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St. Augustine cemetery attracts many ghost hunters

 Ghost Hunting

Defined as conducting an investigation in an area thought to be haunted by a ghost, this pseudo science has gained tremendously in popularity over the past decade. Ghost hunters now utilize a variety of electronic equipment much of which is sophisticated (and costly) as shown on many recent paranormal investigative television programs. Many of the results seen today are quite interesting, thought provoking and often amazing.

The Pros and Cons of Ghost Hunting

It’s pretty safe to say that there are variables in taking on ghost hunting as an adventure. If you are going on a U.S. haunted road trip investigation, you might wait a long time before you ever see or hear anything. If you are investigating a haunted location, there is always the risk of getting into trouble for trespassing. If you don’t obey the law you might end up fined or even arrested. You might also get hurt because so many haunted locations are in ill repair!  That just goes with the territory.

Who is a Believer?

According to relatively recent surveys conducted by the Associated Press, here is a breakdown of those who believe in the existence of ghosts. I am convinced there are many more believers out there considering the fact other geographic areas were not surveyed. Every culture has beliefs and stories relating to paranormal experiences on road travels, haunted locations, folklore and urban legends. It is interesting to note that this poll mentioned that more people believe in haunted houses more than any other paranormal consideration.

  • 40 percent of Britons believe in ghosts
  • 37 percent of Americans believe in ghosts
  • 28 percent of Canadians believe in ghosts

Small businesses offering ghost-hunting equipment and paranormal investigation services have increased in the last decade. Equipment offered includes electromagnetic field (EMF) meters, infrared motion sensors and devices referred to as “ghost detectors”. The interest in the paranormal is so great that many small ghost-hunting businesses are seeing increased profits by way of podcast, web site advertising, books, DVDs, and videos. Participants enjoy the connection with like minded people and are comfortable actively following their interest in the paranormal.

Great captures with ghost hunting equipment

Variety of Equipment Used

  • Still photography and video
  • EMF meter
  • Computer
  • Thermographic cameras, thermal imaging cameras, infrared thermometers
  • Digital and analog audio recording
  • Geiger counter
  • Infrared and/or ultrasonic motion sensors
  • Air quality monitoring equipment
  • Dowsing rods
  • Ghost Box
  • Tablet

These days, ghost hunting kits are available at a lowered cost for those hunting enthusiasts who are just starting out and also for those on a budget.There is also highly sophisticated equipment available for experts in the field. Here are several choices for sale that have been put together by a team of professional ghost hunters. Click on the photo of Ghost Stop to the right of the screen to check out an array of options that are available to you.

Professional investigators use a variety of ghost hunting equipment

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