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So I had a nightmare the other night.........

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So, I had a nightmare last night which woke me up at 2:11 A.M. It’s been a couple of years since I had one. I reviewed the tape in my head of yesterday’s activities and there were no red flags. I was not stressed out, did not eat anything weird, did not eat anything right before going to bed, no alcohol. Perhaps it was an overdose of caffeine?

Some doctors believe that nightmares are caused by people working through traumatic events, are associated with stress and can evolve into a disorder causing social and occupational impairment. A nightmare occurs during your REM sleep which is rapid eye movement. A nightmare causes the following:

  • terror
  • extreme anxiety
  • distress
  • fear
  • awakens the sleeper

Nightmares are usually recalled by the dreamer and they are more common with girls than boys and the average age of onset is ten and can continue well into adulthood. Unless they really mess with your sleep patterns, nightmares are considered normal. The average person spends about two hours dreaming. My husband always tells me that he never remembers his dreams. Do you remember yours?

Nightmares occur during REM phase of sleep Rapid Eye Movement.

What Causes Nightmares?

Nightmares, while spontaneous,  can also be caused by many factors:

  • A distinct sleep disorder-repeated, extensive history of nightmares
  • Food-increases metabolism and signal brain to be more active
  • Medications-narcotics and antidepressants, blood pressure medications
  • Withdrawal from alcohol and/or tranquilizers
  • A change in medication
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression
  • Sleep apnea
  • Restless legs syndrome

 What The Experts Have To Say

I reviewed several resources written by experts who have conclusions about dreams and nightmares. Here is what many have to say:

1.)  We all dream at some point during our sleep. Not dreaming is a myth and it is more a matter of someone simply not remembering their dream. Experts feel that we must dream as a ways of dealing with the daily stress in our lives.

2.)  Many people have recurring dreams to deal with life lessons which are sometimes lifelong. Such dreams build on a common theme. Such dreams are useful for personal growth.

3.)  Nightmares are not signs that something sinister will happen and should be used to learn and grow from. Nightmare are a way for us to relieve pressure and release anxiety.

4.)  Nightmares are a call to action. Ask yourself: “What am I afraid of?” “What does this dream suggest about me right now?” “What can I do to learn more about the root fear that this nightmare reveals?” We are told to ask ourselves “what am I afraid of” and what is the nightmare revealing about you?

5.) Dreams and nightmares can be illogical. Most people think in abstract ways and, as much as we like to think of ourselves as logical, we spend a great deal of waking hours moving in illogical patterns.

6.) Some people can actually influence their dreams by focusing on their thoughts and intentions and we often like to recall a favorite dream.

7.) Death dreams are about our confusion and anxiety surrounding the topic and is not about a premonition that you are going to die.

Death dreams are not about our imminent death.

What To Pay Attention To

  • Who are the main figures in the dream and what’s your relationship in and out of the dream with these people?
  • Pay attention to your own personal association to life symbols and while there are universal symbols, they will not always connect to you.
  • Take note that dream interpretations books carry misconceptions and analysis is not concrete.

Dream analysis books can be misleading so do not depend upon them.

Ten Common Nightmares

Tell me about a nightmare that you have had in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by,

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Eloise

    I keep on dreaming about my husband. Its like warnings that someone will screw up his way of life or hurt him. I wake up very upset. If i fall back asleep then the dreams go on in another scenario but comes down to the same warning. Ill wake up about 4/5 times during the night. Its making me tired during the day and i dont want to go to sleep. Im worried that something bad is going to happen.

  2. sophie

    so im 12. u had a nightmare today that when i woke up i was literally wheezing. i want to know some opions on what it means. so i was in my house reading because im not doing so well in ela and i need to read two books and write two book reports in 2 days. so i was at home reading one of my books and sonehow i was getting ads for another book on my book and then my book just turned into my phone (sorry its confusing). so i told my mom and it was whatever. i kept reading and kept getting this ad. then my tv turned on. i turned it off and decided to go to my basement where no one would bother me (idiotic idea). i was sitting down in a room. suddenly the tv went all staticy. i turned it off and threw the remote before shutting the door behind me. i ran up to the main floor again. my sister was no where to be seen. i looked out the window in my drive way and there was so many cars and people. i heard people saying no tech detected over and over and people with like knife cuts across their heads but they were still alive. i recognized none of them as they were all random adults of different races (mostly men). my mom and her boyfriend ran downstairs to me and all the tvs and tech we had started turning on at full volume. i was screaming and yelling for help. i said mom whats happening and she said i dont know. we took out our phones. my mom tried to call 911 but it wouldnt let her. i said siri call 108 (i trick to make her call emergency services) she replied “No.” i went to text my friend but i tried to click the messege app and it just shrunk away. there was lots if whispers like “no way out..” and “cant contact” or “all done your done” we looked out the window and everyone then had slashes on there heads and everything was bloody. they surronded our houese and continued to bang on thw windows until they broke. they were about to reach us and in real life i literally tore my eyes open so i didnt have to continue. (sorry its long and im incapable of spelling lmao) but yeah any thoughts on that weird dream

    1. Maeve💞💞💞💖💖 Parker 💗💗💗💗

      I thought think this may have to do with your device. Maybe something is going on in your life like a sense of failure……

  3. Faye

    Good morning. I am on here this morning because i had yet another nightmare last night where events made no sense but i awoke crying horribly. I believe i am an empath. Every time i have had a paranormal experience it has been while i am sleeping. I have had extremely weird dreams since i was very young. I am female and had sexual deams before i even knew what sex was. This was only a small number but it worries me because i wonder if i have a male attachment because i still have disturbing sexual dreams from time to time and even wake up with fingerprint bruises occasionally on my arms and thighs. I even had full on red handprints on my abdomen. Also, in the house i grew up in where my parents still live my mom has been plagued with depression, nightmares and stomach issues most of her life and continues to do so. I am 46 and no longer live there. She is 76. While growing up there we have heard mysterious noises like people calling our names, car doors slamming and doors sounding like they are being unlocked and noone else is clearly not around. I worry there is something there but my Dad is a bapt minister and i don’t think he would go for any ritualistic things other than prayer. He ignores the things that happens in the house because the things are subtle. Do u know what might be going on with us and what i might can do to help ritualistically without telling my parents? Also, do you know of a genuine psychic medium in my area that i could have therapeutic sessions with? Im near Tallahassee.

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      I can only tell you to look on line for a paranormal research group in your state that might be willing to check out your home. Many groups are listed also on Facebook and Google. Please research Empaths as your description does not fit the criteria. It sounds like you may have something sinister in your home. I would also research local psychics who will assist. Many do not charge a fee. This issue needs to be addressed since you are claiming you are being physically harmed. Good luck and keep us posted.

    2. Levi Alexander kinney

      Hello I just woke up at 2 11 too and had a nightmare that felt like a warning idk why but it starts out when a mom mysteriously dies and the husband and daughter are devastated but one day they seemed to find an item linked to there mom a small doll one day the doll speaks as if it’s there mom which they find out it is well there mom is stuck in some kinda limbo world and she needs help getting out she telling them to pray on her grave but the demon wakes up and she has to stop talking she finally gets out but my dream felt that the wolf demon creature is starting to look for her let me ask you what happens when a wolf looses it’s pup the wolf tracks it down idk why but it felt as if it was a warning

  4. Janine

    In my nightmare I have just been awoken into my own room by a presence only it’s not quite my room. (I have a foam mattress layer on top of my actual mattress as I have some health issues it benifits) I slowly start to feel the topper get pushed up under my head. Now normally spirit stuff doesn’t bother me but I had a very unsettling feeling. I asked the presence to go away and it pushed the topper into an upright sitting position. Slightly annoyed I’ve told it harsher to “get out of my home” only to have it push the topper up more and has started pushing the pressure down into my shoulders. I’ve leapt off my bed and hit the light even through there’s light coming out from inside the cupboard I use as a wardrobe (it doesn’t have a light in reality which I found weird). But what was even weirder was it got slightly brighter anyway. Strange as it wasn’t from the main bulb. By this point I’m screaming “get out my house” “get out” “ur not welcome” “leave” while swinging my bedroom door open to make a run for my front door. Now I have a sliding bolt lock on my door and after spotting a set of keys on the floor I have another one with an old keyring on that I’ve not seen in years. I use them to open the door and there’s people outside the door and I start screaming for help and the rush in only to rush past me. One of them thinks they can hear me but apparently I died 4 years prior. I scream again right in her ear and she claims she hears me but can’t see me. I make a run out the door only to feel like I’m coming through what can only be described texture wise as honey to wake up in my room again. This time alone, scared and properly awake. I feel I visited another plane. Not just had a nightmare. My shoulders hurt where I felt the pushing and my throat hurts so I’m pretty sure I was actually screaming. But that just felt too real. Could I have maybe visited another plane? Has anyone else had the physical experience of this kind of nightmare please hmu. I need to know I’m not alone :'(

  5. Ellie king

    I had a nightmare about the pub round the corner to my house where I work and there was a long que outside it to get inside and I was in the que with my next door neighbour who is one of my friends, I look at the window on the second floor ( where the pub owners live ) and there’s a ghostly face so I scream and it disappears and my neighbour is confused so I tell her there was something there and it appears again and we both see it, but no one else in the que really reacts, then we see it again but on the bottom floor directly below the first window we saw it in and instead of just a face it’s now a body too and it stares directly at me so I run and I can’t remember other parts of my dream but I can vaguely remember a knife and cornfields that are actually near my house with the long stalks and trespassing in the dark, I live in the country side but it was awful and I can’t remember if I made it out alive! This morning I was told that last night after I left work the head chef went psycho at everyone and people ended up walking out and then he got in the car and tried to run someone over!! So weird. Hoping to know what this nightmare means

  6. Shay

    We’re working on some renovations to our home (built in 1903). The previous owner lived here her entire life, as did her family (she also passed here). Last night my husband woke me up because I was yelling in the midst of a nightmare. In the dream, our renovations were complete and we were hearing screaming and all kinds of racket behind a door (but we checked behind multiple other doors first)- the last door I opened and the previous owner was there and was screaming and trying to attack and strangle me. It was terrifying and I was aware I was yelling in my dream but apparently I did it in real life also as it woke my husband and he woke me. I’ve talked to the previous owners daughter (neighbor and friend) and she laughed it off, as it thinking maybe I should, but it terrifies me. The screaming and attack was so real. I’ve not eaten anything out of the normal and the only changes in our life has been the renovations and talks of more. Could this just be stress?? Would love to know your thoughts. Thanks!

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      House renovations are notorious for stirring “things” up in older homes. Sounds like the original owner might be mad. You can plant something in your yard in her honor. Do you have a first name? Let her know the plant/tree “is for her”–Many other suggestions are available with a simple Google search. I would highly suggest that you have your house blessed and do a cleansing with sage. (Amazon sells it) Lastly, the nightmares may mean nothing. Sometimes people have nightmares from something they’ve eaten before bedtime. (even though you did state you have had nothing unusual) However, since you are dreaming about the original owner, I would consider this quite the paranormal experience. She is sending you a message. Please stay in touch and let me know the outcome. Thanks you for sharing this stories with the readers. Donna

      1. Shay

        Thank you for your response, I will try all of the above. Yes, her name is Imogene. We also have many pictures in our home of her and her family, as well as the house while it was being built and random pictures of it throughout the years, thanks to her daughter. We’ve been experiencing walking sounds, running sounds in the upstairs and our animals playing with an invisible something in the yard since we’ve moved in 4 years ago, but I’ve never had a dream like this. We did have what we think was an apparition about a year ago accompanied by a growl. My husband thought it was a critter or intruder, so he went to get his gun but when we came back in the kitchen, the black figure was gone. So we’ve experienced a few things and tried to ‘play them down’ I guess I would say. This is the only time I’ve ever truly been intimidated and a bit nervous about it. I’ll definitely let you know how your suggestions play out. Do you think in the meantime we should put our renovations on hold? I don’t want to make anything worse. Thanks again!

        1. Shay

          I forgot to mention, there were a few deaths on the property prior to this home being built. A stone from another homes original foundation is still in our yard beside the house, we’ve never moved it. A mother had a miscarriage and that baby is buried on the property. Her and her daughter later passed due to deptheria and her husband commuted suicide (or so the story goes). We weren’t notified of that until about 2 years in, but the local history buff told us and showed us a few things in that regard. Just wanted to fill you in the best I can. Do you think I should look into someone coming out to bless the property? My husband and I aren’t religious, so I wasn’t sure if that would be problematic. Thanks again.

          1. Donna L (Post author)

            Holy Smokes! That’s a lot. Yes–have property blessed and see my other comment!Good luck and keep me posted. Thanks.

        2. Donna L (Post author)

          It’s your house now. Perhaps give all photos to her relatives. Let her know shes dead and needs to move into the light. See if there is a reputable psychic in your area for the cleansing.

  7. Rebecca

    I keep having nightmares that include strange happenings for a couple of weeks!! The first one I was falling asleep asleep and it felt like someone shouted really loud in my left ear! The second one i had was sleeping and heard ringing noises in my ear, i kept trying to wake up but when i did there was something black swirling in the corner of my bedroom above my bed, i eventually awoke at 3.46am and had to stay awake to read my book and leave a light on! Last night i dreamt i was sleeping in my bed and an object flew at me (one of my skull ornaments), I awoke with a split in my lip, went in to another bedroom to sleep and dreamt there was something looking at me through the little window above the bedroom door, i tried to shout out to my partner to help me but the sound would not come out! I woke up at 3.02am and had to put the light on. I also failed to go back to sleep!!! Why am I having these dreams and why are they so real?? How did I actually have a split lip on the inside of my mouth?? It all sounds so silly reading it back, but i am not sleeping because of it. I’m too scared to turn the lights out tonight.

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      You might consider a Sage Cleansing of your home. There is plenty of information on line about this procedure. What’s the history of where you are living? What are you eating before you go to bed? Certain foods are associated with nightmares/terrors. You may have hit yourself in the lip while sleeping. There are many scenarios as to what you are experiencing. You also might have a reputable psychic walk through your home. Good luck.

  8. Tavion Eyerman

    I am a Paranormal investigator with the team known as GHEUS
    Ghost Hunters of the Eastern United States. I have studied demonology and I have the Sixth Sense, ClaireSenses etc.

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      Well, you’ll have to share some of your experiences with the readers. Thanks!

  9. Saze

    Last night I dreamed there was a demon and my family and Me were trying to get red of it then at the end it possessed my mom and made her say these creepy words then I woke up scared out of my mind

    1. Tavion Eyerman

      What happened before this nightmare? Is your house haunted? Or was it just imagination?

      1. Donna L (Post author)

        Please see “About Me page”. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Maeve💞💞💞💖💖 Parker 💗💗💗💗

      I too had a nightmare with a demon which is weird because I’m a child of god.

  10. Danni

    Last night i had a weird dream… I was tking a shower and was on my knees i looked up and my eyes turned all red and i was then in the air ? Lights were going on and off and there was a lot of blood in the mirrow. Then idk how i wokeup but i wokeup really scared

  11. 123456

    I live in the country with a few acres of woodland and fields next to the house with a river across the bottom. It has an old stable from years and years ago. And a new one next to the house for the horse.
    Horror and paranormal films frighten the life out of me.so I never watch them.
    I had a nightmare last night,it started in my nans garage,she’s been there 30+ years. But this dream was from when my grandad was alive with the dead birds hanging from the roof from where he had been shooting. Me andy new partner were in there talking and sorting things out, with the garage door open..we raised it abit more and a bird flew in and stopped by the opposite open normal door. Suddenly as we noticed the bird the door slammed shut, killing the bird. We tried getting out and all of the doors slammed shut, nobody touched them. Everything went black, then all I could see was the field outside my house..the doors on the old stable we’re slamming shut.opening, slamming again repeatedly. Then the gate by the house was opening and slamming. Then there was a knocking on my bedroom window. (Second floor)Waking both me an my partner. He checked the windows, the front door. No one was there. What does this mean? My family are saying I’m insane and over thinking things, they think it was a twig or something hitting the window but I don’t get how that could hit the window with enough force to wake us both up!!!

  12. danielle poulos

    My dream is reoccurring. I am always being chased by something unseen almost like a force. Sometimes I am so scared when I try to scream nothing comes out other times I scream so loud out of fear I wake myself up.

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      Check this out as there is good information here! I appreciate your leaving a comment.


  13. Caleb Heimgartner

    This dream I had was different not like the ones I normally have. And they’re were two nightmares but I only remember the one. There were three kids and older brother, a sister, and a little brother. They had moved into this new house the older brother and I know how this is about to sound could see how people died and they’re were a lot if children’s death. And in this house that saw these two particular kids that kept showing up in the dream. And the younger of the two kids told the brother to go onto the neighbors roof.(all of the houses in the dream were OLD BIG HOUSES) And do they went to door and saw the kid and he told them not to wake up mommy. Do they open the door quietly and just loud enough to wake their mom. And the dream ships to them in the roof and they three siblings stew looking around and the kids show up again and point to a tall tower so they look and see the kids again in the tower. The window keeps opening and choosing the house next to it is a kid standing on the roof of another house.(Now this is where the mom comes in) she’s walking around the house and can’t find her kids till she gets to a room that over looks the neighbors roof where she sees her kids. The younger of the two kids(ghost kids) point at the other house where the mom and the three kids look and see the little boy jump off. The mom says three distinctive words which I think I said in my sleep(I talk in my sleep) back to the dream, the mom looks backs and sees her youngest out of the three jump off he roof and right as he hits the ground I wake up. Sorry that this turned into a short story just wanted you to get the whole thing; if you do read this and respond than that would be Awesome.

    1. Donna L (Post author)

      Hi Caleb. Thank you for taking the time to write about your dream. It certainly has many levels to it! I do not analyze dreams but do know that houses are symbolic of many things. Here is a link that you can check out. http://www.psychicsuniverse.com/articles/psychic-insight/dream-interpretation/dream-themes-what

      So many people in your dream. You might was to do research pertaining to dream analysis.

  14. Peggy Menke

    Hello, Donna. I love reading your post and on this one the video was a nice touch. I was kidnapped at gun point so I have a lot of nightmares about that time in my life. I have flashbacks and wake up sweating. I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2010. But I don’t like the way the meds make me feel, so I just deal with it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Donna

      Oh my goodness Peggy!!!!! HORRIBLE!!! I just gave you a hug…..Love, Donna


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