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In the town of Tulare, CA there is a rural road that claims to have a haunting. Bardsley Road is said to have had paranormal activity for years. One story tells of a headless motorcycle rider, seen driving on this road since the 1960’s. Other locals claim that the reports first started in the 1940’s. There is one factual case of a biker who was killed in an accident on this road in the 1960’s. There are people still alive and in the area who knew this poor soul. How he died is still debated and the story of the rope across the road appears to be a passed down urban legend. Friends of the victim say it was just an accident. What is not disputed are the reports of sightings on this road of a ghostly apparition of someone on a motorcycle and headlights that appear out of nowhere. Are you ready to take a road trip to this paranormal destination?



According to the stories, a motorcyclist was beheaded while riding across a bridge in Tulare. Practical jokers strung a rope across the bridge and due to the height placement of the rope, the biker drove right through the rope and was decapitated. The incident supposedly occurred in the 1960’s and his spirit is reported to have been seen riding up and down the road at various times. This time period regarding this legend is also the subject of debate. Some of those among the living claim to have been closely associated with the victim and place its occurrence in the 1960’s. Could he be the ghost rider?



Apparently, this entity remains on this road and is seen at night. After this tragedy, reports started circulating regarding sightings of a bright light moving rapidly up and down the road. Some people even reported hearing the sound of a motorcycle at the same time the light was seen. There were also claims by locals of actually seeing a headless rider. The stories continue to this day.




The Ghost of Bardsley Road was fabricated in the 1940’s.The claims of an apparition eventually became a local legend. The urban tale states that if anyone encountered the motorcycle ghost, he or she would soon suffer an accident. A young man was driving south toward Bardsley Road and lost control of his car and crashed it into a house. When ambulance workers arrived, they found the young driver still behind the wheel of his totaled car. There were no outward signs of trauma; no blood or visible injuries to the young man, however, he was dead. Speculation was that he had seen the Motorcycle Ghost of Bardsley Road and the rest is history.

Dane Sturgeon, a 1948 graduate of Tulare Union High School wrote and recorded a song about the specter. It’s dated and pretty corny, in my opinion, but evidently he was fairly popular in California during this time!



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  1. Greg Young

    My grandfather LT DENNIS YOUNG WITH TULARE POLICE DEPARTMENT ended the string with sheet and arrested the teenagers involved

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      What do you mean by “with sheet”? No following you. Thanks.

  2. steve

    As kids in High School, we used to run with the Sturgeons (Dane’s kids-Eric and Chris) and we used to drive up and down Bardsley looking for this ghost.

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      I take it you never did see the ghost? Thanks for leaving your comment!

  3. Donna

    I would guess the only way to find out would be to check out the road!

  4. Bruce Dodge

    Interesting story. Wonder which version might be true.

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      Tough to say Bruce. Thanks for stopping by.


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