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What Lurks Ahead?

There is a generational tale from Fairfax Country, Virginia in the town of Reston about the Bunnyman. There was a dirt road that lead off of the Sunset Hills Road before intersecting with Reston Avenue. The children in the area knew that this led to the the Bunnyman’s house.

The original story tells of a man who dressed up in a bunny costume one Halloween night and murdered his wife and kids then continually opened his front door to the trick-or-treaters with the corpses still inside the house. There are several variations of this story but the common thread is that he kills children while wearing rabbit skins and/or a rabbit costume.


Another version is that the Bunnyman was a town hermit who lived at the end of a dirt road in the 1940’s. He evidently had spent time in a mental institution and he often lured children into his cabin to play with him. He snapped one night, killed the children and hug them up in the trees. He was arrested and sent to prison and when he was released, he disappeared. In the 1980’s, there were reports of unexplained murders of teens in the area where the Bunnyman had once resided.


Bunnyman Turf?

The most repeated version tells of the Insane Asylum located in Lorton, Virginia. While patients were on a bus for an outing, the bus crashed and several people escaped. Everyone was found with the exception of two escapees. Local police began to find rabbit carcasses and at one point found one of the escaped patients murdered and hanging from a bridge in the area. The other escaped patient was never located. There are at least 10 documented murders in this area since the 1920’s and most occurred before 1950. It is said that if one visits this area on Halloween, a flashing light can been seen in the area near the bridge. Locals recommend this road trip if you are brave enough and are into the “creep” factor. Several people who have taken a paranormal road trip to this area have reported that their cars will not start once they have turned off their ignitions.


Fog in Woods

There actually are a few facts based on the Bunnyman account and a researcher by the name of Brian Conley found the following information:

  • The earliest recorded accounts of Bunnyman starts in 1970 on Halloween.
  • In Fairfax County, Virginia, police were searching for a man in a white rabbit costume who was throwing hatchets through car windows.
  • Police speculated that Bunnyman was a local who was upset with increased development in the Fairfax area.
  • A couple in a parked car were confronted and accosted by Bunnyman who threw a wooden handled hatchet at their car and then ran into the nearby woods.

I have read several versions of this tale and a few are grossly exaggerated. Considering the location, I cannot imagine anyone living out in this area for several years without heat and electricity and killing people. I believe that the actual Bunnyman was a person who hated anyone coming near his property and dressing up was his attempt to scared them off. I would have to believe that the escaped man from the mental institution had it pretty rough after the bus crashed and he then decided to run away. Without medication, I am sure he was capable of skinning rabbits and he probably did kill his companion.

H13-5 Necrosis

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  1. marty

    Very interesting! Up here in Western Quebec, we have a tale about ghost hill – a stretch of HWY 148
    Keep up th great articles!
    Marty Finbow

    1. Donna

      Thanks for the comment! Oh, I will be sure to look up the tale about Ghost Hill. Thanks for sharing!


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