Seven Gravity Roads in the U.S. Is This Paranormal?

Dark forest with a gravity road; onf of 7 gravity roads in the United States.

Mysteries of the forest

Go For A Ride

I was surprised to learn that tales pertaining to gravity roads rank as some of the most popular stories in the United States. Most of the tales surroundings these locations are similar with the involvement of a spirit or spirits assisting one’s vehicle uphill. If you are interested in checking out one of these notorious spots during your paranormal road trips, here are the locations.

Nighr ride down a gravity road.

Central Florida-Spook Hill is located in Polk County in a residential section of Lake Wales. Migrant workers reported that their carts moved backward uphill whenever they were on this road. This has actually become somewhat of a tourist attraction and there are signs posted marking the spot in the road. The areas is also believed to be haunted by the spirit of a Seminole Indian Chief.

Maryland-Ghost Hill Road in Boonsboro is located in the western part of the state and the reported story is that if one goes to this location at night, puts the car in neutral and turns the car off, the car will be pushed uphill by a ghost. It is not known who the ghost is.

Massachusetts-On Lowe Street in Leominster an unknown force will pull automobiles uphill. Cars have been reported to roll fifty feet against gravity if they are left in neutral at Magic Hill which is a slope on the street. There have been numerous reports of this activity over the years.

Kentucky-Elkhorn City boasts of its unknown soldier ghost who is said to pull cars up the road near his grave if the car is put into neutral. Local legends tell that the soldier has been around for quite some time. Visitors need to ask locals for the exact location.

New York-Spook Hill Road is located in Rockland County and is a very long road that eventually ends at Route 202. This area has been researched and the phenomenon is thought to be an optical illusion. If you want to give it a shot, the locals report that if you put your car in neutral and turn it off, you car will eventually roll uphill.

Vermont-This reportedly haunted road in located near the Canadian border in the town of Richford. The exact location of reported paranormal experiences is on a parcel of land referred to at the Mystery Spot. It has been reported that cars roll uphill at 15 mph.

Texas-In Jacob’s Crossing there is evidence of significant paranormal activity. This area has received quite a bit attention over the years regarding the story of the school bus that crashed killing all on board many years ago. There is a bridge located over a ravine out in the woods in this area and this is where the accident occurred. The same scenario applies as with the other locations; car is off and in neutral. Supposedly cars will move to the top of the incline where the force will stop and then the car will roll back across the bridge. Many people who visit the area sprinkle their cars with powder and have reported seeing children’s hand prints on their automobiles. Other reports claim to see large hand prints believed to be those of the bus driver.

What lurks on this road?

Let me know if you visit one of these locations or have a gravity road of your own in your local area. All comments are welcomed below.

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  1. Doug

    Yes, I just made a post on it on Facebook, nobody believes me…lol

  2. Amanda

    Hey just looking around trying to find an explanation for the gravity hills- we have one at the top of Blaine hill in Bridgeport Ohio – I don’t think many people know about it and no spooky stories, I decided to video it for one of the boys that stay at my house – you can email me if you want me to send it to you

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      I believe them to be all natural occurrences although many attribute to paranormal. Thanks!


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