What Are Shadow People?

What are Shadow People and why do they haunt people from around the world?

 Who Are Shadow People?

Shadow people are darkened, human being forms usually seen moving in the dark in fact the most widely known form of ghost that many people see. Shadow people normally run away in the presence of people in physical body, especially when they recognize they already have been identified, because they are usually viewed out of the corner of one’s eye (peripheral revelation).

Shadow people are also referred to as dark shadows or simply shadow ghost and are perhaps the most confusing of spirit entities. Shadow is a representation of spiritual circumstance: it is actually the nonexistence of light (lights in spirituality represent real truth – and also darkness will denote a lack of acknowledging or perhaps phobia). Basically, it is believed that shadow folks are disembodied people that are lost, suffering from not moving onward in life’s journey by refusing to move towards the light that could carry them absolutely unto the subsequent world after death of the human body. Losing out on this transformation, ghosts will always be here with people on the earth in a temporary condition of limbo.I am not sure if I share this view completely but, since no one knows for sure, I keep an open mind to all interpretations. What I do believe is that sightings are a fairly common occurrence that are happening all around the world.

shadow_person_camping_closeup-an actual family photo where a shadow person was caught in this photograph.

 What Do You Believe?

  • Aliens?
  • Dimensional Travelers?
  • Angels?
  • Result of night terrors?
  • Hallucinations?
  • Ghosts?
  • Mental Illness?
  • Demons?

Photo of a Shadow Person standing near a wall.



How Can We See Them?

Since many fear darkness, people have arrived at the conclusion that Shadow People have wicked intentions so they must be evil. Nevertheless, most of the shadow folks do not appear to be harmful and most people report that they keep their distance. I do understand that there have been exceptions. What is not clear to all, is the mystery surrounding of what it is that they want, if anything.

Shadow entities have been documented in video footage and have been seen as both adults and children, male and female. Perhaps they are trapped earthbound spirits? Different shadow shapes have been observed of these entities which include small, large, with hats, without hats, hooded and they can appear as an area of black mist or vapor. These shadow people have been seen in bedrooms, at bedsides, in the woods, in parks, during the day and at night. Are they attempting to pass on messages or perhaps ask for help? No one appears to have that answer. Have you had an experience with a Shadow Person? Do they move along walls or do they pass right through them?

There are many videos posted on line about this subject. Several are related to night terrors and all have a common theme. The video below is a discussion that gets into this strange occurrence after about 6 minutes into the video. 


Photo of a shadow person in a cafe.


This is an interesting conversation.

Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to leave your questions and comments below.



Haunted U.S.. Roads site photo




  1. Anonymouse

    I have one shadow person haunting my house, he likes to stare outside the window but when you turn on the light, he disapears

  2. Neil

    Hi, Donna

    This seems like a scary thing and I’ve not yet seen any shadow people… Thankfully! I think it’s a difficult thing for many people to understand as knowbody knows what to believe. However, I do delieve in Ghosts and I think they are here because they have some sort of unfinished business or messages to give us.


    1. Donna

      I hope to never see a shadow person because the intervewis I have watched are frightening. I appreciate your stopping by my site and leaving your comments, Neil.

  3. Peggy Menke

    Hi, Donna. Love the video, very informative. My father-in-law passed in June 2006, my husband (Bob) and I lived in West Palm Beach, FL. We decided to move to Bulger, PA and move into his Dad’s mobile home. All of his Dad’s belongings were still there and Bob doesn’t want to get rid of anything. From the beginning, I would see a black figure in the kitchen out of the corner of my eye. This happened a number of times and when I told Bob, he just looked t me like I was crazy. He is a non-believer. We were sleeping in his parents bed and one morning I awoke with what I thought was Bob’s arm around me. I slept on the right side of the bed and Bob on the left. I was on my right side facing Bob, who was not there. I immediately slapped the arm away. When I told Bob he said his Dad slept on my side of the bed. Oh my, was his Dad sleeping with me? Sometimes when I go to bed, I can look down our hall and see a shadow, just standing there. I look away and back again, shadow is gone. I do believe that his Dad is with us. He doesn’t try to hurt us, he’s just there. His father died in the house in his recliner. We have since gotten rid of the chair and I don’t see him as often, but he is still here. Thanks for sharing this article!

    1. Donna

      I truly believe he is with you too!! If you get too uncomtable, try burning sage for a cleansing. We do it annually in our house just to keep things positive. Thanks for sharing your story Peggy.


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