St. Patrick’s Day and Paranormal

 Haunted Irish Pub

How are St. Patrick’s Day and the paranormal connected? Well, one of the best pubs in the Seattle, Washington area is Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub and it is a stop for sightseers who are visiting the historic Pike Place Market area. This pub has an annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration and has an interesting twist. The pub is haunted and has been investigated by paranormal teams such as Ghost Adventures.


Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub was a mortuary during the years 1903-1923 and also performed embalming and cremation services. All the bodies of the recently departed ended up here, a lucrative business during these hard times. The mortuary handled thousands of bodies and the stories told reveal quite a bit of unscrupulous activity. There is much to be read regarding the history of this part of the United States and recommended if you are into historic facts.

Kells Pub Archievs Photo


Many of the individuals prepared for the afterlife were the victims of mining accidents, poor sanitation, drownings, violence of the era and victims of diphtheria. There were a significant number of deaths reported in this area and many were horrendous.


Many patients of Dr. Linda Hazzard ended up at this mortuary. This doctor starved her patients, believing that she could cure them of their diseases with this insane method. She denied them food with the exception of broth. She also regularly gave the patients enemas as another form of treatment.

This was one evil doctor!

(Photos courtesy of Washington State Archives)

It was later revealed, after she killed 50 people, many had turned over their entire estates to her after they gave Hazzard power of attorney. She was convicted for the murder of only one patient and was sent to the State Penitentiary for only two years. She was pardoned by then Governor Lister and told to move to New Zealand.

As soon as the pub opened, the paranormal activity started and the staff that work there claim that strange occurrences are daily. The staff have reported the following:

  • seeing dark shadows in the corner of the room
  • glasses sliding across the bar by themselves and smashing on the floor
  • hearing strange footsteps

The Ghosts


This ghost is said to have a love of music and has been seen by many people at the pub. Charlie appears wearing an old fashioned hat and long black coat and he hangs around the bar and stage areas. Many musicians have seen his shadow.

The Tall Man

Often spotted by patrons of this pub, this entity is said to have long hands and once spotted, disappears immediately.

The Little Girl

Often observed sitting at the top of the pub stairs, her identity remains a mystery as well as why she is at this location. She disappears as fast as she is seen.

ghost of little girl spotted at top of the stair in pub.

Interesting Video Clip

Tales of Ireland

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  1. Sylvie

    What a creepy story! That doctor was evil.

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      Killed 50 people and served so little time. That’s another crime.


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