How Safe Is Your Yard?

Warning: Monsters in the Yard


People who live in the woods enjoy an environment filled with mystery and lore. How safe is your yard? Many also believe that woodlands are also locations of menace and danger. Strange things happen in people’s yards. Also,  there are many reported experiences and disappearances associated with trips to the woods which I have discussed in a previous article. Strange occurrences have been reported in back yards and wooded areas. People who have reported strange experiences in their wooded areas or hiking woodlands have a shared set of reactions which include:    

  • Imminent danger
  • Woods becoming strangely quiet
  • Feelings of being watched
  • Feelings of being stalked
  • The need to find other people as soon as possible
  • Terror        Greek mythology and protector of the woods is a held belief surroundings woodlands. Some are convinced that nature has its own intelligence and the feeling of panic in the woods has long been connected to the mythological Greek God Plan; the protector of our wild locations. Is this panic a warning system that we must pay attention to? I lived in and hiked throughout the Adirondack Mountains in the 1980’s and many times I was alone and, at one point, eight months pregnant while in the woods. I always felt a feeling of serenity, nothing ever sinister came my way. I ran into quite a bit of wildlife and always enjoyed myself. Of course, this was always during the daytime and I would not have considered going into the woods at night. We lost our cat, Velcro to a creature of the night. We never found him; he simply went out the front door one afternoon to do his usual yard patrol and vanished. He was a big cat and I suspect that his killer was a fox or owl.
Velcro,my pet cat who lived with me in the Adirondacks



Cluster Flies In The Yard 

A home we originally rented in the in the Adirondacks was located in Westport, New York and it was built in the late 1800’s. It was a very old farmhouse with approximately two acres of land surrounding it. The house was two levels, large, and creepy with hardwood floors that creaked and a dark and dingy basement that I seldom visited. There were many windows to the home and it had a huge, wrap around porch. I always had the feeling, especially at night, that something was looking inside. The nearest neighbors were down a short winding road so we were fairly isolated. I never liked being alone in this place and the overall “bad vibe” to the house was a reason we did not pursue buying it when it became available. I also experienced night terrors during my second pregnancy and heard whispering frequently. That’s another story for another time…………..

1984 Collin (6 weeks old) Graham 2 years with their Mother (Donna)and Grandmother (Charmaine)

On porch of farmhouse with my mother six weeks after delivery of second son.

It was the yard where we experienced repeated episodes with cluster flies crawling up a section of the outside of the house and onto windows. There were hundreds of them and they were disgusting. I always experienced a sense of dread when I looked at them. They hardly moved at all and watching them from the inside of the windows made my skin crawl. Some believe there is a paranormal connection of evil (spirits or demonic) with these insects but it is a fact that in the fall they seek out warmth for survival. 


 “Something” can been seen at about 2:27 into this short video. Taken in 2010-What do you think? I am on the fence regarding this clip.

I think that I’ve have watched every episode of Paranormal Witness. How safe is your backyard? Take a look at what this family experienced. Fact or fiction; you decide.

Thank you for stopping by and please leave your experiences, questions or comments below.

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  1. Suzanne Douglas

    I live in a small town in TN close to KY line..a friend of mine whom I’d give a ride home sometimes which is a good ways out of town and just creepy at night..anyways one night before I took her home she was telling everyone that she had seen Bigfoot and had several times since she was a lil girl and of course we were all teasing her about it no one believed later that night when I took her home we were sitting in my car talking and her dogs and the neighbors dogs run by my car barking after something I start laughing hysterically asking her what are your dogs after Bigfoot? sooner do I say this we look to our left and I see this big tall hairy creature that looks just like Bigfoot running just let me a human would run diagonally across their entire vegetable garden and disappeared behind her house where the creek runs..I was shocked I instantly said nobody is ever going to believe what we just saw which she replied “I know dude I tried to tell you” so I know what I saw and I’m def a believer now

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      Oh, I believe you. There have been way to many sightings about this creature all around the world. It has other names. I glad you both were safe and I hope all of the dogs made it back in good shape. Thank you for sharing your story with the readers.

  2. Gordon

    Donna, have you had any experiences with bigfoot/sasquatch? I’m aware that they can visit homes and yards especially if you are close to forests.

    1. Donna

      No I have not but certainly have read numerous reports about them!

  3. Shawn

    Hi, Donna!
    What an incredible site you have here!
    My wife and I will now spend the evening checking it out as this is one of our bigger common interests.


    1. Donna

      Thanks Shawn!

      I didn’t realize that you were interested in the paranormal. That is great. Enjoy the site!

      Take care,

  4. Jeremy

    Hey Donna!
    Growing up, we lived next to a heavily wooded cow pasture. There was one particular trail you had to take to get to the pond we would swim in. Even in the middle of the day, we always got this creepy feeling we were being watched by “something” and we would all take off running! While we never actually seen anything, we knew “it” was there!
    Thanks again for another cool article.
    See you soon ~Jeremy

    1. Donna

      There is no mistaking that feeling Jeremy. Thanks for stopping by!


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