What’s in the Nutmeg State?

NUtmeg State

 Stepney Cemetery

Stephney Cemetery

Connecticut is referred to as the Nutmeg state and is where I grew up. Located in Monroe, Connecticut, Stepney Cemetery is an old cemetery in  the village of Stepney. Established in 1794, many of the area’s earliest settlers are buried here. The oldest headstone is that of Nathaniel W. Knapp who died in 1878. The cemetery is also named  Beardsley Plain Cemetery. It is believed that the cemetery is haunted by a “White Lady” ghost. This belief was backed up several years ago by world renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed Warren is buried in this cemetery.

Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery

Larger View, Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery is located near Stepney and also dates back to the 1700’s. Union is reputed to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States. Both of these haunted locations warrant a visit if your paranormal road trip takes you to Connecticut. Union Cemetery is closed to all visitors from dusk until dawn.

This is slightly dated because the movie was released a few years ago, however, the information contained in the video is interesting to those involved with the paranormal. There is a great deal of documentation to be found pertaining to this house the in town’s local library.

 Guntown Cemetery

Guntown Cemetery, Naugatuck, Connecticut

Old Guntown Cemetery

I grew up in Naugatuck, Connecticut and have been to this cemetery on three occasions, both as a teen and adult.  The area was formally called Guntown and traces back to Jasper Gunn (1606-1670). He traveled from London to Boston in 1635 and then made his way to Roxbury, Connecticut with his wife. He wanted to start his own colony so in a joint effort with several other families, purchased land from local Indians. On November 24, 1640, the area was named Milford. In addition to being Milford’s first physician, Jasper was also a church deacon at a church in Milford, a sealer of weights and measures and a lawyer. He eventually became the main operator of Hartford’s Mill for approximately nine years. He died in 1670 and left behind his wife and seven children. The Gunn family lived and operated a saw mill in this area in the 1740’s and the Guntown Cemetery lies in the middle of this area. There are many people buried there bearing the same name since descendants spread throughout Connecticut including Naugatuck.

Haunted Reputation

Black Dog

Connecticut natives Ed and Lorraine Warren deemed the cemetery to be officially haunted as evidenced by:

  • children’s laughter in the surrounding area
  • sightings of a black dog in the cemetery; one person see it and the other does not
  • sound of music playing in the immediate are 
  • disembodied voices

For an amateur video, this appears to have fairly good evidence. What do you think?

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  1. Munson X

    I grew up in North Guilford, which was very rural like most of Connecticut. I thought I saw one of those black dogs once, definitely saw a UFO, and feared I would see a werewolf! Very scary at night out in those woods. Too many monster movies!

    1. Donna

      Oh, I know the area you grew up in…nice location in Connecticut! Thanks for sharing your comment!


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