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What’s In The Ceiling!?

What’s In The Ceiling!?

Marbles in Ceiling?

 Losing My Marbles?

“What’s in the ceiling” refers to an an experience I had that I still cannot explain to this day and I have not had any clear explanations as to the cause.

Several years ago I moved into a brand new, state of the art apartment complex in beautiful Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I was living on the second floor with another full sized apartment above me. My apartment was two bedrooms and two baths with a large living room and kitchen. I was located near great amenities and had a four mile drive to my office. Life was at a good point for me as I had fully bounced back from a divorce after a twenty-two year marriage.

Ceiling Noise

Approximately three months into living here, I started hearing something rolling across my living room ceiling every night at around 8 P.M. It sounded exactly like marbles or stones were being dropped, then rolled across the ceiling. My dog also heard the noises and would often look up at the ceiling and start barking. I knew that a single guy lived right above me in the third floor apartment and I simply thought he was playing some sort of game. He was strange; never a hello or direct eye contact and he would literally run up the stairs to get into his apartment as fast as possible to avoid interacting with people. After another night of non stop noise, it dawned on me that it was not possible to hear marbles rolling on a fully carpeted rug up above me! All of the apartments were a combination of carpeting and tile. All living-rooms and bedrooms were carpeted.

This video is not the best but, this individual did capture the noise which is similar to what I was hearing. My marble sounds were much, much louder and competed with my television.

This habitual sound really started to annoy me and it was not until I realized that this upstairs neighbor had moved out, that I became a bit unnerved. Empty apartments should not make noise that lasts for hours. There was only one incident of me hearing the marbles rolling across the ceiling during the daytime. It was a Saturday morning and the sound came from the ceiling above me while I was standing in my kitchen! The sound never again came from this area. So, whether or not the sound was structurally related, it all remained a mystery to me.

One night, with flashlight in hand, I went outside of the apartment complex and tried to find any signs of squirrels and a possible entrance into the building. There was nothing. The next step was a report to the maintenance department who told me that the building was still settling or that it was just the pipes making noise. I contacted my brother who is a contractor and he ran a few scenarios by me.They were all logical but simply did not apply to the noise I was hearing. Sorry, but it just had to be something else!

Squirrels Causing Noise?
Time to Leave the Marbles Behind!

After my one year lease was up I moved out and relocated to the state of California. I never investigated the marble noise incident any further until I recently came across stories about this phenomenon being reported by many people in Singapore!


Many Singaporeans reside in what is referred to as Housing Development Board flats. There have been numerous reports of marble dropping sounds heard above in units during the nighttime. Residents have reported they thought children were playing games with marbles but in most of the cases, there have been no children residing in the flats. The only addition to the marbles sounds are reports of people hearing furniture being dragged across the floor at late hours of the night.

Singapore Housing

There have been all kinds of explanations offered as to the root cause and these include:

  • sounds from water pipes
  • expanding pipes
  • ghost children playing games
  • resident spirits who live in ceilings

I have continued to research this subject in the hopes of finding a reasonable explanation and have found absolutely nothing. I am wondering if anyone reading this post has had this experience. I would love to hear about your take on the occurrence and also what the cause is. Since it is so wide spread, I doubt it to be of a paranormal nature. Who knows!?! Feel free to leave me a comment.

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