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I’ve been on paranormal tours over the years and really enjoyed them. One was in San Diego, California and it was a walking tour that evolved into a terrific history lesson. The tour guide really knew his history and was extremely knowledgeable about the paranormal. His knowledge of Wyatt Earp was impressive, especially the small details not in the history books.He was engaging with the group (about 50 people) and was funny and friendly to all.


According to Kenneth Cilch’s book, Wyatt Earp The Missing Years, Wyatt came to San Diego between 1885 and 1887 and could have remained here as late as 1896. He was an active businessman in addition to a gambler and was engaged in a variety of real estate ventures, capitalizing on the land boom in the mid 1880’s. Earp leased four saloons and gambling halls in San Diego, the most famous was his Oyster Bar located in the Louis Bank of Commerce on Fifth Avenue. He was listed as a capitalist (gambler) in the San Diego City Directory in 1887 and among his other winnings, he won a race horse.”

The second ghost tour was in St. Augustine, Florida and was also very good. This time, it was a very small group and we were led around by a woman dressed in period clothing. We hit several graveyards and haunted dwellings. My only criticism was that she was so rehearsed her presentation did not come across as sincere. She had her facts correct but something was missing.

Haunted paranormal tour in St. Augustine, Florida

So, what is important if you are going on a ghost tour? I would say that the staff must be knowledgeable about the history of any locations you will be visiting, the guide must be a good speaker, and he/she should be able to do tours during the day as well as into the evening hours. Also, they need to be aware of who is in their group. Does anyone have a physical disability? It’s important to remember to guide people down stairways and when crossing the street–just general safety, common sense things. Any reputable company will have a decent website up and running, a contact phone number and all current tour information and prices listed. If you do not find this, look elsewhere as the competition is fierce in this industry. It’s very lucrative for the states offering quality tours. Savannah, Georgia alone offers 47 ghost tours (2013 information) in a city with a population of 132,000 people. Savannah sees approximately 12.5 million tourists and the yearly revenue in the industry is 2 billion dollars.

Here’s a list of ten ghost tours that have received really good reviews. So, if you are in any of these areas, learn a bit of history and enjoy a memorable tour.

1. The Original Ghost Tours of Catalina, Catalina Island, South Carolina–Travelers will tour a small village named Avalon that was build over a burial ground. An apparition named Zane Gray is seen smoking along Via Casino Walkway and he disappears when he’s spotted and he leaves smoke behind.

2. Chattanooga Ghost Tours, Chattanooga, Tennessee–This tour takes people to a haunted hotel called the Sheraton Read House where a woman was murdered there in 1920 by her husband in room 311. The tour is given by actors and storytellers.

3. New Orleans Ghost Tour, New Orleans, Louisiana–What’s not haunted in New Orleans? This is a two hour tour with a break at a haunted bar. It’s a walking tour that takes travelers to many haunted locations. (Read about St. Louis Cemetery)

4.  Old Bisbee Ghost Tours, Bisbee, Arizona–Travelers will learn about two ghost in this 125 year old town; The Lady in White and The Lady of the Evening.

5. Providence Ghost Tour, Providence, Rhode Island–This tour takes travelers to the scenes of several deaths in this New England town and all stories have been researched and are the real thing.

Savannah, Georgia and old, haunted cemetery

6.  Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia–This tour has been in operation for 40 years and takes travelers through the historic Lower Town section of Harpers Ferry.

7.  Tombstone Ghost Tour, Tombstone, Arizona--Many stories in this famous location about cowboys and all of the Wild West stories.

8. Hearse Ghost Tours, Savannah, Georgia–You take this tour in an old hearse that transported the dead for 15 years. The tour covers old homes, streets and cemeteries of which there are many in Savannah, I’ve been there several times over the years and the area is filled with many, many stories. If you are into history, I recommend this location.

9. Park City Ghost Tours, Park City, Utah–Reported apparitions in this ski destination. A former mining town that is known for the ghost of Lizzy at the Imperial Hotel and the apparitions of miners in the No Name Pub.

10. Market Ghost Tour, Seattle, Washington–Photos taken on this tour have produced results while in the city’s first mortuary and a really old graveyard while learning about Seattle’s past.

Savannah, Goergia has a very haunted history and is a great location for a paranormal tour.

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Do you have a tour that you would like to recommend? Had a great/bad experience? Please leave me a comment below. Thanks for stopping by.

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