Paranormal of the Hospital Kind

Paranormal activity as report in the hospital


I’ve posted a video of an episode from a program that I think was one of the best out there in regards to paranormal evidence in a hospital.This particular episode really gave me the chills and the creep factor is deep. The program was called Paranormal Witness. I thought that the individuals interviewed were honest about what they had experienced. You can decide for yourself and feel free to leave me a comment below. Also, if you are interested in watching any additional episodes from this interesting series, they are all available for free through The Daily Nation. All you need to do is set up a user account.

Paranormal of a hospital kind is a common occurrence.

I have worked in skilled nursing facilities and have heard many stories about people on their deathbeds. I’ve also interviewed Hospice nurses and aides who have had paranormal experiences with dying patients. This complete episode reveals an interview with the Hospice nurse and the terrifying experience she had with one particular patient and his battles with something in his room. Additional staff and family members report the experiences they endured at this facility. Personally, I would never work here if I had ever experienced anything like what is portrayed in this program. As a staff member, my notice would have been turned in immediately! One experience would certainly have been enough for me.

Paranormal Witness S03 E6 The Hospital Hauntings by paranormalxd1

Three More Haunted Hospitals in the United States

Athens Lunatic Hospital-Athens, Ohio 1868-1993

Athens Lunatic Hospital is haunted

  • Originally called The Ridges
  • Mental institution
  • Operated from 1874 through 1993
  • Housed children, persons with mental disabilities, violent criminals, Civil War veterans
  • Best known as the institution that performed lobotomies
  • Also known for numerous paranormal sightings

Spanish Military Hospital-St. Augustine, Florida 1784-1821

Spanish Military Hospital 1784-1821 is St. Augustine, Florida is reported to be haunted.

  • The building today is not the actual hospital but an exact replica.
  • The original hospital operated from the late 1700’s through 1821.
  • This dwelling is considered to be the most haunted hospital of St. Augustine.
  • The hospital was originally named Our Lady of Guadalupe.
  • Numerous claims of something frightening and evil were reported by workers tearing down walls.
  • Once the walls were removed, thousands of bones were discovered.
  • Hauntings continue in the new building in the Mourning Room and The Ward.
  • There are ghost tours offered to visitors.

Tauton State Hosptial-Tauton, Massachusetts 1854-1975

Tauton State Hospital has a haunted history.

  • The institution was originally known as the State Lunatic Hospital at Taunton.
  • The institution was a psychiatric hospital.
  • The institution was located on a 154 acre farm along the Mill River.
  • The institution was expanded several times and included over 40 buildings and structures.
  • The Property was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994.
  • The main dome of the administration building collapsed in 1999.
  • A large part of the historic complex was destroyed by fire in 2006.
  • All remaining parts were demolished in 2009.
  • Many of the newer buildings remain on campus.
  • The institution housed Lizzie Borden who was actually only held in the jail. 
  • The institution housed Jane Toppan who was a serial killer. She was a nurse who murdered patients.
  • The institution housed Thomas Hubbard Suumer who was a sea captain and known for developing the celestial navigation method referred to as Summer Line or Line of Position.
  • History of Satanic rituals by some doctors and nurses and that patients were abused in these rituals in the basement.
  • In later years, both staff and patients reported feeling a tremendous amount of unease when approaching the basement doors.
  • There have been reports of a shadow man crawling on the walls and watching the patients.

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