Staying Safe


Investigator’s priority should be about staying safe and at times some locations just might be the ones you stay away from. There are always dangers associated with paranormal investigations and they include:

  • Entity following you home (demons, spirits, any other kind of entity)
  • Mental breakdown (many stories to be found about people becoming obsessed) behavioral changes, and withdrawal from family members and close friends)
  • Physical and emotional worries

I wrote a blog a while back about investigations and recommendations and you can read it here if you missed it. The history of a building or haunted area should always be checked into beforehand and taken seriously by all in the paranormal group. Safety first!

Remember This One?

In 2014 a paranormal investigator at the site of the Villisca Ax Murder House in southwest Iowa stabled himself in the chest resulting in critical injuries. He was in the home where eight people, including six children were murdered with an ax 100 years ago. The crime scene attracts paranormal investigators from around the world who have the option of spending the night, without electricity or running water, for $428.

The self-inflicted stabbing occurred at approximately 12:45 a.m. while this investigator by the name of Robert Laursen Jr. was at the location as part of a recreational investigation.

 Has Anyone Ever Been Killed By A Spirit?

The Bell Witch is a true story about a woman by the name of Kate Batts. She was a nasty woman who lived near the John Bell Family in Adams, Tennessee. This Tennessee tale from 1817 is the story of one of the most famous hauntings in the history of America. It even caught the attention at the time of a future President, General Andrew Jackson. The story is that Kate believed that John Bell cheated her in a land purchase and she swore on her deathbed that she would haunt the Bells forever.

Drawing of the John Bell HOme in Tennessee, a dwelling most would rather keep out of due to the danger found inside.

According to documentation, the Bells were, in fact, tormented by Kate Batts’ spirit. The evidence reports that John and his daughter Betsy were favorite targets of the spirit and, for the most part, was nice to Mrs. Bell and usually left her alone. The spirit was never seen by anyone, only heard, and this includes any visitors to the Bell home. This spirit:

  • Threw furniture and dishes
  • Spoke in a nerve-racking pitch
  • Yanked hair and pulled noses
  • Stuck needles into John and Betsy
  • Yelled at night to keep everyone awake
  • Stole food right out of their mouths while the family was eating.

The ghost continued to torment this family for many years and Andrew Jackson heard the stories (by now well known just about everywhere) and visited and spent time with the Bells. His bedcovers were torn off of him during the night and the ghost spoke to him when he was leaving the residence.

The Death of John Bell

John Bell oil painting in home in Tennessee.

John Bell fell ill in October of 1820. It was believed that he was struck with an illness while walking on his farm. One theory is that he suffered a stroke because he had difficulty talking and swallowing. He rapidly declined over a period of a few weeks and only managed brief period where he was out of bed.

The Tennessee State University documented part of the story:

On the morning of December 19, he failed to awake at his regular time. When the family noticed he was sleeping unnaturally, they attempted to arouse him. They discovered Bell was in a stupor and couldn’t be completely awakened. John Jr. went to the medicine cupboard to get his father’s medicine and noticed it was gone with a strange vial in its place. No one claimed to have replaced the medicine with the vial. A doctor was summoned to the house. The witch began taunting that she had place the vial in the medicine cabinet and given Bell a dose of it while he slept. Contents of the vial were tested on a cat and discovered to be highly poisonous. John Bell died on December 20. “Kate” was quiet until after the funeral. After the grave was filled, the witch began singing loudly and joyously. This continued until all friends and family left the grave site.

The gravesite of John Bell in Tennessee.;

There is a great deal written about the Bell Witch and it is an interesting story that has never been fully explained. People claim the area is still haunted. Many people have visited this part of Tennessee over the years. It is quite the tourist attraction.

On the way to danger in the Bell Witch Cave in Tennessee.

Movies based on the Bell Witch:

  • The Blair Witch Project, 1999
  • Bell Witch Haunting, 2004
  • An American Haunting, 2005
  • Bell Witch: The Movie, 2007


  • The Danish metal band Mercyful Fate has a song called The Bell Witch.
  • Bell Witch, a Seattle based doom metal band chose their name based on this legend.

Places to Avoid

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