which he discusses the disappearances and relates similarities to the disappearances in neighboring Massachusetts referred to as the “Bridgewater Triangle.”

Glastenbury Mountain is the main focus of discussion in the mystery triangle. Also included in the discussion are the neighboring towns of Bennington, Woodford, Shaftbury and Someerset. These towns were thriving areas but began declining in the late 19th century and are all now ghost towns due to an act of state legislature in 1937.

Prior to the disappearances in the 1940’s, reports of strange happenings were talked about, especially the disappearance of Paula Jean Welden. Just 18 years old when she disappeared in December of 1946, Paula was a sophomore at Bennington College. She went for a hike on Long Trail and was never heard from again. She was seen by an elderly couple that day and they stated that they witnessed Paula turn a corner on the trail and then was out of sight.

Bennington Triangle and one of it's lonely roads.

Lonley Road

Middie Rivers, 74 years of age, vanished on November 12, 1945 from the Bennington area while she was out hunting. She was leading a group of hunters up into the mountains. She got ahead of the group on the return trip back and was never seen again. Her disappearance was also on the Long Trail Road area. Middie was considered to be a very experienced guide as well as a hunter and fisherman.

James Tedford disappeared in December of 1949. James was a veteran and a resident of the Bennington Soldier’s Home. He was returning home on a bus after visiting relatives in St. Albans, Vermont. Witnesses reported that James boarded the bus and remained on the bus until the last stop before arriving in Bennington. He vanished somewhere between the last stop and Bennington. All of his belongings were still in the luggage rack and his bus timetable was found on his seat. There were reports that he was depressed about returning to the home.

men, women and children disappeared in the Bennington Triangle

Moon Lit Evening

Frieda Langer was 53 years old when she went missing on October 28, 1950. After slipping into a stream near her campsite, she told her cousin, Herbert Elsmer, that she would change her clothes and catch back up with him. When she did not show, her cousin returned to the family campsite where searchers looked for Frieda for the next two weeks. Searches also included helicopters and aircraft. She was not located until May 12, 1950. Her body was found near Somerset Reservoir, an area previously extensively searched. The cause of her death could not be determined due to the condition of her body.

Paul Jepson was only eight years old when he vanished on a small pig farm while outside with his mother close by. He was told to stay in the family truck but evidently got out. The date was October 12, 1950. Paul’s mother left him unattended while she fed the pigs and was gone for one hour. Paul was nowhere to be found when she returned. Although Paul was wearing a bright red jacket, he was never found by search teams. One story reports that a bloodhound tracked Paul’s scent to a local highway where, according to the locals, Paula Welden had disappeared four years earlier. No official connections were ever made between the cases although there was speculation at one time that the disappearances were the result of a serial killer in the area.

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  1. Vincent Abruzzese

    I checked periodically to find out about more people that have heard the marble incidences… I’ve heard it in many different locations it’s almost like there following me I’ve told people about it and they’ve laughed until they’ve heard it themselves… The strangest place I’ve ever heard I was in the house my family owns up in the Adirondacks New York.. 1 Spring morning my brother a friend and I were hunting for turkey just before we went into the woods to hunt my brother and I heard it on the stone wall that divides the properties.. that was my brother’s first experience.. have no idea what this noise is but now I know it’s not just related to houses or buildings.. strange world we live in!!!!!

  2. Donna


    There is one individual listed in my article as going missing in 1950. I wrote about the documented cases that are on record. There were reported disappearance in the 1920’s but no names and case documentation has been revealed.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  3. rissa

    Why is the time frame from 1920-1950, if all the disappearances were in the 40,s?

  4. Sarah

    I love scary stories. Nothing better than a little goosebumps. I could imagine there was a killer around, but who knows. I’m going to browse a bit more through the site, maybe there is something I can check out on my next vacation 🙂

    1. Donna

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comments. Regardless of the destination, there is something paranormal right around the corner!

    2. Billy

      Yeah you like these scary stories Paul jepsons family pig farm was accross the street from my house

  5. Jeremy

    Hey Donna. Sounds like a serial killer to me. Kind of eery that locals say that Paul and Paula went missing in the same area. I love your site and will keep coming back. ~Jeremy

    1. Donna

      I totally agree! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Boomer

    Creepy. Makes you wonder what/who is out there waiting.

    1. Donna

      I agree! Thanks for the feedback.

  7. Joe

    I’ve hiked in this area and it is really creepy at times. I heard stories from when I was a kid that people thought there were strange objects in the sky during this time period.

    1. Donna

      Thanks for your feed back Joe. I hope the mystery is solved someday.

  8. Alice

    I think there must have been a killer in that area…..probably a local!

    1. Donna

      Well I tend to agree with you.


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