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Louisiana has more than its fair share of creepy places and legends.  If you want to scare yourself, Louisiana is a good place to do it. One of the legends of Louisiana is the Rougarou.

Rougarou (loup garou) is a creature that inhabits the swamps in the areas of Acadia and Greater New Orleans and is reported to look like a werewolf. A more accurate description is that it has a human body and the head of a dog or wolf. It has also been spotted in fields and forests of these regions. Many people have claimed to have seen this creature or to have had direct contact with one. It’s not a rumor but rather a belief that has lasted generations within the Cajun community.

I recently watched an episode of Destination America about this Rougarou and the interviews and stories told were both amazing and believable. I honestly think that there is something lurking in the swaps of Louisiana. I do not believe that it is a werewolf but, whatever it is, this creature remains frightening and mysterious.

Louisiana swamplands and haunted mysteries

Swamplands and Mysteries

The story can be traced to Nova Scotia and then France. It is well known that stories about werewolves have been told throughout Europe for a very long time. During the Inquisition, fear of werewolves reached its peak. People truly believed that the werewolf existed and between the years 1520-1630, 30,000 innocent people were executed after being accused of being such a creature in league with the devil.

The legend also states that the rougarou is under a curse that is passed from person to person for 101 days. The curse then transfers to another person for the same time frame when the rougarou draw the blood from another human. During this time the rougarou returns to human form. The human is quite sickly but will not reveal the ordeal to anyone for the fear of being killed is great.

Haunted Louisiana and the Rougarou siteings

What Are You?

Other Notable Facts About The Rougarou:

  • The creatures has been associated with Native American Legends.
  • Descriptions vary from a Sasquatch/Bigfoot to a cannibal-like Native American Wendigos.
  • The connection between Native American folktales and the francophone rougarou is disagreed on.
  • The stories of the wendigo vary by region and tribe.
  • Some believe that if a persons see a rougarou, they will turn into one.
  • The rougarou is viewed as sacred by some, connected to Mother Earth.
  • The New Orleans Hornets filed for new trademark names including Rougarous.
  • Rougarou Fest takes place every October in Houma, Louisiana.
  • Swamp People television series captured a giant alligator referred to as Rougarou.
  • In one episode of Cajun Justice, a camp owner alerted authorities and video taped a suspected rougarou hiding in the weeds on his property.
  • In 2014, Cedar Point Theme Park in Sandusky, Ohio announced plans to renovate the Mantis roller coaster and rename in Rougarou for the 2015 park season.


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  1. Munson X

    Great scary story! Thank you!

    1. Donna

      Appreciate the comment!

      1. Chris trujillo

        You I laugh at stories that had lines themselves with content of werewolves, mothman, and new jersey devils, if I may we(native Americans) have a simpler term “shape shifters”. In one form or another, there are actual individuals who mess with elements that they shouldn’t this trading or giving up a special part of themselves for a reward of some sort in return. So in my own thoughts it’s really not the manifestations you should fear or in fact feel curious to find because you will not see anything you are not meant to, but the more interesting and mysterious part of it all would be to identify the ones who accomplish these feats. Now what do you think?!…….

        1. Donna L (Post author)

          The individual who would be able to accomplish these feats would be a force to reckon with! The mysteries “out there” continue to fascinate me. Thanks for your comments, Chris.


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