The Goatman’s Bridge

 Urban Legend

Here is another story called The Goatman’s Bridge. There is a debate as to whether or not this story actually happened. I believe the theory that it may not have occurred at the exact location mentioned. However, I do I believe that a crime such as this more than likely happened as evidenced by our history in the United States during this time period.

The village of Alton in Texas once was locate about 4 miles from Corinth, Texas. Located in Denton County and established in 1846, this was the place that many pioneers chose and they settled in an area known as Pecan Creek.

The Goatman's Bridge is an interesting story.

Around the year 1856 the town now had a blacksmith’s shop, several homes, a school, saloon, two doctors, a post office, a hotel and a church which still stands to this day. The town did continue to grow but residents eventually felt that their county seat was located too far away and demanded that a more central location be found. It was put to vote in 1856 and moved to Denton, Texas. There were also water shortage issues that needed to be dealt with.

There is very little left to Alton with the exception of the aforementioned church and the old Alton Cemetery with graves dating back to 1852. The cemetery is located right next to the church.

The Bridge

Years later, in 1884, long after Alton had died, an iron through-truss bridge was built over Hickory Creek on Copper Canyon Road, south of the old town site.

The Goatman’s Bridge was built by the King Bridge Company in Cleveland, Ohio and was originally called the Old Alton Bridge or the Argyle Bridge. The bridge was 145 feet long and more than a century’s worth of adventurers traveled over it. It was the local residents who gave the bridge the name, Goatman’s Bridge and, it was originally designed and built to carry horses and much later, vehicles across the creek.

The Goatman's Bridge is haunted with many sad tales

Other notable information:

  • The bridge was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.
  • The bridge was closed to traffic in 2001.
  • The bridge is said to be haunted and named after Oscar Washburn, aka Goatman.

Oscar Washburn made a living and supported his family by raising and selling goats. He was friendly and had a reputation for his honestly. He was also successful and he was not a welcomed individual because of these reasons. He was seen as a threat in the community for being a successful black man in their company. It should be noted that according to the stories of this area, there were slaves also raising goats.

AltonBridgeSign-280 on the way to the Goatman's Bridge

Evil Fate-1938

Oscar Washburn decided to post an advertisement (sign) on the bridge. He worded it, “This way to the Goatman” and the local Klansman went crazy. They crossed the bridge, broke into Oscar’s home and dragged him back to the bridge. They put a noose around his neck and threw him over the bridge. They checked to see that he was dead but only the rope was hanging and swinging in the wind. They searched and could not find him anywhere. In retaliation, they went back to his home and murdered his family.

Since this crime occurred, there have been numerous reports of strange events regularly at or very near the bridge. There is a paranormal team in Texas that has investigated the bridge and surrounding area. Paranormal reports by locals include the following:

  • Abandoned cars are found with the occupants missing.
  • If one crosses the bridge with the car headlights off, the Goatman is seen on the other side. These are old reports since the bridge closed in 2001.
  • Ghostly apparition is seen herding goats over the bridge.
  • Ghostly apparition is seen on the bridge holding two goat heads under the arms.
  • A creature has been seen that resembles half man-half goat.
  • The sounds of horses have been heard on bridge.
  • Growls have been  heard in the surrounding woods.
  • Splashing has been heard in the creek below.
  • Menacing laughter has been heard throughout the area.
  • Glowing eyes have been seen on Halloween.
  • History of Satanic rituals have been reported in the area.
  • Orange lights have been seen.
  • People have been touched in the surrounding areas.
  • Footsteps have been heard.
  • Grunts have been heard.

Other Reported Paranormal Activity

  • A grieving ghostly female apparition looking for her baby
  • Indian apparitions spotted in the area
  • 5 year-old girl drowned in the creek
  • Overall, uneasy feeling in this area


If you are headed to this location any time soon, here are the directions to get you there.

Take I-35E S/US-77 S  to exit 463 and merge into the  I-35 Frontage Rd. Turn right at Lillian Miller Pkwy and go 0.8 miles, where the road becomes Farm to Market Rd 2181/Teasley Ln, continue 3.2 miles and turn right at Old Alton Rd.

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  1. Peggy Menke

    Hello, Donna. Wow, what a scary story. I do believe in ghosts and this sounds like it really could be true. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Donna

      Thanks Peggy! Everyone enjoys a good ghost story!


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