Phenomenon Unexplained

The word phenomenon comes from Greek and its plural form is phenomena, as in these phenomena are not fully understood. It is a mistake to treat phenomena as if it were a singular form, as in this is a strange phenomena.



 True Stories

Criminal Elmer McCurdy was shot and killed following a train robbery in 1976. A funeral director, so proud of his embalming work, put Elmer’s body on display. Carnival promoters who claimed to be related to Elmer, took his corpse and Elmer ended up in many haunted houses across America wrapped up as a mummy. His final display was in Long Beach, California. Eventually his body was buried in Oklahoma.


Elmer (Examiner photo)

Escalators truly can do serious bodily damage and there is a documented case of a man who was killed by one. He was bending down to tie his shoe  and the escalator grabbed his hoodie, dragged him to the ground and strangled him.


Death Trap?

In 2008, a Japanese man set up camera around his house after he noticed food going missing and articles out of place. The camera captured a weird looking homeless woman, 58 years old, crawling out of one of his kitchen cabinets! She would wander into the unlocked door and had been doing this for about one year.


Who is That!?

Indian construction worker Salim Khan was hired for a new position and had to travel to New Delhi, wait in a bungalow and stay there until he was contacted for further instructions. Unfortunately for him, he was robbed, drugged and knocked out by masked intruders. Salim woke up on a gurney and one of his kidneys had been removed. He was a victim of an organ stealing ring orchestrated by high paying customers.


Salim Kahn

Jean Hillard, a 19-year-old in North Dakota, was found in the snow after a car wreck, frozen solid. Jean was brought to to a hospital where doctors, assuming she was dead, used an electric blanket to thaw her out. She was actually alive, survived, and was completely unscathed by the experience. The physician who treated her, Dr. George Sather, could offer no explanation as to why she lived.


Jean Hillard

There was a crash in California in 2008 between a freight train and a commuter train. Twenty five people in the commuter train were killed. A man by the name of Charles Peck was in the train. His family waited to hear if he had survived. Several family members received calls from Charles Peck’s cellphone and a total of 35 calls were made. They all heard static over the line. The cellphone signal was traced and Peck was found but he had been long dead from the impact. The phone calls remain a mystery.

chadsworth crash

Chadsworth Crash

Carol DaRonch was browsing a Utah bookstore when she was approached by a police officer. He told her that her car had been broken into and that she needed to go with him to file a report. Carol became suspicious when the officer attempted to take her in a VW Bug instead of a police vehicle. He pulled out handcuffs and a gun. Carol fought him off, flagged down a car and was able to escape serial killer Ted Bundy.

Time For Some Feedback

This You Tube Video is all about strange phenomenon that has occurred over the years and that supposedly cannot be explained away. What do you believe? Drop me a comment. Have you had an experience? I would love to hear from you! You can also leave feedback HERE

What Happened to Joan?


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  1. Lillian Morgan.

    Interesting stories.The most frightening story to me is about Carol DaRonch ,Ted Bundy dressing up as a police officer to lure Carol away.As for my own story.The apartment building I am currently living in has an apartment above me that was cursed by Chinese people whom were evicted after the owner found out they were operating a drug ring.I went up there to have a look at the place before I moved into the apartment below it.I could not take the energy up there,it is thick and you grow restless very quickly and have to leave.There have been people who have moved in up there and are only there for a short while before they become violent, abuse drugs or alcohol.They don’t stay long and move out.I have stayed here because it is a lower rental place than most and I have become accustomed to doing many things to keep this benevolent energy away from me.It has been difficult at times ,but eventually I will be able to move away from here.Blessed Be…)0(

    1. Donna

      Thank you for sharing your story Lillian. I do hope you can get some assistance and live peacefully.

  2. Jenny

    I lease a little house as a shop in Windsor, UK. It dates back to circa 1547 and is a very quaint, quirky building (Grade ll listed). There is a tunnel leading from the lower ground floor to Curfew Tower of Windsor Castle. It has been blocked since the 70’s. Although I had the shop blessed, workmen working since reported hand and footprints which they swore were definitely not theirs in the ‘white dust’ which was covering the ground and stairs due to the cutting of fire board?

    Also during the summer there were a few very hot days and there was a swarm of flies flying round in a circle …I mean an awful lot of flies, circling under the small chandelier area (and the light was off) in the daytime. They were just going round and round in continuous circles in this area. To me, it was reminiscent of flies flying around an animal’s head. Something just reminded me of horses and the flies that always bother them. I got so fed up after a week, as I had sprayed the area etc that I just lost it and voiced out loud to go away and that there were no horses here anymore! I knew that this was the Guard’s house back in those days and figured maybe they tied their horses in this area? The same thing happened in the courtyard outside. Hundreds of flies going round and round in a circle, but as that was outside it didn’t bother me too much. However, amazingly, after my sudden outburst, the flies all disappeared! We couldn’t believe it? They never returned thankfully! Just the occasional one which is to be expected.

    Since then I have had a few odd items gone amiss…one little diamante heart hanging from my desk, one crystal hanger from the chandelier (and I had counted they were all present) before fitting them and one earring from a set which I had seen earlier?

    I am ‘at peace’ with anything that happens to be here and speak daily to ‘reassure’ them that I love this building and have spent a lot of effort, time and money decorating and refurbishing and to please look after it whilst I am absent. The building isn’t mine sadly as I lease it, but I just feel the need to speak to my ‘company’ to ensure I am ‘at peace’ with them. I guess anyone reading this may think I’ve a screw loose except the workmen and the previous handyman who admitted he got ‘spooked’ whilst working on the building previously, so it isn’t just me who feels possibly there is company here.

    1. Donna

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences Jenny. A house dating back to 1547 is sure to have so many “stories” that it could tell! I lived in an old farmhouse back in the 80’s that had Cluster Flies in two windows and they were creepy and especially annoying.


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